Dreams About Koi Fish – Meaning and Symbolism

From the earliest days, humanity from all around the world considered that dreams are supernatural phenomena with a remarkably prophetic character.

Today it is not so, but there cannot be a denial that dreams do mean something for our lives. What is an indisputable fact is that dreams are something that is part of our lives and something to be paid attention to.

And, when you look at the thing with some consideration, everyone, from Freud, several systems of interpretation and categorization of dreams have been developed.  That’s why we’ve prepared you with several definitions of common dreams common to all people on this planet.

The stories that come to us in the dreams are often very complicated, and it is almost impossible to understand their meaning immediately. That’s why the interpretation of dreams is not such a simple task, and it’s not enough to dash into a wristwatch to make your meaning clear right away.

Dreams about Fish are widespread among people, and they have many exciting meanings – but in some cases, you can have dreams about specific kind of Fish.

After dreams dominated by the motif of Fish, many people wake up with a sense of concern because they consider the Fish to be a symbol of worry or symbol of suffering that awaits them. What we want to say is that luckily, such people are not always right.

Fish as a motive in a dream does not always have to predict negative things, but on the contrary, it can symbolize both very favorable and beautiful circumstances and opportunities that will be shown to you

And there is a specific meaning of that Fish, in today’s case, it is Koi Fish.

This kind of Fish is an ornamental kind that is kept for decorative purposes in open ponds or water gardens.

This type of Fish has a specific color, pattern patterns and scales – they can be white, black, red, yellow and blue, and are often tattoo symbol.

Meaning of a Dreams about Koi Fish

So, many meanings are connected to this exciting dream – and some of them are directing on good things that are about to happen in your life -especially if the dream is about catching a Koi Fish.

It means that you will be successful in everything you accept to do, and the financial situation could be significantly improved.

If in a dream you have eaten the Koi Fish it means that you must be careful, do not lend any money to anyone, because you could stay without it.

And in a third case, if there were a lot of Koi Fish in your dream, it means that you must be very successful in the business you are dealing with.

To see the Koi Fish in a dream indicates that it is necessary to put aside the pride and ego, and not let it diverge in the path of friendship and relationship.

Alternatively, this is a symbol of patience, perseverance, determination, perseverance, courage and success.


The Symbolism of Dreams about Koi Fish

If you dreamed that you have been trying to catch a Koi Fish, with the intention to fry it and eat it, it is a symbol that you will fall into difficulties that you will manage safely in the end, but these problems will make your life hard.

This dream about Koi Fish can signify that difficulties and obstacles are in the financial sphere of your life, and this is true when you see dead Koi Fish – a disappointing sign, the dream of sorrow and loss. There are a breakdown and loss of essential contacts.

In some other symbolical terms, this is a dream that is connected to a symbol of duality, constraints and variability.

But in some variations, if you see a certain number of Koi Fish, it can be a perfect sign – it promises prosperity, prosperity and peace.

Any dream about the Koi Fish symbolizes the birth. Small Koi Fish – small rewards and medium Koi Fish- children. Dreams, which have seen a lot of Koi Fish, mark the upcoming journey.

Do I have to be worried?

This aspect depends on a dream of Koi Fish – there are few versions –  it can signify that the time has come to state difficulties and obstacles in the financial sphere of life, and to make things better for yourself.

But if the Koi Fish in your dream is dead, it can be a disappointing sign, dream of sorrow and loss.  This event announces a conflict with the enemy. But you should not be afraid – the dream ensures easy overcoming all the obstacles.

Seeing a lot of Koi Fish that are swimming in the pond, means a lot of luck for the person who has a dream of this kind, and some say that this means that this person can expect prize money or receive a reward.

What to do if I had this dream

In some general symbolism, dreams of Fish that are swimming in water can be seen as the symbol of knowledge about oneself, insights into its unconscious mind.

To catch the Fish is to capture means that in a real-life, you will be able to pull something that was hidden in our unconscious to the surface.

Fish in water also represents the beginning, the idea, swimming towards a goal. In many ancient cultures, Fish is a symbol of fertility – and Koi Fish is also that symbol, the brighter, the better.

As you were able to see, Koi Fish or the dream of them simulate the power of the spirit and the character of the dreamer (you, in this case, are the one that is dreaming Koi Fish).

The advantage of favorable circumstances and your own resourcefulness, you will achieve in the near future an imaginary purpose.

So, if you have this dream, it can mean that time comes for you to become more open up toward dealing with difficulties that you will manage safely.

If we come back to the dream where you see Koi Fish in a clear, bright and “healthy” water – this dream prophesied to change for the better – happiness and success in work, happiness in the family.

So, you should look around you and see that you have so much good stuff around you and that not everything is negative and harmful in your life.

And you should not be worried about your business life – catching a big Koi Fish means that you will have great luck in your business life. Critics will not prevent you from reaching this goal, but there will be a lot of them around you, that is certain.


It is a commonly known fact that the motive of Fish is a very common symbol in Christianity. However, if it occurs in a dream, it can have many other meanings.

It is generally a positive symbol if it appears in clear and clean water. Mutant water in dreams has a negative symbolism and is mainly associated with severe weather, illness, hunger, etc.

If you have dreamed of a Koi Fish, it can be a true signal that you will be very happy in the future – and everything you accept, it will go with your hand. This can also be true for your personal life, and of course, in your business life.

In a dream world, the Koi Fish is connected to the money, and in this case, with the material gain, so this aspect of your life can become better and better.

In a case, you have dreamed that you are by any chance eating Koi Fish, you might be left without money, so be very careful.

A lot of Koi Fish in a dream is a sign of business success – so, as you can see, Koi Fish in a dream symbolism have so many good qualities and traits, and among them, the biggest is the one that speaks of success, particularly in business.

We will conclude this interesting story, about Japanese Fish, that is decorative, and that carries meaningful symbolism for people who often put them on their bodies, in the form of tattoos; and they also carry interesting, and somewhat positive meaning when we had them in our dreams.

Reflecting and collecting all that we know about them, we could be happy about this dream and expect some serious gain in the near future.