Dreams About Eyelashes – Meaning and Symbolism

We all dream when we sleep, there is no doubt about it, but some of us just do not remember that they had a particular dream – but they are always exciting and have real significance, and why not they can help us find something more about our world, ourselves.

Maybe we can make our lives better, and our mind can tell us something through our dreams if we are unable to realise it ourselves.

Dreams or the process of dreaming is, occurs in phases – this is the moment when we are in such a deep sleep, and after a while, we get a signal from our brain (from the thalamus) and the data just keep coming to us. This is what we experience as a dream.

And when you think about it, our dream can be about anything and anyone – every part of our lives and every part of our bodies can be included in our dreams, and what is even more interesting, dreams about things that are small and seemingly insignificant can have a meaningful position in our lives.

For example, you can dream about eyelashes, and even if this can be so meaningless, we assure you that this dream can carry a major thing in your real life.

Meaning of dreams about Eyelashes

So, the dreams about eyelashes can carry both negative and positive connotation – depending on the particular conditions of a dream.

It can have the meaning that the person who dreams them will never have health problems, and that luck will follow him.

But also, you can have a dream that your eyelashes have fallen off – this can be an indication that you are ill or you are going to be sick very soon.

So as you can see, in many meanings, eyelashes are often connected to health issues and fortune, or the lack of it.

But, depending on their appearance and details, they can signify other things.

The symbolism of dreams about Eyelashes

The dreams about eyelashes, in the sense of their symbolism, depend on the appearance of eyelashes.

In dreams, eyelashes can be thick and dark, luxurious, short or absent – all of them represent strong signs, and they need to be observed carefully.

If your dreams revolve around eyelashes that are luxurious and you feel great about them, it can symbolize that you are about to have some inheritance, but if you do not like them and feel uncomfortable, it can be a symbol that what is waiting for you are disagreements about inheritance.

If in your dream see beautiful eyelashes and you admire them on someone else, it can mean that you are exaggerating the significance of everything that happens in your life.

But if you are the one that has great eyelashes in a dream, it can mean that you have an exciting, adventurous spirit and that many beautiful things are coming your way.

If eyelashes that appear in your dream are a tick, it is a symbol that you are about to gain a big profit, and its size exceeds all expectations.


If eyelashes that you see in a dream are extremely large or long – you can experience the real interest in this person in real life, hiding this feeling and not wanting to admit in him or yourself.

If eyelashes that you see in a dream are small, almost non-existent, it is a sure sign that something in your life is unhealthy and must be cured.

Such a state of affairs can play a cruel joke with the owner of a dream or with his opponent. What you saw in a dream, a good situation for the pointing device is accepted.

If someone is touching your eyelashes in your dream, and you feel uncomfortable because of it, it signifies that someone is trying to make you look like a fool. Perhaps it was done intentionally and quite by accident.

Seeing in the dream that your eyelashes have a color means that you are about ruin something and have a problem in fixing it.

If you dreamed that you are cutting off your eyelashes, it is the symbol that you will have to leave unexpectedly. This will destroy all the plans.

In the end, if you have a dream that your lashes are growing (back) it can be a symbol of rising – you will find strength and bring your life into the whole process, throw away all the unnecessary, all the trash, everything that prevents you from breathing freely (for example, some kind of financial failure or complicated love relationships).

If the eyelash has fallen out without pain, and you feel ok in your dream, it can be a symbol that it is an excellent opportunity to make a poorly informed decision. Note that many of them will not be able to repair.

Do you have to be worried?

Well – as always, depending on circumstances, it can mean something serious – you should definitely check your health status, or you should look relations in your life, are the healthy.

But, if a dream regarding eyelashes makes you feel great, if they are depicted as beautiful – then you should not be worried. Give life a more straightforward, not worth it to be nervous about nothing.

Yours long-lasting complex plan will be embedded in reality and will bring you enormous profits and recognition from the world.

Expect changes, often for the better. Everything will happen to remind you of the fascinating adventure movie. This period will be a significant reason to start a new life.

Leave thoughts and acknowledge lead you, and dreams of such eyelashes promise success.

But, everything that is associated with losing eyelashes in a dream is a sign of incompetence to take the matter into their controls, a loss of strength to fulfill the desire of someone else. It will take a lot of time to search for the departure.

What should I do if I had this dream?

If you’ve seen eyelashes in a dream, you should try to remember as much as possible details about them, and it’s essential to pay attention to the details and find out the meaning of your dream.

As we have said, many dreams of eyelashes are connected to health, both physical and mental, so you should check your health status. In some cases, it is just confirmation that everything with your health is great and that there is nothing to worry.

If your eyelashes in your sleep have fallen off, you are threatened by the disease and be very careful. Already at the first sign of some unusual, go to the doctor, you will not regret it.

If the eyelashes in the dream have burnt out, you can expect quarrels and disputes, especially for an inheritance, as we have said, so it is a good idea to look through any documents that are related to property, money or both.


To notice lashes or to dream of having grown indicates that you are trying to express yourself subtly or covertly, but as some say this dream symbolism can be meant happiness whatever that may be for people – money, inheritance, health, love.

To dream that your eyelashes have fallen off suggests that you have difficulty expressing something and that this will cost you immensely in life, the price that you will maybe pay with the highest price.

For ladies that dream of eyelashes, and this is the most common situation, it can be a symbol that you are losing your female power.

But, dream symbolism is saying one more thing – if only one eyelash is dropped, then it means happiness. This is correlated to everyday life, wherein some cultures when people find just one eyelash on their face that has fallen out, they make a wish.