Dreams About Eyebrows – Meaning and Symbolism

As some researches like to say after a while that they spent examining the meaning and symbolism that is behind a dream world, there can be some rules that we can apply to their definition.

Some of them have identified 12 archetypal dreams dreamed by most people of all cultures of this world – and of course, their meaning and our interpersonal understanding of them depends on other factors, like our culture and upbringing that they belong.

Here are some interpretations that can help you develop your own system of examining your dreams so that in perspective, you can make your life better.

As you probably already know, some dreams can convey messages and thoughts that are hidden in our subconscious -even if those dreams are about things that are so common and everyday items, even things that are not overly exciting.

This is especially true of those dreams that are often repeated in our dreams, and one of those dreams is connected to our bodily feature – eyebrows.

We all have them, and often we do not spend so much time thinking about them (maybe women do, but they do not give them any more profound meaning, besides the fact that they make our faces look in a certain way), but in dream symbolism, they have so much meaning and are very interesting to observe.

Meaning of Dreams about Eyebrows

In some general sense, eyebrows are a sign of joy and satisfaction when they appear in a dream of a person -they can be a sign that something small, but joyful is about to happen in your life, and it can be the most minor thing, like a message from a loved one, or a friend who you did not see for a long time, for example, or a distant relative.

This means that they are distinct and that you have noticed them – in can be in the expression of wonder, disbelief, surprise or doubt, just like in real life.

It can also indicate concern or dissatisfaction – the same analogy can be contributed in a dream meaning. Dreaming that you have no eyebrows suggests that you lack emotions.

You do not express yourself enough, and this is truly a dream that you should see as a wake-up call, and it is the expression of a need to change something.

We will address this issue in some later sections, but this is really important to know how much relevant this aspect can be.

In some cases, this dream can mean that you feel doubtful about your physical appearance and that you have a significant problem with your self-esteem.

If this is the dream where you see someone else eyebrows, and they have left a lasting impression on you, it can be a metaphor for your attention to something disturbing or significant that you have seen.

Maybe you saw something you should not see, and it made a lasting impression on you, so now you need to deal with such feeling, but if the dream is very intense, it can be a true warning.

The Symbolism of Dreams about Eyebrows

If in your dream, you are correcting (plucking, combing, waxing, whatever) your own eyebrows; in reality, it symbolizes that you are not a person who is overburdened by someone else’s attitude or opinion.

It is a sign that you are happy with who you are, and what you do in your life, and even if others say that it is wrong, you do not have any problem with it.


This aspect is seen as a good thing – you do not like to overly interfering with “other people’s business”, and you are primarily “looking at yourself” and trying to feel good and content yourself, regardless of what someone is going to say or think about.

If you dream that you are “drawing” or “painting” eyebrows to “highlight” them or make them beautiful, it symbolizes your need to beautify things in a joke.

It can also be a symbol that you are pretending that you are something that you are not to have left as good an impression as possible or have come to him in such a way and have achieved to respect and appreciate you.

If in your dream, you see yourself plucking eyebrows of a person who you do not know, it signifies that you have misjudged someone in reality and that you think he is good and honest, and that you tend to too much “elevate” and idealize.

This may be the core of your problems, and it can be the aspect that dreams are telling you to correct, as soon as possible.

But here, if the case is that eyebrows are very tick, it can mean that you such a person (the one you are plucking eyebrows) is, in its very essence, a very corrupt and evil toward you, and other people who you care for deeply.

If in a dream you see yourself that you are plucking and arranging eyebrows of someone else – and even more, in a dream, that person is not happy about your work, when translated into real life, it means that you are not completely satisfied with the work you do.

This is the simplest explanation of this dream – and additionally, it means that your job does not bring profit and material satisfaction to you – or it can come in combination with an environment that is negative toward you in some way.

There are many interesting aspects to look at.

Do I have to be worried?

Depending on a dream itself, in some cases, you should be worried, since this dream can be a signal that you lack emotions, or that you cannot express them as you should.

It is maybe a good time to starting expressing your emotions, and to show people who are close to you, that you love them, or that you do not want to do anything with them in some way.

Sometimes we do not know how to express our emotions correctly, and we need help in this sense so that we do not jeopardize our lives and interpersonal relationships in general.

What to do if I had this dream?

First of all, focus on what kind of a dream you had – did you feel good, bad or something else.

This could be a dream that signifies good luck, and small joys, but it can also be connected to a bad environment.

Alternatively, the dream suggests that you do not express your feelings enough – you may hold too much emotion in you. There’s something you’re trying to hide.

You should have in mind that your “real face” will be easily and quickly discovered and you will disappoint somebody because you were lying and exaggerated in your efforts to be “something better or different” in the eyes of your surroundings.

You need to be careful and observe your environment, you can be deceived when you least expect it, and you will be very disappointed or angry at yourself because you turned out naive.

In some more in-depth introspective of your life, it is a suggestion that you should strive to find a better and/or better business opportunity, but in that way either you will disappoint or insult those who are working with you or with whom you are close and who gave you ” hand “when it was necessary for you.


We must say that eyebrows as an isolated motif are rarely “seen” in dreams, and their meaning and symbolism depend on a large number of factors. All dreams about the eyebrows are interesting, and often appear in dream connected, or too dense, and they can be bent or cunning and thus reflect some emotions in the person who dreams them.

There cannot be doubt about this, eyebrows are an essential part of the “facial expression” on the human face, and they express anger, sadness, astonishment, indifference, or serve as a form of protection from external influences, that are, preventing unwanted external factors in the eye.

On the other hand, eyebrows are also a kind of “fashion detail” primarily in women, so they are usually edited and shaped to give a “better” shape to the face and to bring the wearer to their looks and “density” and color.

So, if they appear in a dream, they can have diverse meanings and a message for the person who had that dream.