Dreams About Sand – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams are the entrance of the human unconscious, and they help us to correct his misguided attitudes of consciousness.

If you want to look at things from this perspective, then it is ok to say that there are no insignificant dreams, though to those that is trivial. It happens that such dreams carry very important messages for our waking life.

We need to look forward to dreams because they contain solutions to our problems and concerns that we all have (and in this sense, it is clear that the more our life is hectic and problematic, the more we dream, even if they do not remember all dreams we have during the night).

By getting acquainted with your dreams, and thus with the unconscious part of the personality, is not easy – we need to have a certain amount of courage before we dig into our night content.

Some even say that each of us knows the true meaning of every dream; he just does not know that he knows and therefore thinks he does not know. And when we find ourselves in an impenetrable situation, that other one can help us change the attitudes that the dream guided to, which brought us into a difficult situation.

Now, as we have said before, we can have a dream about almost anything in this world – whatever is in our minds we can dream of it, and it has a meaning for us, that are both general and personal at the same time.

A somewhat common motive in a dream world is sand that can come in many various versions and all of them have their own meaning for us.

Meaning of Dreams About Sand

The sand comes as a common motive in the dream world, and it can come in various scenarios and has many meanings subsequently.

The meaning and symbolism can be good or bad, but it is best not to make any sharp distinction, and that the dream is regarded as a whole and that, in line with the situation, it continues to grow.

The sand as a motive in a dream is considered to be very implicit and interesting, whether if that sand is visible only, as a ground in which you are walking, in which the “feet” are dropping, and depending on whether someone dreams “sandstorms” when sand is falling in our faces and in the eyes.

Its meaning is that a dreamer has not had a clear perception and is blinded – for a dreamer, it is very difficult to find and solve the problem that he has.

Dreams in which the sand is sharp, and it hurts you on your feet means that you are not the person who is confronting others, but on the other hand, you are the person who can get offended for the smallest thing, because you are very impulsive, and most of all you understand it all too harshly and completely wrong, and it is very difficult for you to “satisfy” yourself.

On the contrary, if the sand in your dream is light and comfortable, it is the sign that you are a very naive person and that others are often hurt your feelings.

If the sand in your dream is such that is blurring your sight, it is the symbol that you have a blurred vision metaphorically and that you cannot see others in their real forms, but still, you give yourself the right to criticize them, and you do not see mistakes that you are making.

Dreams, where you are holding the sand with your hands and they, are full of that sand, such a dream has a connotation that you are in front of very large and good business decisions, and that you expect both progress and well-being, and if you follow your plans, everything will be fine.

Another dream that is very common and it has sand as a predominant motive, is the one in which you are having fun in the sand, and you are making various structures in the sand – in reality implies that you are inclined to think too much and that you are a completely unrealistic person who is not rational, because everything is good and beautiful to you.


This dream is wake-up calls to become more realistic – the more the structures in your dream are complex, the more delusional you are in reality.

The Symbolism of Dreams About Sand

In reality, the sand comes as a synonym for the dessert and fertile land, it is the sign of drought, poverty, infertile soil, but it may also have a connotation of some “softness” and enjoyment when referring to a sandy beach and also to resting on the shore of the sea.

So, such difference in the symbolism of sand shows that it is a very difficult motive for interpretation, but at the same time, a motive that is very interesting to observe, and that can reveal so much about the person who has such dream.

If you had a dream in which the sand is a predominant motive, it is a symbolic sign that you are a person, and who is very naive, and that you will soon experience great scams and betrayals, of the people whom you believed very much and which you considered to be friends.

If in a dream the sand is located in your hair and hands, it is the dream that has a symbolism that something or someone is burdening you with some thoughts and problems from the past and that you are quite upset about it. It is the symbol of fear that something from your past could come to the surface and that you will endanger your current position or the reputation that you have with people from your surroundings.

On some more positive note, a dream in which you are laying in the sand, and you feel great, such a dream carries the symbolism of personal modesty and satisfaction. You are a modest person who is rarely when trying to achieve a greater and has two sides – one is laziness, and a very large lack of motivation or ambition, and not necessarily as a positive and good character.

Another dream about the sand that is very common is the one in which you are drowning in the sand – the dream of a “living sand” where you are “buried” is a symbol of good health and longevity, as well as your own satisfaction and satisfaction, which contributes to “radiating “energy and positivity, and that you are always bright and smiling.

But if in a dream you feel like you are going to die in that sand, it brings another symbolism – you are flustered by the fact that everyone imposes your views and opinions, that you do not have the right to your own freedoms.

This dream symbolizes a person (the one that has this dream) and who is overly sensitive to everyone’s troubles and sufferings, so he tries to help everyone unselfishly and get everyone in trouble, but will be disappointed when he realizes how people are ungrateful.

If in a dream you see yourself eating sand, and you feel that it is tearing your throat, it is the symbol that you need to be careful about what you are talking about, because people around you are completely or unscrupulous and will either take over the position and power you have, or will easily “take” all the money that you have earned.

If in a dream you are having, you see yourself creating a sandcastle it is, in fact, the symbol of time that for you as a dreamer passes quickly.

Probably you have set yourself a time limit to which you want to achieve something in your life, but instead of stimulating you, those settings only make you feel pressured.

Do I have to be worried?

Unfortunately, you have to be concerned, since you are about to be betrayed from the side of your close friends, and the dream that you are having with the sand motive is telling you just that.

You are the person who showed incredible naivety and stupidity, even if the signs that were around you were very clear, you still were not the person who could see that.

Also, special attention is necessary, if the dream was with the sand that is in your eyes and you cannot see clearly. This comes from ignorance of inexperience, you need to change and become a person of a milder nature, and much more warm to anyone who needs its help and support, one older or more experienced person.

In the dream where you see yourself in the living sand, and you feel like you are about to die – you hate your environment that is imposing things on you, and in this sense you have a strong need to stand out on your own and that you work “in your own way, even at least wrongly”, because you can learn a lot of errors. And you are right about it.

What to do if I had this dream?

First of all, and we are starting with the worst possible symbolism of this dream – as the general motive without any specifics, and in this case, it is the sign of betrayal. This dream is truly a warning that you will be cheated very soon, and it is even possible that you will trust too much a person you do not know well, and you will experience disappointment.

Whether you are harmed in a material way or otherwise in some deep emotional way, the things are not looking up for you, and it will be very difficult to recover and create a guard against those who are truly honest.

But in some other symbolical value, this dream (when you had a dream that you are walking barefoot on sand) is good news. You must not allow yourself to be annoyed and stressed because in the end everything can be sorted out, you just need to stay in touch, and see all the problems as rational and truly as sober.

In some of the symbolical values of this dream, when sand is in your mouth, you are getting a warning that people want to take some of your belongings, and in essence, will deceive you, and you will fall into grave financial crisis, and completely impoverish and fight for their existence.


As you were able to see, the sand, in general, is identified with some kind of rest or relaxation, the stress-free time that we spend by the beach, under some palm tree.

Of course, it can be a symbol of things that are negative and fruitful, the sand is the matter that is transient, and even though to stay stable, and it is easy to twirl between our fingers.

In the dream symbolism, it can have similar if not the same connotation – it can depict certain illusions and excessive hopes in people.

You will have some great losses in all aspects of your life, so you will realize that you have not done exactly and well and that you are responsible for everything and you will be sorry that you have lightly threatened people who are not really guilty of anything.

And the common advice for people with such dreams is to remain focused on doing and thinking in accordance with their real possibilities and potentials.