Dreams About Scorpions – Meaning and Interpretation

Scorpions are much feared insects. They are not a common symbol in dreams, but when you dream of them, they might indicate your fears of being hurt by someone or something.

Sometimes scorpions in a dream might signify stinging comments you are making to someone. They might also represent poisonous remarks someone is making about you.

Maybe scorpions in your dream are a sign of your character, which in some cases might be violent.

A scorpion is a symbol of death and pain. That is why in a dream it may symbolize some painful things and situations in your life.

Scorpions in dreams are also a symbol of vengeance and betrayal. Sometimes scorpions signify backstabbing that you are experiencing or might experience from someone. Scorpions in dreams might signify trouble and stress caused by somebody’s betrayal. The backbiter might be a person with scorpions characteristic.

Scorpions in dreams may also signify your enemies, especially the ones out to destroy and harm you. Sometimes they signify new acquaintances that might bring trouble and loss in your life.

Sometimes they can be related with false friends attempting to ruin or cause you any harm.

Scorpions in dreams can be a sign of stress and anxiety. Maybe this dream is a message to finish with your past and move on with your life.

This symbol in dreams might also be an indication that you are currently on the wrong path in life. Maybe you have been behaving self destructively lately.

Scorpions in dreams may also symbolize danger. Maybe the dream is revealing that recently you’ve been engaged in some things harmful to your wellbeing. That might refer to drinking excessively, or smoking and even doing drugs. It may refer to any other behavior that puts you in danger. In such occasions the dream about scorpions is a message to start taking care about yourself and stop behaving irresponsibly.

Scorpions can also symbolize anxiety and fear. Maybe you’ve been scared or troubled by some things or people in your everyday life. Sometimes this dream can be a manifestation of a fear from some expected event or a situation, or from an expected attack or a threat, which is something that is probably only in your head and cannot be actually happening.

Sometimes dreams about scorpions can be related to destructive feelings you have been harboring.

They may also represent people who talk too much.

Dreams About Scorpions – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about scorpions in general. Dreams about scorpions may be a warning about your friend circle. Maybe this dream signifies that some false friends surround you trying to use your weaknesses for their own good. Maybe they strive for advancement at your expense. This dream is a message to reconsider who you can trust and get rid of the people who don’t deserve your time and friendship. This dream might also be an indication that someone has been using you.

Dreaming about a yellow scorpion. This dream might reveal your thoughts of money and ways of making them. It may also signify earning money.

If you kill a yellow scorpion in a dream, this dream might be indicating a large profit from some investments you’ve made.


Yellow scorpion in a dream may also represent a dangerous enemy.

Dreaming about a scorpion being burned. Scorpion burning in your dream might be a sign of defeating your enemies soon.

Dreaming about scorpions floating on water. This dream might signify letting go of some painful feelings and situations and accepting your reality in order to move on with your life. This process probably goes through phases of denial, acceptance, letting go and moving on.

Dreaming about a scorpion in the sand. A scorpion in the sand in your dream might reveal your ability to discover true motives of other people. As a result of your ability you are not allowing anyone to hurt or use you in any way.

Sometimes this dream can signify that somebody misses you or wants you.

Dreaming about killing scorpions. Killing scorpions in a dream is a good sign and foretells defeating your enemies. It may also signify failed attempts of some dishonest individuals from your surroundings to betray and discredit you. This might also be due to your abilities to see ahead of their game.

Sometimes killing scorpions signifies getting rid of people that gossip about you.

Killing a scorpion in a dream might also be a message to be wary of people who are your false friends, and try to avoid them.

Dreaming about not being able to kill a scorpion. If you didn’t succeed in killing a scorpion in your dream that might be a bad sign and it might signify that you will be defeated by your enemies.

Dreaming about looking at scorpions killing prey. A dream about scorpions first stalking and then killing prey in your dream is a very bad sign. This dream might be foretelling unfortunate and maybe even catastrophic events in the near future.

Sometimes this dream can foretell news about the death of someone dear and a funeral you have to attend to.

Dreaming about being bitten by a scorpion. If you were bitten by a scorpion in a dream, such dream is not a good sign. Maybe it foretells being betrayed soon by trusted people. Maybe someone you trust will misuse some confidential information that you shared and you’ll have problems as a result of that dishonest action. Sometimes this dream signifies betrayal that you will experience soon, but as a result of your own wrong deeds in the past.

Dreaming about eating scorpions. If you ate scorpions in your dream, such dream might be foretelling love coming soon into your life, which may not be romantic in nature. This new person that you will meet will bring joy and a breath of freshness in your life.

Dreaming about a giant scorpion. If your dream was about a giant black scorpion, maybe it signifies the need for some changes in your life soon. You will probably need to make some important life decisions in the near future, and considering the fact that the scorpion is a very dangerous creature, you should consider the consequences of your decisions and actions carefully before you decide anything, because wrong decisions might result in horrible outcomes.

Dreaming about encountering a scorpion. A dream in which you unexpectedly saw a scorpion in front of yourself may be a serious forewarning. This dream might signify danger and road accidents. The message of this dream is to be careful in traffic and on the road.

Dreaming about being afraid of a scorpion. Being afraid of a scorpion in a dream is usually a bad sign. This dream might signify some sort of betrayal and deceit probably from someone you trust. Sometimes that person might turn out to be your long – term trusted friend.

Dreaming about dead scorpions. Seeing dead scorpions in a dream is usually a good sign foretelling happiness and luck. It might indicate new opportunities coming your way soon.

It also may indicate successfully avoiding accidents and getting injured.

Sometimes this dream might be a sign of defeating your enemies.

Dreaming about a scorpion sitting on your bed. This dream is not a good sign and might signify that you have an enemy living with you or is in your immediate surroundings.

Sometimes this dream might signify that some member of your family will leave the family home soon.

Dreaming about being stung by a scorpion. If you were stung by a scorpion in your dream, such dream might signify troubles at work, sometimes in a form of a remark for not finishing your work as asked.

Sometimes this dream might signify being harmed by your enemies.

It might also be a sign of illness or even death.

Dreaming about a scorpion stinging itself. If you saw a scorpion stinging itself in a dream, such dream might signify that you’ve been too critical towards yourself, and the message of this dream is to stop doing that.

Dreaming about tearing the scorpion’s sting off. This dream is a good sign and might signify that you will avoid some great danger in the near future.

Sometimes this dream indicates solving problems easily.

Dreaming about catching a scorpion. This dream might be warning you about some mistakes you’re making. Maybe this dream is a sign that you need to change the way you behave.