Dreams About Going Bald – Meaning and Symbolism

We all know that dreams that we have almost every night, even if we cannot remember them, can be mysterious, and the understanding of their meaning can be a real mental explosion – just thinking about them can be scary and exciting at the same time.

Some of the causes why this is so are the fact that dreams can suddenly turn their content and context; they can contain bizarre elements or scare us if we had a dream of something disturbing.

The fact that dreams are so vibrant and uncontrolled is definitely what drives us to believe that, as such, they must surely have some meaning – how can something that is so intense and so strong and leaves such an expression on our minds be meaningless?

Although many theories are dealing with the explanation of dreams, none have yet managed to solve the issue of their purpose, although many try to explain their meaning – this was the issue (and it still is) that experts try to wrap their minds around, but there is no complete answer in this area.

Now, we must say that some things equally scare in our everyday lives, and when such motives appear in our dream world, things can get from bad to worse.

One of those motives in a dream is definitely a common fear of any men around the world – getting bald.

No matter how much this problem has seemed to us as a top proof of the existence of male strength, quite a number of members of the stronger sex feel with each lost hair how to lose some of their masculinity.

Although it is clear that baldness is not in any way tied with intelligence, charm, and heat, this knowledge is not of great help to men.

But what does this dream means when it appears in the dream world?

Does it had to do anything with losing masculinity in our real lives, and also what happens is one lady have this dream?

Read in the sections bellow answer to this question.

Meaning of Dreams About Going Bald

The dream of baldness is disturbing almost as much as, for example, the dream of tooth falling out, or losing a limb in a dream. In both cases, the dreamer is upset, and this is not a dream that is a nightmare, but still, this is a dream that freaks us out, for sure.

Baldness in itself, as a rule, has a negative connotation, so traditional interpretation of dreams about baldness is interpreted solely as a hint of serious problems. But these dreams, depending on other aspects, carry many more interesting meanings.

Seeing you without a hair in a dream are not a good sign – it means you will be embarrassed before people who matter to you. In some other analyses, it means that you have some hidden secrets that will come out.

Such a dream shows that you are concerned with the idea of being old and losing your sex appeal and masculinity – this can mean that you are unconsciously preoccupied with ageing and your appearance that is not in the way you have used to look, and this may be the message that you have been using too much time in investing in appearance, and you should not.

Going bald in a dream also indicates a lack of strength; you do not have the power to succeed in any endeavor. You may feel weak and vulnerable, and this dream can be just a reflection of that feeling.


Even more, this dream can be seen as a loss of confidence, self-esteem, or feelings of impotence, not just in a sexual way.

Also, the dream of a bald man can show some aspect of your personality that is not open enough – this dream can be a way of thinking and disinterested in the consequences of any kind of proceedings and feelings that it will cause.

Famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud said that this dream shows fear of impotence.

The Symbolism of Dreams About Going Bald

Dreams about Going Bald can be an indication of many difficult things that are about to come to your life very soon – you may be confronted with financial problems that will significantly affect the quality of life.

This is a dream that can have a very negative connotation, and it can be a symbol of problems and troubles that are about to come. In the coming period, you will encounter various disadvantages that will put you on examination.

However, this period will not last long, and thanks to him, you will learn to recognize false friends.

If you had a dream where a woman in your dream is bald this might have completely different symbolism than the previous one – this is the symbol of a dominant woman with great power (on the contrary a man who is getting bald shows self-esteem).

This is the dream that can symbolize that can show fear of losing attraction in the eyes of other people. You are unconsciously preoccupied with ageing and your own appearance.

If you are the person who is going bald in a dream, it can be a symbol of worries –  you are the person who has so many reasons to be worried, and somehow you do not understand that in this way you will not achieve anything.

If in your dream, you see someone else that is getting bald, this dream implies that you are a vengeful person and you spend a lot of time in this thinking. It’s possible that you often imagine how people who have hurt you are suffering and are seeking forgiveness- since you have not done this in reality; you are reflecting such tendencies in your dreams.

If in a dream, you see a person you love very much that is losing his or her hair, it is the symbol that you feel weak. You probably realize that something is happening to a close person, but you cannot manage to shake it and restore to life. It’s challenging for you because your condition worsens before your eyes and everything you say and does not have any point.

If in your dream you see a group of people who are getting bald, it is the symbol that you are leading a job successfully, you provide your maximum and try to get the best results.

If in a dream you are the person who is losing hair, and you are additionally crying because of it, it is a warning dream that your enemies will hurt you very soon and that they are preparing that for a long time. It may happen that you will be dealing with associates who will do everything to get you out of business and to take the money you have invested. You will need to plan each step and adjust to the new rules if you want to stay in the game.

In the end, if your dream is connected to getting bald, but right after you know that you had hair, this is a symbol of a person who is prone to emotional blackmail especially when you realize that people will not do what you expect them to do. You cannot accept it, but make a drama to attract attention – this is the aspect that you need to work on.

Do I have to be worried?

We would not choose the word worry, but you need to pay extra attention to your life and behavior in general.

So, as you were able to see, dreams about getting Bald in some cases are, in fact, a warning that you should keep an eye on your behavior. It is possible that you will want to do something that could jeopardize your reputation, and in this sense, you should take care more about yourself, but you should not be worried in some overdramatic way.

But, truth to be told, although you will not tell anyone, the revelation will be learned and exposed to you by the environment you found yourself in. If you achieve your intention and act ruthlessly, you will have consequences that will help many to start looking at you with other eyes.

You do not see the mistakes that you made, and you deny that you could change anything just to be lenient and less stubborn.

This is the aspect that you need to take care of in many ways, and for that matter, you do not be worried, rather careful.

What to do if I had this dream?

You should ask yourself, are you the person who is all about the image, and not the substance – you should wonder if you were the person who had lived its life by focusing on your appearance and not what lies inside.

So, this dream may be the wake-up call to change some things in your life.

This dream will make you react and try to find a solution to the unpleasant situation in which you will find yourself.


Baldness is one of the most sensitive issues in our life. It’s not so strange in certain years (mature years), but it is not uncommon for younger people to lose their hair due to stress, and for all us, such experience is very traumatic. Likewise, dreaming of getting bald is not pleasant at all.

So, if you had such a dream, it shows you the loss of self-interest that has been accompanying you for years.

The older you are, your self-esteem in appearance and beauty gets smaller and smaller, and when such motives appear in dreams, it is a reflection of such fear.

In some alternative meanings, such dream can signify the humility, purity, and personal sacrifice of a person dreaming.

This dream can tell you that you are in the phase of your life when you are full of security in yourself and what you do.

This is the dream that reflects an astonishment that your reputation or a depiction of yourself is bad and that you have ruined what you have built for a long time.

This can also reflect the fear of some embarrassment. This is more true for women who dream such a dream. Alternatively, this dream may reflect a complete change in attitude or belief.