Dreams About Puppies – Meaning and Interpretation

Dogs in dreams usually signify neglected abilities and talents. They also represent loyalty and security. They also might symbolize connections with friends.

Small dogs in dreams are sometimes a sign that your integrity is being compromised by your ideas.

Dreams about puppies are sometimes an indication your relationships are stable and rewarding. Puppies might indicate getting closer to your friends and strengthening your relationships with them.

Puppies in dreams are usually a good sign, unless they are sick or something was wrong with them in your dream.

Sometimes puppies represent your qualities as a friend and a person, meaning you are trustworthy, honest and a loyal friend.

Newborn puppies might signify the length of time required to make a plan or the time needed for a plan to come to fruition. The number of puppies might be an indication of the length of time needed.

Puppies in a dream may reflect your strong feelings about something. You might be feeling very protective emotionally towards something or someone new in your life, being a new relationship, job or some other situation that is new. Maybe this dream reflects that you feel very protective and fond of someone or something. Maybe it reflects your devotion and loyalty towards someone which makes you happy.

This dream might also be reflecting your sensitivity towards some area of your life which is currently developing. Maybe you’ve made some investments which await the moment to come to fruition and repay themselves. Maybe you are in a process of planning something growing stronger by the day.

Dreams of puppies might also reflect feelings of protectiveness towards friends and family members.

A puppy in a dream might be an indication of your attempts to protect yourself or trust in your abilities to do something. Sometimes it indicates new love and joy it brings. Sometimes puppies indicate flirting.

Dreams of puppies might represent a development of some aspects of your personality. Sometimes they represent new friends or playfulness you are experiencing.

Dreams of puppies can also have negative meanings and sometimes indicate jealousy towards someone, or scorning other people opinions and decisions.

Dreams About Puppies – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about taking care of puppies. If you were taking care of some puppies in your dream, such dream might indicate that you are a true and loyal friend in both tough and easy times.

Dreaming about feeding newborn puppies. This dream is a good sign which might indicate that your friendship with someone can become more than a friendship. Sometimes this dream can be a sign of progress at work, such as getting a promotion, starting a new job or project. The number of puppies might indicate time measures until some of those things happen, in days or weeks.

Dreaming about finding an abandoned newborn puppy. Finding and taking care of a newborn puppy in a dream is a very good sign. It might signify that you will meet someone new who will turn out to be your loyal friend who supports you and stands by your side, and who might even help you accomplish some of your important life goals.

This dream sometimes is a message to you to try to relax more and take a more positive and playful attitude towards things and life in general.


Dreaming about sick, hurt or dead puppies. Such a dream is not a good sign, and might be a warning to you to pay more attention to your friendships or work related relationships and your behavior towards them.

Dreaming about white puppies. White puppies in a dream might signify some aspect of your life is being developed in the most perfect way. Maybe you are currently working on achieving some goals and you are planning on doing that in the most honest way.

Dreaming about black puppies. Black puppy in a dream might represent your attempt to achieve something using methods that are scary or excessive. This dream might also reflect your anger towards someone.

Maybe this dream reveals you are sexually overindulging.

Sometimes this dream may refer to a friend of yours whom you consider to be scary or excessive in some way.

Dreaming about brown puppies. Dreams about brown puppies might indicate that you are accomplishing something in a very easy way or accomplishing something that makes your life easy.

Dreaming about training a puppy. If you were training a puppy in your dream, this dream is usually a good sign signifying that you might be teaching someone something or learning something in the near future.

Dreaming about taking care of a puppy. If you were taking care of a puppy in a dream that is a good sign and may signify that you are responsible. This dream is a confirmation that you are a person who is always available to their friends and can be relied upon in any circumstances.

Dreaming about fancy puppies. This dream might signify that you enjoy showing off.

For women this dream might indicate meeting a new love interest.

Dreaming about seeing a puppy. If you saw a puppy in your dream, such dream is a very good sign. It might indicate your playful and carefree personality.

Sometimes it signifies a good developing friendship with someone.

Dreaming about playing with a puppy. A dream in which you were playing with a puppy may signify receiving a gift from someone dear to you very soon.

Sometimes this dream is a reflection of your desire to have a baby.

Dreaming about a sleeping puppy. This dream might symbolize your desire for transferring your knowledge to others. You probably enjoy doing so and also receive great respect for the job done.

Dreaming about many puppies in one place. Dreams about many puppies might indicate meetings with some individuals younger than you. Maybe you are taking care of a younger person that considers you a role model. Maybe you are teaching younger individuals something.

Dreaming about a puppy needing attention. This dream may signify your past love partner, you loved very much or a current love partner, you love very much.

Sometimes it’s foretelling love relationships with younger partners in the near future.

Dreaming about having a puppy for a pet. This dream is a symbol of change and new responsibilities in your life. Maybe you will be forced to take care of someone else besides yourself.

It also might indicate some troubles in your love or business life.

Dreaming about a puppy barking at you. If a puppy was barking at you in your dream, this dream usually doesn’t have a good meaning. It might be foretelling small conflicts or quarrels in the near future, but luckily without significant impact on your life.