Dreams About High School – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about high school or any school are very common, regardless of our age. These dreams might represent some insecurities, anxieties or concerns we might be having.

A dream about school might reveal something happening in our life, which might be disturbing, or something we have to be careful about.

The level of the educational institution you dreamed about reveals the seriousness of your issue.

If you dreamed about an elementary school, it is probably minor, but if you dreamed about a university, you are probably confronting a major issue. A high school in your dream reveals an important issue as well.

High schools are turning points in everyone’s life. They symbolize the beginning of maturity. That is a period of life when we meet our lifelong friends. They often signify the bonds and friendships you made there.

Dreams about high school signify the lessons learned there, which prepared us for our lives.

There are a lot of everyday situations, which may provoke dreams about high school. You might be anxious about a romantic date, or work, or about someone’s feelings.

Sometimes these dreams reveal your worries about other people’s reactions to something you said about them.

These dreams might sometimes indicate being anxious about being perceived well by others, maybe in some new environment, like a new school or a new job.

They might represent some situations when you need to think a lot, probably at work. Maybe they reveal your concerns about something, like, some project you wish to finish in a perfect manner, or something similar.

They might also signify your joy, because you are learning something difficult.

You can dream about high school if you are worried about something being perfect and about potential mistakes you might make. Sometimes these dreams reveal painful memories and traumas related to our parents’ expectations regarding our education.

These dreams might reveal being afraid of something for some time. Maybe you are anxious about something. Maybe there’s some problem in your life, you cannot stop worrying about.

Sometimes these dreams are taking you back to the past, so you can confront some painful memories and confront them. Maybe something in your life reminded you of that period.

These dreams might reveal having some unresolved issues from your youth and high school years. Maybe you don’t feel capable of finishing something the right way.

If you are still in high school and dream about it, such a dream is only a reflection of everyday activities and experiences.


Dreams about high school can sometimes indicate success in love, but also in business affairs.

Dreams About High School – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about being in high school again. If you dreamed about being in high school again, such a dream might signify some lessons you learned at school and now you need to remember them.

Maybe you need to learn something new and that’s why you had this dream.

This dream might represent some valuable lesson you learned back in high school, and now it is of high importance for you.

Dreaming about a high school teacher. If you dreamed about your high school teacher, such a dream might signify teaching others or yourself something.

Dreaming about having to go to high school again. If you dreamed about the need to repeat high school, such a dream might signify your doubts about your achievements and fulfilled goals.

Maybe you feel as if you didn’t meet the expectations of others.

Maybe something happened recently, which brought back some repressed anxieties or insecurities.

Dreaming about a high school hallway. If you dreamed about the hallway of your high school or some high school, such a dream signifies your anxiousness or concerns about something important.

Maybe you are going through a transitional period of your life.

You might be worrying about some changes you are currently making.

Sometimes this dream might be related to some memories about a school hallway you have from the past. Maybe you experienced something unpleasant there, or you were worried about someone’s opinion about you, and your subconscious remembered it for some reason and made you dream about it.

Dreaming about being pregnant and back in high school again. If you dreamed about being pregnant and back in high school, such a dream probably signifies some negativity in your current life circumstances. You might be dissatisfied with your current love relationship.

Maybe your partner is causing you stress and anxiety. This dream is a reminder to revalue this relationship and move away if it’s not good for you.

Dreaming about taking a high school exam. If you dreamed about taking a high school exam to receive a high school diploma, such a dream might signify the discrepancy between the face you show to the rest of the world and the way you actually feel about yourself.

Maybe you behave as if all is well in your life, but there is something in your life preventing you to behave like an adult you want to be.

These dreams, especially if they are recurring, might indicate some irrational fears and anxiety, issues which you should address.

Dreaming about falling high school. If you dreamed about falling high school, such a dream might signify having doubts about your accomplishments and abilities.

Dreaming about a high school reunion. If you dreamed about a high school reunion, such a dream might signify memories of past conflicts and power struggles. Maybe you are thinking about some old issues.

Sometimes this dream might reveal your feelings about having more or less luck than the rest of the people from your high school you know.

This dream might also reveal feelings of jealousy, rivalry, or bragging about your own achievements. Maybe you openly state you feel better than others.

Maybe this dream reveals your difficulties in letting go of the past. Maybe you cannot forget and get over something which happened in the past.

Maybe some feelings of bitterness from the past are resurfacing.

Sometimes this dream brings back competitiveness and quarrels between friends or family members.

Maybe you are comparing your social status and achievements with others.