Dreams About Heaven – Meaning and Interpretation

Heaven symbolizes eternal life and enlightenment.

A dream about heaven usually is related to feelings of happiness and joy you are experiencing in your life, so much so, that it feels as if you are in heaven.

You might be feeling extremely happy and fortunate and your subconscious expresses your feelings through a dream about heaven, which is the most perfect place anyone can imagine.

If you dreamed about heaven, your dream might signify all is well in your life, which is probably filled with joy and happiness.

This is probably a period of your life when everything unfolds with ease, and you have no worries. You probably feel optimistic about the future as well.

Dreams about heaven might indicate situations where everything is working out well. Maybe you feel as if all your desires are easily fulfilled and you get what you want.

You might feel as if extreme luck is following you in every situation. These dreams might also indicate receiving support from other people, you don’t even expect.

Dreams about heaven can also indicate some achievements in real life. Maybe they indicate your pride and confidence. They might also be a sign of controlling your emotions, but in a healthy way.

Heaven in a dream might also be a sign of success and fortune in the future. That can be related to your personal, as well as professional life. It might also indicate receiving good opportunities in the future.

Sometimes dreams about heaven might reveal having unrealistic goals or expectations. Maybe you are expecting too much from the people around you, but you are also demanding towards yourself as well.

It’s often considered that people dreaming about heaven seek perfection in life. This dream can also be a sign of exaggerated expectations for something to come out perfectly. Maybe you have issues with accepting the fact you are the one who needs to deal with your problems.

It might also indicate having difficulties in accepting the harsh reality of some situation in your life.

Sometimes this dream signifies some difficulties you are trying to avoid and it might encourage you that things will be better or everything will turn out well.

These dreams can also be dreamed by people who are considering getting themselves involved in some wrong and immoral actions, and this dream is warning them to pay attention to their actions.

Maybe this dream indicates you are about to make some bad decision and reminds you to think well before you decide something.

Sometimes dreams about heaven symbolize new beginnings and renewals. This dream can indicate your desire to change your current course in life and make a fresh start.


Maybe it indicates the beginning of a new chapter in your life and getting rid of the old, to make space for something new to come.

In some cases, a dream about heaven might be a sign you need to change your lifestyle. Maybe it indicates not being satisfied with your behavior and the things you have done in the past, and you feel the need to change.

Heaven in dreams might also reveal your spirituality and religiousness. Sometimes this dream might be a spiritual calling, reminding you to reconnect with the Divine.

Sometimes it might indicate restoring your hope and optimism in life. These dreams are often dreamed by very religious people, worried about their afterlife and acceptance into heaven.

They are also common for people with difficult lives, who are still not giving up faith that things might be better one day.

Dreams About Heaven – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about going to heaven. If you dreamed you were going to heaven, such a dream is a good sign, usually indicating some new opportunities coming into your life, which might help you, achieve your goals.

Sometimes it might be a reminder of people who are no longer alive and reveal your love for them.

Maybe it indicates your desire to be closer to the people you love in your life, especially friends and family members.

Dreaming about not being allowed to enter heaven. If you dreamed you weren’t allowed to enter heaven, such a dream might not be a good sign, indicating some obstacles which are blocking your movement forward in life.

Sometimes it might indicate being jealous of others.

Sometimes it indicates the need to build your confidence more.

Dreaming about entering heaven. If you envisioned yourself entering heaven in your dream, such a dream is a very good sign, indicating you have a very good life, filled with success and joy. You probably have a peaceful and harmonious existence.

Dreaming about being in heaven. If you dreamed about being in heaven, such a dream is a good sign, indicating harmony and peace in life.

Sometimes it indicates your tendency to ask for perfection in everything.

It might also indicate trying to escape from your everyday stress and worries.

Dreaming about being in heaven and seeing your lost loved ones. If you dreamed you were in heaven and you saw your loved ones, such a dream might signify some unresolved issues you have with them.

Dreaming about praying in heaven. If you dreamed about praying in heaven, such a dream might signify your desire for success, and it indicates the fulfillment of your desires. It is an encouragement to listen to and trust your intuition.

This dream is a very good sign, indicating good things happening in your life soon.

Dreaming about seeing a fountain in heaven. If you dreamed about seeing a fountain in heaven, such a dream indicates abundance coming into your life soon.