Dreams About Rattlesnakes – Meaning and Symbolism

During our history, snakes were both worshiped and ignored. Snakes are placed on the feet of the divine glory, but also seen as evil and truly dangerous.

There are various mythical concepts, legendary stories, folk tales and superstitions with snakes and their mystical energy.

Dozens of superstitions across our planet are talking about what you should do or not when you see a snake, how to react if it behaves in a specific way, and so on.

And today is a fairly well-known superstition that, as the snake passes your way is a bad sign.

In certain cultures, snakes are happy creatures; in others, dangerous and dark creatures are seen.

Although there are examples among worlds of snakes that are particularly toxic, strong and deadly to humans, the spiritual energy of the snake is seen as double.

All in all, it is a magical and powerful spiritual energy.

One of the most poisonous species of snakes is rattlesnake and everybody is afraid of it.

Dreams about rattlesnake present people or situations that warn you about the unpleasant consequences if you do not cooperate.

You feel that in your environment, there is a chance you are about to experience something like this in your real life, and this dream will point out the areas you should take into consideration.

Alternatively, dreams about rattlesnakes represent your attempts to jeopardize someone through an undesirable course of action if you continue to do something you do not like.

You want to warn other people that they will pay if they do not respect you or choose not to listen to you.

But, let’s look at the deeper meaning of dreams about rattlesnake and what all this dream can represent for you.

Meaning Of Dream About Rattlesnake

If you’ve ever dreamed about rattlesnakes, you already know how scary they can be. This is especially true for when you can see snakes before the attack. There are many ways to interpret what the bites of a rattlesnake mean in the dreams.

You have a fear someone will catch you while doing something you want to hide. Likewise, some people have deep fears that they will be caught unprepared for a particular event.

You are anxious about a person who inflicts you physical damage. If you are concerned that someone hurts you, rattlesnakes may appear in your dreams.


Dreams about rattlesnakes mean that you want to seek revenge. If someone has hurt you, either emotionally or physically, you may dream of a rattlesnake that bites that person.

Interestingly, dreams about rattlesnakes represent your worry about your child. If you are a mom or a dad, the dream of a rattlesnake that maliciously bites your helpless child can talk about your fears that someone will actually hurt your child. It’s possible that there is a person you think is not good for your baby.

Another meaning of this dream is that you want to be seduced, as some bites of snakes can cause paralysis. You can secretly keep a desire to seduce you whoever you like, but perhaps a complete alien. The most important thing to you is the very act of seduction.

Concerned about money? If a rattlesnake bites your right arm, it can mean that you are worried that you do not have enough money or that you will be afraid that you will spend all that you have on some of the most important things.

On the other hand, this dream can tell you that you are not giving enough or not sharing enough with other people. If you see a rattlesnake as it bites your left hand, it can mean that you are selfish and that you should give more of yourself to other people – emotionally and financially.

You may have low self-esteem in regards to certain parts of your body. Rattlesnake’s bites that appear on your face or your hips and your dream suggest that this part of you does not seem to like you.

A rattlesnake can also be related to genital parts of your body as well. If a snake cuts out your genitals, it can mean that you are concerned about how they look from the perspective of your partner.

Dreaming about rattlesnakes means you worry about being in the background. If a snake bites you on your back, it’s a potential indication that you’re worried that someone interferes with you on your life path.

A rattlesnake can suggest you are in emotional pain. If you bite the rattlesnake and your mouth is swollen, it suggests that you are in emotional pain for loss. This is especially true if you broke up with someone and do not talk to anyone about your feelings.

You have trust issues towards some people. Some people dream of being snapped by the snake as an unconscious manifestation of the question of trust. In other words, you are worried that lost trust might come back to bite you.

Dreaming of a bite of rattlesnakes can reflect the feelings that you ignored, which are obvious warning signs. You can feel sorry for not taking a more serious understanding of a warning or threat that was more than obvious.

The only dream of a rattlesnake’s tail without a body can reflect false threats or false threats, threats or warnings without any deeper meaning.

When a person dreams about rattlesnakes, this can be a very unpleasant dream that has strong support in real life. In waking life, a woman received threats from a lawyer about the loss of custody of her child.

The woman dreamed that somebody showed her some rattlesnakes. In her waking life, she began to see signs of warning that her boyfriend was cheating. She caught him watching other girls.

And the man dreamed of the rattlesnake, and in the waking life he had no confidence in his boss, and he thought that if he would keep working for that guy, he would lose his life. In the end, he quit his job.

The Symbolism Of Dreams About Rattlesnakes

A rattlesnake will often appear in your dream during times of uncertainty. Usually, your fears manifest themselves in the form of a scary creature, like a snake.

If you are working on re-discovering yourself, rattlesnakes can appear in your dreams as a symbol of restoration. Some people think that this is a positive sign, because rattlesnake, as we mentioned, does not always have a negative meaning.

Snakes are known for throwing their skin through a process known as sloughing. For this reason, ancient people believed that dreams are a symbol of rebirth, transformation, and healing.

Rattlesnake may appear in your dream to symbolize the suppressed form of sexual energy. If you are sexually drawn by a person you do not know, a snake will appear and present your sexual desire to connect with that person.

When you sleep, your mind can convey snake pictures to present your creative side, so rattlesnake is a symbol of your creative talent as well.

Since rattlesnake is a source of fear in many people, some believe that in the dreams they have witnessed the primitive part of the brain called amygdala. If you have health problems or have fears of death, snakes can be part of your dreams.

Some people who believe in supernatural believe that the appearance of rattlesnakes in dreams is a symbol of evil or dark energy. If you have a dream about a snake or a rattlesnake in front of someone (or yourself), they can represent protective entities that are designed to protect you from harm.

People who hold unresolved anger over a life event, such as a breakup or getting fired, can dream of snakes as a symbolic manifestation of vindictiveness. One example may be a snake that bites someone you’re angry about.

Sometimes, rattlesnakes symbolize medicine and treatment. When a snake bites, usually the poison is deposited, but it can be a cure at the same time. The modern symbol of medicine is the snake wrapped around the staff.

Psychoanalysts, who rely on childhood experiences in their work, can look at rattlesnake as a symbol of events or topics from childhood. Examples can be trauma, fear, unresolved sorrow, or shame.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

The primary emotional response to each of the above topics is related to a rattlesnake is fear. Who would not be scared of the slippery, malleable creature that sneezes nearby? But do you really need to be scared if you’ve been dreaming about rattlesnakes?

If everything you see is a snake and poison snake, it’s a bad sign that indicates there is or will be a disease for you or someone close to you. And it will be difficult to get over it, but everything is possible.

You must be ready to fight for your own or your life. If the dream is constantly repeated, you have to make sure that you and all close people are well-held. It is said that dreaming of a rattlesnake means that you feel that something is wrong with you or someone who is familiar with you. Do not be worried about just watch out for signs that appear in everyday life.

Many people believe that dreaming about rattlesnakes is a sign of something that will happen in the future (usually bad). For example, some Sicilians feel that if a snake bites someone you know in your dream, that is a potential life threat to that person.

Fear, uncertainty, and suspicion are the usual reasons why rattlesnake tries to appear in a dream. Sometimes an incident from the past can trigger an active imagination as a way of treating trauma.

Since rattlesnakes represent deeply-held fears, it’s likely that you yourself have been scared with something, but nobody else knows that.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

If you talk to a snake in your dream, then it means that you are in the process of doing something different, such as understanding yourself and the world from a spiritual perspective.

On the other hand, maybe you do not do this yet, but dreams about rattlesnakes want to make you start with new practices.

You may be trying to send a message to the unconscious mind or try to get in touch with your being who will make you spiritually strong. Try to find a way to get this done.

The snake that escapes you in a dream is your enemy or your competitor who tried to harm you in some way, but he was not successful in doing so.

This also means that you are stronger than your enemy and that you are in the process of transformation and healing.

In each case, if you have dreamed about the rattlesnake, that means there are people from your immediate environment who would want to hurt you.

Beware of fake friends. If the snake escaped you then you do not have to worry about anything, just stay calm and focus on the job more because someone works against you and wants to see you in pain and threats.


Dreams about rattlesnakes will certainly make you wake up scared for life.

Yet, you should rather realize this dream either as a warning related to your fake friends or as a call from your unconsciousness to pay more attention to the spiritual aspect of life and try not to be selfish as you were until recently.