Dreams About Rejection – Meaning and Interpretation

Any kind of rejection provokes strong feelings of disappointment and loss. Whenever we are rejected for something, or by someone, that event evokes emotions like guilt and sadness and often diminishes our self – worth and confidence.

Dreams about rejection might represent some parts of your life you want to get rid of. Maybe your dream signifies rejecting to accept something or some situation someone is forcing on you.

Dreams of being rejected by someone usually reveal your lack of confidence and self – worth. Maybe you are feeling isolated from others for some reason.

Sometimes this dream might indicate agreeing with everyone, without stating your own opinion.

If that is the case, this dream is probably a message to begin standing up for yourself. You need to start building up your confidence and be brave enough to say what you think, regardless of the fact what others might think about that.

Many people fear rejection, especially in regards to love matters. If you dream about rejection, maybe you have a hidden fear others will not accept you or will feel you are not good enough. After this dream you should ask yourself about the true motives for dreaming such dream.

What is that inside you causing a dream about rejection?

Sometimes a dream about rejection reveals your desire and need to be acknowledged for something. This is especially true if you dreamed of being rejected by someone important (like your boss or your partner).

If that is the case, you probably crave for their acceptance and approval and subconsciously fear you might get the opposite. Sometimes this dream can signify you are a person who needs confirmation and approval of others and constantly fear of being rejected and disapproved.

In some cases this dream has a sexual connotation. Maybe this dream indicates you are punishing yourself somehow.

Sometimes this dream is a sign of a future relocation to another place.

If you experienced rejection in your dream, such dream often reveals your actual fear of being rejected in real life.

Maybe you have a general fear of rejection, or you fear being rejected by a particular person in particular circumstances.

This dream calls you to confront your fears and work on building up your confidence and self – worth.

Dreams About Rejection – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about rejecting someone or something. If you rejected someone or something in your dream, such dream usually reveals feelings like shame, resentment and sometimes self – hatred.

Often this dream signifies having some emotions you want to release and get rid of. Maybe the person you are rejecting in your dream epitomizes some emotions you are currently confronting in your life.


This dream can also signify feeling resentment towards someone in real life. Maybe this dream is a message to confront your feelings of resentment and get over them.

This dream can also indicate some difficulties you are going through and want to get away from them.

Sometimes a dream of rejecting something might be a sign you don’t want anything to do with it. Sometimes it is a sign of denying some situation and avoiding confronting it.

If that is the case, this dream is a message to address that situation as soon as possible and leave it behind so you can move forward with your life.

This dream can also be a sign of lack of interest in something.

Maybe you feel as if something isn’t good enough. Maybe you don’t allow someone to impose something on you.

Dreaming about being rejected. If you dreamed you were rejected by someone, such dream is a bad sign, usually indicating lack of self – confidence and worth.

It might also indicate feeling distant from others or feeling as if you don’t belong anywhere, even to the circle of your closest friends and family members.

Maybe you feel as if you are not worthy enough or important enough.

Sometimes this dream is a sign of your disappointment for not achieving something, after much effort and high expectations.

It might also indicate feeling as a failure.

Maybe you tend to be a person who pleases others and agree with everything others say, without ever expressing your own opinion.

This dream encourages you to stand up for yourself and express yourself freely. You should have more faith in yourself and your abilities.

In some cases, this dream signifies your surprise because others don’t like your ideas or don’t like your company.

Sometimes this dream is a sign of accepting defeat in some situation.

Dreaming about being rejected by your partner. If you dreamed your partner rejected you, such dream might indicate denying or rejecting some traits of your personality.

It might be also be a sign of loss of stability in life.

Maybe it indicates not enjoying life anymore. Maybe you are encountering obstacles on the way to success.

This dream can also indicate not getting along with your partner or having a difference of opinions.

You may dream this dream if you feel your partner is not interested in you anymore.

Dreaming about being rejected for a job. If you dreamed you were rejected for a job, such dream usually isn’t a good sign.

This dream is often a sign of lack of self – respect and self – esteem. You probably don’t have faith in your abilities, and you demonstrate that with your attitude and behavior.

This dream is a message to start working on building your confidence and self – esteem and start believing in your abilities.