Dreams About Iguanas – Meaning and Symbolism

Generally speaking, dreaming about animals represents the natural part of our being, the part that talks about nature and the urge to survive, especially in the social realm. Animals often represent our parents, particularly our relationship with them when it comes to emotions.

A dream where an animal chases you stands for a feeling that is suppressed or aggression. The type of animal that you dreamt may be an indicator of a hidden symbol.

There are a lot of different interpretations of animals you see while dreaming, and some dream researchers believe that animal takes over all the activities that we are ashamed deep in our consciousness. For example, any lizard signifies of dangerous emotions.

Many psychologists believe that lizards represent hidden emotions that we are not ready to face in reality. They often show the quality of your character or specific aspects of your personality.

Most lizards will imitate the habits and patterns of a person who is dreaming them. Dreaming about iguanas is very rare. It is usually associated with teenagers or with people that saw a live lizard which made a strong impression.

Meaning of Iguanas Dream

If you saw an iguana in your sleep, it usually indicates a recent change in your living situation. You are probably used to change your home environment, always searching for better conditions.

That allows you to get acquainted with other cultures and people. However, it is becoming harder for you to move that much and leave people you love behind and shows a tendency for settling. Change of residence can, depending on other elements of your dream, can mean both good and bad outcome.

Dreaming about an iguana is often considered as a warning in a sense that your enemies are preparing a trap for you. This explanation primarily refers to your business relations, especially if you work at a high-level position in a firm.

You have high criteria and demand hard work, which makes you hard to like among your employees. You will have to pay attention to any documents you have signed since there is a chance of misusage.

Relating to money, dreaming about an iguana is very positive. It speaks of additional income and more earnings in general.

Speaking of your love life, iguanas in a dream can mean various things. Along with the previously mentioned change of residence, it can mean that your relationship is about to end, broken with jealousy and mistrust.

Long distance partnerships are hard to maintain since you are far away from your loved one. Your feelings get colder, the person you love get more distant, you see each other rarely and it all results in a breakup.

That also applies in other meaningful relationships in your life, with your family members, close friend etc.

The symbolism of Iguanas Dream

When you dream about a dead iguana, it symbolizes trouble or sadness in the future. Dead iguana means that you should be aware of certain people in your life, false friends because they will use every opportunity to mistreat you.

In some situations, especially if you are by yourself and ill, or someone close to you is in bad health, a dead iguana may symbolize either your fear of loss or health conditions getting worse, sometimes even death of a loved one.

It is possible to dream of iguana that is changing colors. In this case, it shows your need to adapt to a person or a situation or that you are prone to lie and cheat to get to your goal in reality.


It can also mean that you are distrustful and fearful to a specific person, whether it’s a close friend, a work partner or a family member.

For people that are married, it usually signifies infidelity from their partners and should stay cautious at all times.

One of the most important meanings of color changing iguana, in a broader sense, is a lie and it shows that you have someone that is deliberately deceiving you without you knowing it and that you trust the wrong people.

If you dream about a white iguana, it symbolizes a solution to a seemingly no way out situation. You might resolve a legal dispute or a business or a personal problem in your favor.

If white iguana stands in the palm of your hand, it means money gain, but if you drop it from your hand, it means financial difficulties of losing your job.

Black iguana in your dream signifies potential or current problems of business of personal nature that you are not able to solve at the moment and that are giving you headaches.

Even if it seems that dreaming of a black iguana is a sign of bad luck, the truth is the opposite and that you will probably be able to resolve your issues.

Oppose to white and black iguana, dreaming about green iguana is considered an evil and dangerous omen. It symbolizes big troubles and distress, unfortunate situations that you will barely manage to avoid with the help of someone you least expect.

Do I have to be worried?

If you killed an iguana in your dream that wasn’t a danger to you, you have a tough period coming your way, and you will face unexpected dangers.

On the other side, if iguana attacked you and you killed it in self-defense, a period of happiness and prosperity is about to happen. You will finally resolve your problems and deal with all the difficulties in your life – so in this sense, you do not have to be worried.

What should I do if I had this dream?

If you dream about an iguana that has entered your home, it is a symbol of an unhappy family and a vision of a marriage falling apart. It also shows a bedrail of someone close to you.

When an iguana is running away from your home, it is assumed that you are about to lose family happiness, that your family is ashamed of you and that you don’t have their support and help in hard times.


Dreaming about iguanas, and lizards, in general, is often connected with a sense of helplessness. It can be explained with the fact that a lot of people have a phobia of lizards.