Dreams About Killing Someone in Self Defense – Meaning and Symbolism

When the process of dreaming begins, while we sleep in our beds, then hormone named cortisol is released in large quantities – this is the thing that is the chemical accountable for the compression of consciousness.

Also, some other things are present that paralyzes our muscles while we sleep, and prevents us from going somewhere, self-inflicting or endangering ourselves.

So, even if you have a dream about something that is scary, and you have the urge to escape from that scene in your mind, but you are, in fact, safe in your bed.

And, in fact, the dream symbolism speaks that dreams even if they are connected to the worst possible thing that can happen to a person, can mean something completely else in real life, so there is absolutely no need to be scared.

Most dreams about murder revolve around dreams that are connected to those where you are a victim or executioner, or a third-person murder.

Of these three categories, the most common is the case where you are the third person or the victim, and this is because this is the most common motive of fear in human consciousness.

But, the dream where the murder is you from which any reason is not so common, although it sounds terrible, such dreams are not.

And if we add up to these dreams that are connected to the murdering someone in self-defense, then things get even more interesting.

But you must have been wondering do you have the reason to be worried and concern?

Read the article below and find out for yourself.

Meaning of Dreams About Killing Someone in Self Defense

Dreaming of murder is one of the worst dreams ever – regardless if we are the victim or we are the perpetrator. Both scenarios have interesting meanings, and it is very interesting to speak of them, and as usual, their meaning and significance depend on other factors that are part of a dream.

If in a dream you are the murder and you are killing someone out of self-defense, it can be a sign that you are charged with negative sentiments that you want to get rid of as soon as possible.

The meaning of this somewhat scary dream depends on who you have killed in your dream – there are a couple of options in this sense, and all of them are equally interesting and somewhat disturbing.

If the person you killed is a person who is close to you, and very familiar, it can mean that you are angry at that person because he or she has disappointed you and hurt you in some way. Most likely you are not able to say what the problem is, and this person comes into your dream so you can defend yourself, but of course, it can be somewhat extreme.

It is possible that with this person you do not have the courage to face in real life, it can be someone who is out of your reach, it can be boss, or it can be someone who you feel sorry for and have no courage to speak.

However, if you have killed a person in self-defense and that person is unknown to you, it is a sign that you feel pressure from people in your environment. These people clearly impose on you the obligations and norms of behavior that you accept against your will – and it makes you feel frustrated to the point that that pressure is unbearable so you have to do something about it – the reflection of this dream is seen as a murder.


The symbolism of Dreams About Killing Someone in Self Defense

Dream symbolism says that if you are dreaming that you are the one that is targeting someone with the intention, or you feel threatened, and you must defend yourself, it can be a symbol that you are a strong person who does not allow people to say what they think about something that is connected to your life – so you act quickly, and this is the reason why you had this dream, that can be aggressive and disturbing.

But we need to say one more thing – there are many variations about who you kill in your dream.

If that someone you are killing in your sleep is an animal after it tried to attack you, it means that all of your fears are overblown and unnecessary and that you as a human being are much stronger than you think. In fact, such a dream does not have to do much with anyone from your environment, but with yourself, and your evaluation of how strong you are.

If you dream that you are killing someone in your dream, but that someone is a killer, it means that in real life, you do not see a problem that is bothering your family and friends. This problem is something that is incredibly important to them, to people who are close to you, but somehow, you cannot see that truth.

The dream is telling you that you can solve this issue with incredible ease and simplicity – with just one hit, strike, whatever you choose.

The significant thing here to remember is that people who are close to you are the people who need your help, and it is up to you to give them such support, as quickly and efficiently as you can.

If you dream that you are killing someone that is trying to attack you and you are doing that by strangling that person, it can be the symbol that people from the environment are burdening you with their problems, and none of them ever ask you how you feel.

It is all about frustration with the misunderstanding that comes from your close environment that is clearly filled with problems. You just need them to listen to you in real life.

If you have dreamed that you killed your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife in the act of self-defense, it can be a symbol of one interesting thing.

This is the dream where you kill someone who you love very much – but you show that you are ready to love them, but at the same time you show the biggest love to yourself, and you prove yourself that you ready to give up them for your better future.

If your dream revolves around killing multiple people who are trying to hurt you it can be a signal that you are teasing your enemies with your haste.

If by any chance you have a dream that you are killing a child it can be the symbol that the time in your life has come to deal with the inferiority and detachments that you sometimes fall back on.

This is the moment to grow up and deal with real life, fast.

In the end, if by any chance you are killing a soldier that is attacking you in your dream, it can be a signification that you are the person who can be trusted, and you are the one who is able to deal with problematic issues in your stressful environment.

Do I have to be worried?

In fact, you do not have to be worried, since, in the majority of these dreams about killing someone in self-defense, the problem is not connected to the people who are close to you, but they are connected to you.

In a small number of cases, you had this dream, because you feel that your environment is suffocating you and no one is asking how you are and what you need in life.

Anyway, this dream does not reflect so scary, as it seems while you have it when you are sleep.

What should I do if I had this dream?

First of all, stop thinking that something bad is going to happen to you; because it is not.

As usual, you should look for the things that are frustrating you in your close environment, and try to see if there is something that you are trying to say, but you are unable.

If you are unhappy with how your close environment is treating you, you should speak up – just as a dream suggests, quickly and effectively.

In some number of cases, this dream means that you are the trusted person in your environment and that you are the one who is trusted to do difficult tasks.


People dream about everything – some things they have experienced and some things that we just thought that might happen.

As we have said, these dreams about killing someone in self-defense come most likely and in the majority of cases as a signal that there is a certain frustration with the environment you live in.

And the dream suggests that the best way to resolve that matter is doing it quickly and effectively, before it goes on you, pulling you even deeper into the problem (the problem overcomes you, “it kills you”).