Dreams About Mountains – Meaning and Symbolism

While we are involved in this exciting process of revealing what dreams mean for us, we must speak of another research that showed that dreams could be used for various things that bother people all around the world.

For example, there are claims that dreams can help you while you study, regardless of your age and regardless of the study topic. For example, if you fall asleep right after your learning session, you can be ten times more successful in memorizing the text, because your brain will process that information and dream will help the brain assimilate and process new knowledge.

So, it is said (and highly recommended) for people to study before they go to bed.

Also, we must add that dreams can have a therapeutic effect on people because they can create feelings that you have a realistic dream, and in it, you are facing something that you either do not want, or you cannot face in real life, so you are doing it in your dream. This is particularly valid for the people who have to deal with some form of emotional trauma or have a post-traumatic disorder.

Speaking in science language, dreams can remove emotions from particular events in lives, and the brain separates feelings of memory by making them so non-emotional.

Of course, there are those dreams that are pleasurable, and after we had them, we feel great.

For those who are fans of hiking and nature, dreams about Mountains are under that pleasurable category. For others, it can mean a hight that they do not want to climb if they are afraid of heights.

But, all of them mean something for our lives, depending on their context and our personality.

Meaning of Dreams About Mountains

In some general way, the meaning of Mountains in a dream world is respect and reputation that either we want but do not have yet, or it is the “top that we have climbed on already”, so we can enjoy them.

Seeing a mountain in a dream signifies a significant obstacle and/or challenge that you must overcome if you want to gain that recognition and success that you have put in front of you.

If you are at the top of the Mountain, then it means that you have achieved and understood your goals and that you have genuinely recognized your full potential in life – this meaning is particularly true for dreams in which you are standing on the top of the Mountain and looking down.

Alternatively, the Mountain signifies a higher sphere of consciousness, knowledge, and spiritual truth – and either you want to reach there, or you have already, but certainly you have that spiritual potential.

This meaning is applicable in dreams where you are somewhere higher above mountains, and you do not have to know how you get there; it is relevant that you are feeling blessed and that your place is right there.

But your actions on that Mountain can determine the message that is behind that dream – for example, and if you are walking around the Mountain, slowly and you feel ok, relaxed and comfortable, it means that you need a break.

It is possible that in the previous period you were overburdened with obligations and stress, because of which you can hardly wait to take your free days and go in an unknown direction. You just want to sleep and recreate to gain strength for new work victories, and the dream of you walking in blissful and serene Mountain depicts this desire.

If in a dream you cannot climb the Mountain, and you keep coming back all the time and falling to the ground, all of you have to start from the beginning, it has the significance that you will soon be expecting some big problems and obstacles in business and private life, and that you are “on the edge of giving up.


The Symbolism of Dreams About Mountains

In some way, if in our dream, we see ourselves climbing Mountain, it is the representation of our path in life, and its difficulty, depending on its depiction in a dream – they can be big or small, and all depends.

So if the road that leads us to the Mountain is long, hard and filled with obstacles of various kinds, then our way toward success and general life purpose is like that, and the fact it shows in a dream is just that confirmation.

Now, if you are at the beginning of the road, right before the Mountain (you are getting ready to start the climb), this dream implies that you will do or go somewhere, but this is not going to be your desire, but it will be the desire of the person who is close to you. It may happen that you will want a dear person to do a favor, but there is a definite possibility that you harm yourself.

If in a dream, you are climbing the Mountain and you are tired and unsure that you are walking the right way – this may be the symbol that you are an unstable and discouraged person.

If in a dream, you see yourself climbing the Mountain, and you are doing that fast and do not feel that you are tired at all, it is the symbol of determination and ambition.

If in a dream, you see yourself slowly going down from the height of a mountain, it indicates that you will make life easier for yourself. You will realize that new things, unbound for your business, will make you happier and rebuild you with the enthusiasm that you have lost.

The dream in which you see yourself falling from the Mountain refers to your success race without thorough thinking about your journey to success.

Additionally, if in a dream, you see a Mountain that suddenly appears in front of you – a problem will occur on you, or a high-ranking person will push you.

If you are tearing apart some mountain and you want to go through it, it is the symbol of the ruin of a man; there will be a divergence between him and the one he is thinking about and who most overwhelmed him in those days.

In the end, if in a dream you see someone else that is climbing the Mountain, the symbolism of such a dream is terrible in the world and implies that you have created in some decisions and that you are reluctant to be more patient and that you are not gradually achieving “step by step” because you might not have so many problems and you would not be so reluctant, either because of or missed opportunities or lack of achievement and achievement of goals.

Do I have to be worried?

Dreaming of moving around the Mountain means that you are solving some obstacles circularly – you cannot get the right direction. As we have said this, it is more than clear that you are taking an indirect approach.

Alternatively, dreams of running around the Mountain mean that you have chosen the pace yourself. You must always know your limits.

You may be pushing up in the direction you do not want to go or for which you are not ready. Falling from the Mountain also means that you tend to quit too easily or escape from difficult situations.

If the Mountain in your dream is in a fog, and everything is blurred -it is a warning that you expect uncertainty. Probably many things in your life have not come to your place, which is why you lose hope and become impatient.

It’s troublesome for you to deal with the consequences of the wrong decisions that you have made all along, which will only come to be paid.

What to do if I had this dream?

It is possible that you will start practicing career and learning the things you need for a job, which will result in improvement very quickly.

You will not neglect some other aspects, those that will not be a problem for you because you are not eager for anything, nor have anything been denied to you.

In the version of this dream where you are the person who is going down of a mountain, it means that you are a very ambitious person who has achieved almost everything she wanted, but in time, you will get tired and begin to value some other values.

One of the rare scenarios in which you should do something serious for you is the version in which you cannot climb the Mountain, and you keep falling -you must not give up because you will realize that fighting too hard and challenging for you, or wholly futile and unprofitable. You need to change the approach.


To sum up this dream symbolism, all that we know about this dream – seeing a mountain in a dream means that you will have great business success and good earnings.

Besides, you can expect a great inheritance. Everything in front of you looks beautiful, and it’s up to you to try to use it all wisely, having in mind all the time that you are now doing something on a long term, and that will last.

If you have dreamed of resting in the mountains, you will experience an excellent reputation, and if you climb to the mountains, glory is in front of you.

But we must add one more indication of this dream – it can be a pure indication that you will soon change your job and career objective – and this will come as a positive change for you.