Dreams About Mice, Mouse – Meaning and Interpretation

Mice are small rodents, sometimes kept as house pets. They look quite cute, but many people fear them. Mice are also vermin that can cause a lot of damage to crops, but also to our house belongings. They also spread deadly diseases.

In dreams, mice might have different meanings, but they are usually a bad sign. Such a dream might signify small annoyances or insignificant problems. Sometimes, mice might represent some problems that only seem insignificant, but might turn out to be very harming.

There is a difference in meaning between dreams about mice and a dream about a single mouse. While mice usually symbolize minor things and inconveniences that consume much of your time, one mouse usually symbolizes some type of fear.

A dream about mice might signify the need to remove yourself from your everyday routine and think about the things that are most important to you and you value the most.

It is important to consider how much time you actually spend doing those things. If you realize that you’ve been spending way too much time on trivial things, maybe it’s about time you start doing things that really matter to you.

Sometimes, if you realize that small things don’t occupy so much of your time, this dream might be signifying some fear you have.

A good thing about dreams of mice or a mouse is, if it signifies fear, then you don’t need to worry, because you have probably nothing to worry about, or it’s some small issue.

If you often dream about mice, you should ask yourself if there are some issues in your life that you are not able to overcome.

Dreams about mice might also reveal some psychological problems you might be having with feelings of inadequacy and not being good enough. You should listen to the message of your subconscious through this dream and confront the issues you’ve been having. Dreams of mice might signify transforming some weaknesses into an advantage.

Mice can also represent some small things that scare or disturb you. Maybe they signify avoiding something or running away from some situations or small problems that you’ve been ignoring.

They can also symbolize some unhealthy situations in your life. Mice in dreams sometimes might signify spending too much time on insignificant things and problems.

This dream might also represent someone using you in some way. These dreams might be a message you need to confront something, some situation or a fear you have.

Sometimes, these dreams might reveal your feelings of being caught or trapped somehow. These dreams might also be a symbol of fear, timidity, inadequacy or shyness.

Mice are also a symbol of poverty, but they might also signify a new income or some gains, especially if you were catching mice in a dream.

Sometimes, dreams about mice foretell partnership problems, usually business related. Sometimes these dreams might be a sign of problems in the house or insincere friends. They are also symbol of small things that irritate.

Dreams About Mice, Mouse – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about mice making scratching noises. If you heard mice making scratching noises in your dream, such a dream might be a bad omen forewarning a burglary in your house.


Dreaming about a house infested with mice. If you dreamed about your house being infested with mice, such a dream is a very bad omen. It might indicate some malevolent people from your surroundings, trying to ruin your plans.

This dream might be an indication of sneaky and mean attacks on you, behind your back in the near future. You may not be aware, but there are some people close to you, who can’t stand you being successful at anything and would be happy to see you fail. It would be wise to think twice about the people you consider your friends.

Dreaming about mice in large numbers. If you saw mice in large numbers in your house, such a dream is a bad sign, possibly foretelling you might become a victim of malicious gossiping, ruining your reputation.

This dream might be forewarning you of some trouble, because of some business partnership.

This dream might also signify someone stealing something from you. The person stealing from you can be a member of your family, an employee, etc.

Dreaming about mice destroying belongings. A dream about mice chewing on some valuable things in your dream is a bad sign and foretells loss of money and financial stability. Maybe the mice represent you and your excessive spending habits, which might bring you to financial troubles, possibly even bankruptcy.

This dream is a warning to start changing your spending habits, or you might jeopardize your future and the future of your family.

Dreaming about killing mice. If you were killing mice in your dream, that is a good sign and might be foretelling victory over your rivals. This dream might also be a sign of receiving some good news soon.

Dreaming about catching mice. If you were catching mice in your dream, such a dream is a good sign, foretelling financial gains.

This dream might be warning you to pay attention to your behavior, which is possibly inappropriate. It might signify you involving in some immoral acts, which might be judged by your community.

Sometimes, this dream is a good sign foretelling fulfilling your hopes for a better future.

Dreaming about a mouse or mice trapped in a mouse trap. If you saw a mouse trap with a mouse or mice inside, such a dream is a good sign, foretelling the possibility of gaining some money or property soon.

This dream is also a good sign for businessman, foretelling an increase of profit and good business deals. It might also signify pay raise or a sudden bonus, or getting and unexpected inheritance from someone.

Dreaming about mice running away. This dream might symbolically represent your tendency of running, instead of facing the problems you have.

Dreaming about mice eating something. This sight in a dream is a good omen, foretelling joy in the near future. Such a dream might also be a bad sign, signifying somebody trying to ruin your self – confidence, or someone stealing from you.

Dreaming about white mice. White mice in a dream are considered a good omen and might be foretelling a happy marriage.

Dreaming about a white mouse. If your dream was about a white mouse, such dream is not a good sign and might be a sign of betrayal. Maybe you have revealed some of your secrets to someone you trusted, and that person gave them all away.

Dreaming about letting mice escape. If you let mice escape in your dream, because you felt sorry for them and couldn’t do them harm, such a dream is a bad sign, possibly foretelling conflicts with loved ones or colleagues.
It might also signify financial troubles.

Maybe you will have some unexpected expenses in the upcoming days, forcing you to spend more money than you can afford at the moment.

Also, this dream might signify problems in your business and personal relationships.

This dream is a warning, so be prepared for the possible consequences awaiting you.

Dreaming about being frightened by a mouse. If you were frightened by a mouse in your dream, such a dream might signify some embarrassment you might experience in the near future.

Dreaming about mice running through your house. If you saw mice freely running through your house, such a dream might signify some conflicts with family members in the near future.

Dreaming about a cat chasing mice. If you saw a cat chasing mice in your dream, such a dream might be warning you to keep others from interfering in your business.

Dreaming about a cat catching a mouse. If you saw a cat catching a mouse in your dream, such a dream might be a sign of you, having to deal with some annoying issues in your relationship. Maybe you’ve been wrongfully accused for something you didn’t do or someone has spread a rumor about you. It will take you a lot of time to clear yourself from the false accusations.

Dreaming about eating mice or a mouse. If you were eating mice in a dream, such a dream might reveal there’s something bothering you and you need to confide it to someone you trust.

If you saw yourself eat a mouse in your dream, such a dream might be warning you to avoid dangerous places, which can be even life threatening.

Dreaming about a mouse on your dress. If you saw a mouse on your dress in a dream, this dream is not a good sign and might signify being involved in some scandal soon. It’s important not to deal with people you don’t trust.

Dreaming about a dead mouse. A dead mouse in your dream is a very bad omen. This dream might signify a period of grave financial losses and instability. Maybe you are the one to blame for your inconvenient situation.

You probably have some extravagant spending habits, spending more than you earn. This dream is a warning to start paying attention to your spending, because you may end up totally ruined and bankrupt.

Dreaming about feeding a mouse or mice. If you were feeding a mouse or mice in your dream, such a dream might be a sign of your enormous ego and superiority complex. You probably think of yourself as better than others. This dream is a warning to change your attitude and start respecting and valuing others more.

Dreaming about mice or a mouse eating your food supplies. If you saw a mouse or mice eating food from your food cabinet, such a dream is a bad omen. It might indicate worsening your health. You should consider this message as very important and go for a medical check-up as soon as possible.