Dreams About Falling in Love – Meaning and Symbolism

It is a known fact that dreams can help us to overcome phobias, worries or fears, and this especially true in the case of the people who have so-called lucid dreams. These people have such dreams where they can control what is happening in them.

On the long run, these people can overcome fears that they have in real life, and improve their lives.

Now, dreaming about falling in love is not something that we want to overcome in life, but it is certainly something that we would like to reflect on our real – we all want to fall in love and enjoy with a significant other.

Dreams of falling in love have been interesting to look at – even when they are extremely illogical, they fill us with joyful and pleasant emotions after we are awake.

Even those dreams, when we dream of falling in love with a famous person, someone who is unreachable, have meaning.

Most of the dreams of falling in love are in the realm of healing dreams, and a small part of the prognostic, but it tells us a lot about the state of our soul in an emotional way.

Meaning of Dreams About Falling in Love

As far as the meaning of dreams about falling in love goes, they are a representation of your affinity and enchantment for a certain person, or in some other words, this is a clear indication of your personal requirement to be loved deeply.

Dreams in which you see the person you like, and you are falling in love with that person, and maybe this dream is a signal that it is a right time to tell that person how you feel about it. This is recommended if you had a pleasant dream. If in waking life, the person in your dream is not into you, you can move on someone else.

If you are falling in love, in a dream, in person you do not know – this suggests that your feelings for her or him disappear; the affection is no longer so strong.

If you have a dream that you are falling in love in a person who you use to date in one period of time, and you are no longer together, this dream refers to a certain period in your life, and what you felt then and you want to feel again.

Perhaps the existing love relationship repeats the same exemplar, and in the depths of your mind, you know that you are not doing the right thing and that you need to stop with that kind of behavior.

In a dream where you are refusing to fall in love with someone, even if you feel the urge, represents feelings of uncertainty and fear.

Considering that that person refuses you before you find out what that person feels, it can be a salvation, and you will never be hurt emotionally.

The Symbolism of Dreams About Falling in Love

As far as symbolism goes, when you have some kind of general dream in which you are falling in love in someone, but the accent is in on your feelings, not the person who is the object of your desire, it is the warning dream.

This dream can be a symbol that soon, you will find some disappointment in love area of life.

If in a dream, you see someone is falling in love with you, it is the dream that implies that you will give up love and that you feel like a “black sheep” since your entire environment is happy in love, and you are single.


This is what is causing you to dream of love in some way, and maybe this is the signal that you are ready to be in a love relationship.

If in a dream you see yourself falling in love is a person who is in real life your good friend (and right up to this dream, you did not perceive that person as a potential lover), it is the signal of confusion in some ways, your feelings are messed up.

You are clearly not a person who is able to choose well in love, and you are often making a mess out of your feelings and personal connections in life.

Also, one of the common dreams is the one, in which you see yourself falling in love is a person who is not your friend, not a former lover, but your enemy, or the person you despise in some way and never imagine that you could fall in love in them.

When translated, this dream implies that you are the type of person who is becoming aware that is choosing wrong people for partners – you are clearly attracted to so-called “bad” guys or “bad” girls.

You do not like what you can easily get, but it’s interesting for you to conquer a person you like -and what is even worse you are completely sure that you are the one that can change that person to become better. The more that “bad” person is unattainable, your interest grows, and vice versa.

Do I have to be worried?

Some of these dreams can be an indication that you are emotionally ready to move in some way, while others represent your personal sense of experiences and respect.

You have to be worried to the extent that you need to evaluate your personal connection in some way and find out what truly lies beneath. What we want to say is this -it is possible that your current lover is not so into you, who will make you, think that your lover does not care about you.

It is possible also that your current lover will notice that something is troubling you, and you will simply talk and explain perplexities. And we think that this can come in handy in your contemporary love situation so that worries can go away.

What we must add here is the fact that you can be at times a person who cannot choose well its lovers, and is often attracted to partners who fall under the category of “bad”.

We spoke about this case, in a dream where you fall in love with your “enemy”. This dream is certainly a warning, where your mind is telling you to think twice about your choice in love, cause one than once they cost you your emotions.

What to do if I had this dream

Some of these dreams will push you into the direction that you are ready to go love hunting, and it is ok, you should do that, it is never a bad time to fall in love.

You will try to find love among your friends if someone was very kind to you, and this made you into thinking that you like him.

But the good part is that you will know how to react if something actually happens. You should be aware of this possibility; of course, it is not given that you will find what you are looking for.

Even if some of these dreams can give you an idea that you are ready to walk into one more love affairs, the fact is that you may have unprotected problems in connection with lovers and that you should think twice before entering into a new love affair.

The main problem can be, for example, the fact that you want to be with a person who is not interested in you – you need to work on it, to take the thing into your own hands, get closer with sympathy and see if the connection is a possible option or not. Otherwise, your dreams will become more tenuous.

There’s no need to feel bad every morning after waking up after such a dream, just because you’re not brave enough to go into action.  You will not be planning ahead in advance, and you should never be obsessed with such a dream.


To conclude this love story, about dreams that have the main motive of falling in love – and we must say that every dream of love, especially if there is no special dramatics, is already dominated by the feeling of happiness, love and joy indicate the lack of love in real life.

Through these dreams, our subconscious is telling you what you are missing out in your real life, while you are awake.

Some claim that such dreams can have somewhat prognostic quality and this is especially true if you have somewhat a real dream in a familiar situation, where you are falling in love in someone you do not know.

The fun fact is that something similar could happen to you while you are awake, especially the free people who want it, and in this case, it can suggest a new love, and those who are in a stable relationship or marriage should wonder why they “like the excitement that they have in a dream, and maybe they will challenge themselves what to change in their dream.

The fact is that you are alone for a long time and that you have not been fulfilled with emotions in some way, or maybe trying to make their love affair through romantic dreams “breathe” new content.

Whatever the true meaning behind these dreams may be, they do not always carry a nice feeling – if the dream was nice, you would be disappointed when you wake up.

But maybe the biggest quality of such dreams is that you will start thinking about falling in love, even if such an idea was not often on your mind.