Dreams About Protecting a Child – Meaning and Symbolism

It is a common fact that many famous artists have used dreams as inspiration, and they have been translating their meaning into their art.

In this sense, it is a good intention to speak more about Dali’s paintings – all of his work is truly dreamlike.

And this truly makes sense – if you look at any work of artists, you will come to the conclusion that art is fruitful cooperation of our conscious and unconscious.

People are, as psychologists like to say are the product of generations who loved, fought, hoped, lived, and in the end, which had interpreted their reality and their dreams and passed it on the next generations.

In that process, there are interpretations and beliefs that marked their time – in this sense; it is a good approach to study the dreams of one person cause in it we can see the collective mind.

Now, child and relation between child and a parent are one of the deepest connections that humans know, and a child often appears as a motive in a dream, and it carries an interesting symbolism.

A child that appears in a dream is one motive that is very common, and just like in real life, the most common associations are purity, kindness, love, joy, but also clumsiness, naivety and curiosity. Without proper care, all this can be a reason for worry.

And here comes the protection part – often times in life we are the ones that must protect our children, and in dream symbolism, that child could be that inner part of us, that still has some of these qualities.

But the question is how to maintain those qualities and live the life of an adult that deals with serious issues properly?

Meaning of Dreams About Protecting a Child

In some general connotation, dreams of protection are very interesting – and it means that you, who have that dream, will avoid a certain danger, by chance.

And if in a dream, you are the one that has protected someone else (in today’s case, it is the most vulnerable of all, a child) means that happiness is smiling at you.

In a case when you are protecting someone from an unknown danger, that is in the form of a “monster” means that you will be able to cheer that person in waking life.

But, we must say that depending on the other circumstances, this dream of protection can carry some “negative” meaning.

It can be a bad omen – it means that you will be in danger, and it would be good to be more cautious in the coming days.

A child in a dream can be a reflection of your inner being that you are trying to save, even if it is in the form of a child that you know.

It can be a sign that you want to try to help one person, but unfortunately, you will not succeed.


So seeing a child can be a manifestation of your inner need, a desire, or something that still carries insecurity in it, and that is the aspect that you are trying to protect in some way.

The act of protection could vary, but your unconsciousness is telling you that in some ways, you are jeopardized.

The symbolism of Dreams About Protecting a Child

If in a dream you see yourself that you are just trying to protect a child, but somehow you cannot do it, and you are constantly failing in that attempt; it is the symbol of false hope.

It is possible that you expect others to complete the obligations that concern you only; the dream comes as a warning that you must deal with your issues alone.

But if that dream you see yourself succeeding in protecting a child, if the feeling of calmness and comfort follows that dream, then this is the indication that happiness is smiling at you.

It may happen that will serve to a person in a high position, but you will do it with a child naivety, and this act will pay off to you.

If in a dream, you see yourself and a child you are trying to protect that are being saved and that you are succeeding in that process, it implies that you will avoid the danger.

You probably will not be aware of where it all lurks until you or some close person finds yourself in a situation that will open your eyes.

If you are protecting a child from a danger that is coming from the outside and it is palpable, then it means that you will meet a person that once meant the world to you.

Once again, you will establish good communication after a long period of time.

The interesting dream in which you are trying to protect a child, but he is resisting and does not want to be saved, it can be a symbol that your effort is futile in life and that your idea that you believe it is not interesting for other people.

In the end, if in an interesting dream, you see a child that is asking for your protection, and you do not want to do it, it implies you are mischief. It’s probably hard for you to forget the insults and the ugly things that you allowed to burden you.

You are the child in that dream, and you carry the poison. You feel that forgiveness is only for naive people who do not realize that trust is like a mirror which, when broken, cannot be “taped” again.

Do I have to be worried?

Not worried in a sense that something bad is going to happen, but in a sense that you are failing just because you do not listen to your instinct, but act as close people as you want, because then you have an excuse to get something to run unwanted.

If you start watching who you are communicating with on social networks, checking whether you locked up the house and many other things that you once thought were irrelevant, you could fall into the anxiety, and this is the aspect that you should avoid by all means.

Try to deal with such dreams in a mature way, because they are just telling you to listen to your inner voice.

This voice is the strongest quality that you have, and the fact that you neglect it sometimes is getting in a lot of trouble.

What to do if I had this dream?

In some of the previous sections of this article, we mentioned that this dream is an indication that you are able to do things with a child-like naivety, and that you are going to get a reward for such behavior.

So, regardless of what others are saying to you, stay naive in your heart, but try to deal with serious issues, seriously.

Although you would do the same to anyone in the given situation, you will be rewarded for the effort, and you will be able to search for whatever you want.

In one version of this dream, where a child you want to protect does not want to be helped; it depicts your environment that refuses your help, which is why you only waste time.

Although you want it all the best, you will not be able to do anything until that person or your environment decide which way to go.

So, take your time with people who are close to you.


As you were able to see, any dream in which are in the role of protector of someone, besides other things, it represents an aspect of you that was ignored or you are trying to hide, both from others and also from yourself. You are attempting to find a way to express that neglected part of yourself.

Alternatively, this is symbolized by a subconscious cry for help, because you feel that some part of you (your idea, job, and love life, whatever is important to you) is in danger.

Even worse, it can be clearly seen that this dream comes to people who are too proud to ask for help in their environment and they are putting themselves in the frontline, desperately trying to help themselves.

In particular, dreaming of protecting a child from something that can be “danger” that comes in numerous forms and shapes) indicates that you have successfully dealt with certain emotions and characteristics that symbolize the victim (the child in this case).