Dreams About Numbers – What Do They Mean, Interpretation and Meaning

Numbers in dreams may carry a very important message. They have their own vibration and spiritual power, and might represent the stage of spiritual growth we have reached so far.

In dreams, they can appear in sequences, repeating, indirectly, in number of objects, etc.

We all have some significant numbers which can be related to our birth date, our street number, the date of some important event, etc.

If you dream about a number which has a special meaning to you, that is something which needs to be taken into consideration, when interpreting this dream.

Dreaming about your lucky number might also signify encouragement in making some important decisions or choices.

When interpreting the meaning of numbers in our dreams, it’s important to look at the meaning of each individual number, if the numbers you dreamed of had more than one digit.

The digits should also be added together, to reduce them to a single digit and then the meaning of that number should be looked at.

Dreams About Numbers – What Do They Mean, Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about number 0. Number 0 is a symbol of continuation, the life circle, female sex, eternity, wholeness, infinity, etc.

If you saw number 0 in some context in your dream, such a dream represents your feelings of being complete and whole. Sometimes it might indicate going in circles in your life.

Dreaming about number 1. Number 1 is the number of the beginning of manifestation. It is symbolizes the connection between everyone and everything on this earth.

This number, reminds you to determine your true heart desires so you can manifest them.

When you dream about number 1, such a dream might be a sign you are on the doorstep of your thoughts beginning to manifest fast in your life. It’s important to avoid all negative thoughts and choose your thoughts wisely and only think about what you truly desire.

This number also signifies individuality, self – improvement, creativity, independence and unity.

It might also indicate the development of your clairvoyant abilities and spiritual growth. This dream might also indicate acquiring some new skills or success in business. Number 1 may also be a sign of some new and exciting journey.

Sometimes this dream might indicate selfishness and not paying attention to other people’s needs.
It might also indicate loneliness or low self – esteem.

Dreaming about number 2. Number 2 is a number of partnerships, balance, service to others, faith, trust and receptivity.


This number might signify your soul mission and life purpose.

It signifies the balance between female and male energies.

If you saw number 2 in a dream, maybe it’s encouraging you to have faith in the Universe about your desires and prayers manifesting in reality. You only need to be patient and have trust.

This dream might also foretell new relationships, or new level of commitments such as engagements and marriages in the near future.

Number 2 in a dream is a sign of finding balance in your life.

It might also indicate new opportunities and ideas coming into reality. You only need to trust that all will work out well.

Sometimes a dream about number 2 might indicate conflicts with someone.

It might also be a sign of indecisiveness and lack of independence.

Sometimes it signifies difficult situations you need to deal with tact.

Dreaming about number 3. Number 3 is a number of the Holy Trinity. It is a number of the Ascended Masters and represents the union of the mind, body and soul. Number 3 is a number of growth and expansion. It indicates manifesting abundance in our lives.

It is a message your desires are coming to fruition.

This number in a dream is a confirmation the Ascended Masters are supporting you. It is a sign your prayers have been answered.

This number might encourage you in believing that all is possible.

Sometimes this number in a dream signifies having some issues concerning commitment.

It inspires you to think about your goals and possible new directions in life.

It encourages you to seek guidance and help when you need them.

This number is also a number of good luck.

Sometimes it indicates communication problems and being ungrounded.

Dreaming about number 4. Number 4 is a number of strength, but also limitations and restrictions.

It’s encouraging you to be diligent about your work to achieve your goals.

This number signifies putting ideas into form.

It is a sign of stability in life.

This number represents the need to use your will, hard work and personal effort in order to achieve your goals.

This number is an encouragement that all is going as you desire, you only need to trust yourself and your abilities. Sometimes this dream may indicate self – imposed limitations.

Dreaming about number 5. Number 5 in a dream is a symbol of energy, changes, curiosity, impulsiveness, adventure, freedom, action and spontaneity.

This number might be announcing some changes coming soon in your life.

It might signify learning important life lessons through experience.

It might indicate your need to release yourself from things holding you back.

Maybe you need to start pursuing your true passions and life purpose.

This dream signifies your desire and need for change and growth. Number 5 is a number of major life changes for the better. Sometimes the changes might be unexpected and somewhat unusual, but they are bringing good things and opportunities in your life, for your highest good.

Number 5 might also indicate issues you need to address, such as lack of focus, hedonism, addictions, over – indulgence, etc.

Dreaming about number 6. Number 6 is a number of union, love, cooperation, family, home, finances, ownership, etc.

In dreams, the number 6 indicates love and abundance, harmony and fulfilling your duties.
It might indicate the need for stability in your life.

This number in a dream signifies your financial needs will be met in time.

Sometimes dreaming about number 6 might indicate new love coming into your life soon.

Sometimes it might indicate some addition to your home. It might also indicate fulfilling desires related to your family and home.

Sometimes it might be a sign your thoughts are out of balance, or you have some unrealistic goals and desires. Sometimes it might be a sign of your need for spiritual growth.

Dreaming about number 7. Number 7 is a number of inner – wisdom, solitude, spiritual awakening and enlightenment, spiritual knowledge, intuition and healing. This number in a dream might be an indication of your spiritual growth.

It might be a sign of good things coming ahead and overcoming obstacles.

This number might indicate being on the right path. You only need to listen to your intuition and inner guidance and you will overcome any obstacle coming your way.

It is also a sign of inner joy and satisfaction.

Sometimes it indicates isolation, separation and being misunderstood. It might also indicate difficulties in maintaining relationships.

Dreaming about number 8. Number 8 is a number of success, wealth and power, abundance, authority, karma and consciousness.

This number in a dream, signifies abundance in all forms, not only money, but love, happiness, joy, etc. You need to trust your intuition and have faith your desires are manifesting.

This dream is a sign your goals are fulfilling and abundance is on its way to you.

This number also indicates being rewarded for your efforts and hard work. Sometimes this number might indicate abusing your power and behaving too controlling.

It might also signify greed and holding onto things.

Dreaming about number 9. Number 9 is a number of giving service to others, endings and completions, closure, inspiration, leadership, etc.

Number 9 is a number of a spiritual awakening and spiritual advancement.

It is a symbol of completions and endings. Number 9 brings a message all things must end for a new beginning to happen.

This number in a dream might indicate some cycle or a phase is ending or completing, and something new is about to come, so you need to prepare.

This number might also indicate some situation or a relationship, which no longer serves you, is about to end.

Maybe this number calls you to participate in serving humanity with your natural abilities and gifts.

This dream might be an encouragement to follow your intuition regarding your soul purpose and life path. This number sometimes might indicate being intolerant or possessive toward others.

Dreaming about number 10. Number 10 is a number of perfection and wholeness. It is a sign of strength you possess and maybe not aware of.

It is also a symbol of gains in some aspects of your life.

This number also might indicate a closure before a new beginning.

Dreaming about number 11. Number 11 is a Master Teacher number and symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, intuition, mastery and creativity.

In a dream it might indicate balance, equality and partnerships.

It might signify your desire for spiritual awakening. It might also signify new opportunities and progress.

Dreaming about number 22. Number 22 is a Master Builder number and signifies intelligence, knowledge and mental capacity.

In dreams it indicates self – mastery and understanding that “everything is possible”. It can sometimes indicate the need to be more practical and goal oriented.

Dreaming about number 33. Number 33 is a karmic Master Number.

In dreams, it indicates our inner – sanctuary and spiritual wisdom.

It might sometimes indicate some unexpected chaos and problems. Sometimes it indicates creating chaos to manipulate someone. Sometimes it indicates a crisis, helping resolve some problem.