Dreams About Future – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about events happening in the future are dreamed often. They represent our subconscious vision about how the future should look like.

We tend to dream about important life events, like getting married, being pregnant, having a child, buying a house or an apartment, getting a new job, etc.

These dreams usually don’t come true in the form we dreamed about them.

Sometimes we can have so – called, precognitive dreams, when we dream about events which come true almost to the exact detail in the near or distant future. Precognitive dreams are not so rare, but some people tend to have them more than others.

These dreams might serve as a warning about something. They might point out to something unpleasant about to happen soon in our life, so we can be prepared and prevent it if possible. They can indicate making a different choice or correcting your actions, thus avoiding the outcome from your dream.

Many people, who have these abilities, dream about world events, like earthquakes or tsunamis in their dreams, prior to their occurrence.

Precognitive dreams might also serve to confirm you are on the right path in your life. They are usually dreams where you see yourself in some specific place, or doing something, or being with someone.

They tend to be vivid, so you have many details around you, or there are some specific details, which grab your attention, and point out to the event which is about to happen.

Dreams about the future, which don’t have precognitive significance, might signify being overwhelmed with everyday obligations and problems. Maybe you can’t stand your situation anymore, and you want something to change.

Dreams About Future – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about having a happy future life with your boyfriend. If you dreamed about your future life, with your current boyfriend, with children and a family home, such a dream reveals your desire to have a strong emotional bond with someone important in your life.

Most likely, you desire to improve your current relationship with your boyfriend, or you want a completely new relationship with a different person, which will have the attributes you desire.

Maybe you are currently experiencing some relationship problems, or you maybe just want to go to another level of commitment with your current boyfriend, and you are ready for it.

This dream is a vision of your ideal future, and reveals your desire this vision to become a reality.

Dreaming about having your own family in the future. If you dreamed about having your own family in the future, and you currently aren’t married, nor in a relationship with someone, such a dream, might signify your maternal or paternal instincts. You are probably ready for that step in your life.

If you are a woman, this dream might reflect your strong desire to become a mother and have many children in the future.

Such a dream is often dreamed by people struggling to become parents, or can’t have children.


Sometimes this dream might signify receiving news about someone’s pregnancy, or you yourself may become pregnant in the near future.

Dreaming about your attempt to change the future. If you had a dream about trying to do some, action hero stuff, in order to somehow change the future, such a dream might reveal your actual fears about your own future.

Maybe you have been stuck in a rut for some time, and you don’t have an idea how to get out and get things moving again.

Maybe you have irrational fears of the future of mankind, which are provoking such dreams.

This dream might also indicate your beliefs about things in life happening for a reason, and not being able to change or control some things.

This dream might also signify some important change occurring soon in your life.

Dreaming about meeting your future wife or husband. If you dreamed about meeting your future wife or husband, such a dream is a good sign, usually indicating meeting someone new. You might be introduced to an attractive woman or a man, with whom you might develop a significant relationship, possibly of a romantic nature.

Dreaming about meeting your future romantic partner. If you dreamed about meeting your future romantic partner, such a dream is not a very favorable sign. This dream usually indicates, having to wait some more to encounter that significant one, because it most likely won’t happen any time soon.

This dream might also signify not being satisfied with your current partner and the relationship you two have. Maybe it signifies your desire to experience true love, which currently is not the case.

Dreaming about someone’s future. If you dreamed about someone else’s future, such a dream might indicate being ready for some changes in your life. The details of your dream might give you further details about the changes in question.

Dreaming about being alone in the future. If you dreamed about ending up alone in the future, such a dream might reveal your subconscious fear of that eventually happening to you. Maybe you are afraid of being left by your loved ones, your partner, family members or friends.

Maybe you did or said something which upset some of them, and now you have realized you need to change your behavior, because no one might tolerate it anymore.

If there’s something bothering you, which causes you to behave carelessly, you should confront that issue and deal with it.