Dreams About Someone Stealing From You – Spiritual Meaning

If we come from the premise that dreams do have something to tell us in our personal lives, then all of us should look at them in some different way.

When you are entering the dream world, you are entering a mysterious and fascinating world where the rules of reality no longer apply, and this is really important to remember.

Using one of these articles will help you understand the meaning of dreams and to understand them so you could improve your lives, and correct the things that you do not like.

These are the keys that will unlock your dreams – in today’s case, and we are looking for the spiritual meaning of a dream where someone is stealing from you.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams About Someone Stealing From You

If we want to look at dreams in which someone steals something from you, first we must know that all dreams related to theft, whether or not you have taken something in your dream or have stolen something like this, are usually attached to your uncertainties, failures, and inability to achieve your goals.

They are not a very common dream, and statistics say that younger people dream of stealing more often, while older people dream of being stolen more often.

And in this sense, they could be a sign that specific problems will come to you, and we are talking about the coming of severe issues.

Now, if you have a dream that someone is stealing something from you, in reality, this is the symbol that you are a person who is aware of your qualities and success, and that because of this you have a large number of false friends, who are very jealous of you.

The problematic part comes from the fact that these people represent the danger for you – they will do you wrong you and damage your reputation.

But, if we want to dig deeper into this theme, but in a spiritual sense, dreams that someone is stealing something from you implies that you have consciously and “deliberately” moved away from acquaintances or friends you do not trust enough and that you are confident in yourself and in your decisions.

This is a good meaning if we look at it – you have such highly developed senses, and you are able to realize that you are the best protection and support and that no one’s help is worthy as your peace and tranquility to which you strive.

Really important to remember, as the message that comes from such a dream – your focus is on peace and tranquility, and this is the aspect that you do not want to lose and the fact that someone is trying to steal this from you.

Symbolism of Dreams About Someone Stealing From You

As far as the symbolism goes, this dream is fascinating to look at – such a dream indicates that you will make up for what you have lost.

It is possible that in the previous period you had many obligations that put you in a complicated situation, and the fact is that you feel a bit of despair -so a dream of stealing in some cases is seen as the symbol of despair.

But the good message that comes from such a dream is that deep inside you know that you must protect the things that you got – the fact is that you see that someone is stealing something from you, and you are desperately protecting the things you have.

If in a dream, you clearly see a person who is stealing something from you; it implies that you are set to fail if you continue in the same direction, the direction that you do not feel deeply in your heart.


You will face difficulties in everything you start with, and you will not be able to cope with anything quickly, but you will need to make good efforts.

If in a dream that person is stealing something from your hands, in some direct way, such a dream is the symbol that of misunderstanding between you is someone you love deeply – you have different views on things that relate to your future and will by no means succeed in finding a universal language.

You were both familiar with the other’s opinions, but you hoped that over time, they would be corrected and become as you see fit.

If the thing that someone is stealing from you is money or gold, or the things that have some material form – such a dream shows that you have been greedy and hurt a loved one. You may not care about that person, but your performance was not fair.

Now, some people take this dream to an entirely different level, and in this sense, you could have a dream that you are the thing that is stolen. Such a dream may symbolize that you will lose a focus that you have been having in your life until now.

This is a dream about you and your direction in life that has been very spiritual and toward peace – but as life has taken you to different sides, you have begun to distance yourself more and more from that focus. Although you have no major communication problems, it will be better to break that kind of mindset.

Good or bad Sign?

Dreams in which someone is stealing something from you, as the dominant event or motive is usually common and very uncomfortable, whether the dream person is stolen or the thief himself who is “caught” in some theft and can easily signify a subconscious fear of some convictions or criticism.

In some deeper sense – such a dream is the symbol that you are a deeply spiritual person, who is scared that someone will try to interfere in this way with you, and you are manifesting such feeling in your dream.

And dream, and this dream that is reflecting one situation that is really scary in a real-life, whatever the object may be, it could be something that is physical, but like in dreams also in real life, we could be a victim of a theft.

Since the dream about stealing is a reflection of our wake mind, and fears that we manifest or we hide – and in a spiritual sense, this is the fear that you will lose your spirituality and peace that that life is bringing to you.

You are firmly holding to these things, and the main advice is to let go, and come back to the better focus than you had before.


So, in real life, dreams of stealing are translated to the things that immoral and illegal and signify people who are always ready and do not shy away from pursuing their intentions or goals in a corrupt or treacherous way.

Anything that we connect to the stealing could not be seen in a positive way.

But, in some more in-depth and spiritual sense, that is different than the regular sense, a connection to the material possessions, that is, money or property, we could speak about the terms like “stolen love and friendship” and the theft of ideas, inventions or achievements.

This is the part that you, in a spiritual sense, are scared, and such form of creative theft is scaring you, and you feel that you are about to lose something that tackles with your profound spiritual and creative nature.

This is something that manifests itself as the dream of stealing, and in this way, it does not have to take such a negative and very bad context.

It should be taken as the real confirmation that the spiritual aspect is really important to you and what you need to protect it in any way you can.