Dreams About Maggots – Meaning and Interpretation

Maggots are fly larvae. The flies lay eggs which turn into maggots, which after some time turn into flies. One fly can lay hundreds of eggs at once and one day after laying them, the maggots appear.

A female fly can lay 500 to 2,000 eggs in her life, which lasts about a month. The maggots can grow up to 20 mm in size.

Flies lay their eggs in places where there is a constant supply of food for the maggots, usually in rotten food. Fly eggs morph into flies in about 14 to 36 days.

Although they are extremely disgusting, maggots can sometimes be useful, for example, for fishing, cleaning wounds from dead tissue or determining the time of death.

Dreams about maggots are pretty common. Their meaning depends on the feelings you had during the dream, and can be negative or positive.

Maggots in dreams often symbolize negativity and negative aspects of life. They can also be a symbol of close ties. They can symbolize purpose in life and difficulties in achieving it. These dreams often happen in periods of stress at work.

Maggots can also be a symbol of spiritual death, transformation and rebirth. Maybe this dream is a message to learn from your mistakes.

Sometimes this dream signifies negative influences from external sources. Maybe you are feeling desperate and hopeless because things are not turning out as you want them to.

Such a dream might signify some repressed issues. Dreams about maggots might reveal you are holding on to negative emotions.

Maggots in a dream also symbolize negative behavior and actions. They might also be a sign of anxiety. Maybe you should look inside you and understand your motives and thoughts. Are they negative? Then do something about them.

Dreams About Maggots – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about maggots in general. Maggots are usually not a good sign in a dream and foretell loss, misfortune and even death.

Sometimes, they are an omen of your own demise or of someone very close to you.

This dream might also be a sign of repressing and hiding negative thoughts and emotions behind a false mask of happiness and satisfaction.

Dreaming about eating maggots. Dreams about eating maggots might signify some troubling issues being on your mind for some time and you want to free yourself from them.

If you were putting maggots inside your mouth, chewing and swallowing them, such a dream might be a sign foretelling success and achievements in your current projects. This symbolism is explained by the fact that you are actually destroying the maggots, which are a symbol of negativity and destruction.

Dreaming about using maggots to fish. If you used maggots to fish in your dream, such a dream is maybe a sign of your desire to get away from negativity in your life. Maybe you should start doing something new, which will really make you happy.


Dreaming about maggots eating rotten food. If you saw maggots eating rotten food in your dream, such a dream is not a good sign, and might be revealing some issues you have neglected, coming to the surface. You should deal with them as soon as possible, because the matters can only get worse and cause you a lot of problems and distress in life.

Dreaming about maggots in food. If you dreamed about maggots in your food, such a dream might be a sign of a jealous rival in your life. Maybe this person envies you for some of your achievements and will try to destroy your happiness and undermine your reputation with false rumors.

Dreaming about maggots on dead bodies. If you saw dead bodies infested with maggots in your dream, this dream is not a good sign and might be revealing your subconscious fear of death.

Maybe this dream is signifying your anxiousness and absence of peace. Maybe there are some unresolved emotional issues bothering you.

Such a dream is a message to confront yourself and seriously think about your attitude, emotions, relationships, decisions and even perceptions and try to figure out how to resolve those issues, which stop you from moving forward or worse, causing you real life problems.

Dreaming about maggots eating dead flesh. If you saw maggots eating the flesh from a dead body or an animal carcass in a dream, such a dream is actually a good omen and might be foretelling some beautiful new beginnings in the near future.

Dreaming about maggots inside your body. If you saw maggots inside your body in a dream, such a dream can probably be a sign of some burdens you’ve been carrying. Maybe you haven’t shared your problems with anyone yet and because of that, the weight is even bigger.

This dream might also be revealing your shyness and tendency to keep away from personal relationship and bonds with family members, friends and even romantic partners. It might be also revealing that financial gains are more important to you than relationships.

If that is the case, this dream is a message to confront this side of your personality and try to be more open to others.

Dreaming about maggots inside a hole in your skin. If maggots were crawling out of a hole in your skin in your dream, such a dream might be revealing your outlook on the outside world and life in general as dull an unexciting. Maybe you are a pessimistic person by nature or something bad has happened to you recently which changed your perspectives.

Dreaming about maggots crawling on your body. If maggots crawled on your body in your dream, such a dream might be signifying your desire for financial independence and financial gains. If you were taking them off your body, it is likely that you won’t succeed in your efforts.

Dreaming about stepping on maggots. If you were stepping on maggots in your dream, such a dream is not a good sign, and might be revealing some negative emotions and feelings you’ve been harboring against something or someone. This is probably something you are not aware of or you don’t want to admit it.

Probably you have been repressing those feelings and thoughts, maybe because of some guilt or regret you are feeling, but you need to confront them, because they will ruin you.

This dream can also be a good sign signifying your strength and persistence in coping with difficulties and coming out as a winner.

Dreaming about maggots sucking your body. If you had such a dream, it might signify someone close to you is draining you or undermining your success in some way or is using your skills and talents. This dream is a message to openly confront this person with these issues.

Dreaming about getting rid of maggots. If you were killing maggots or getting rid of them in some other way in your dream, such a dream might be signifying your desire to communicate with others openly, especially people you feel emotionally or spiritually attached to.

Dreaming about maggots crawling in flesh. If you saw maggots crawling in rotten flesh in your dream, such a dream is a very bad omen and might be predicting disease, illness, injuries, health issues and even death.

This is especially the case if this dream is recurring, in which case it is advisable to do a medical check-up as soon as possible.

Dreaming about black maggots. If you saw black maggots in your dream, such a dream might reveal that you’ve been denying some problem you have. Maybe you are refusing to see the truth and confront it.

Dreaming about maggots in your hair or on your head. If you had such a dream, it might be revealing some serious issues bothering you. Maybe there are some unresolved emotional issues and emotions you keep avoiding to confront. This dream is a message to get the courage and deal with the situation.

Dreaming about maggots crawling around your eyes. This dream is probably signifying your denial about an obvious problem and your refusal to see and admit the truth about it.