Dreams About Driving Off a Cliff – Meaning and Symbolism

Some experts say that dreams are much more than just the pure expression of our suppressed desires – they can reveal much more, but we are only sometimes unable to see that.

These experts also say that dreams reveal both personally and collectively unconscious and that their function was to compensate those parts of the psyche that were underdeveloped during life.

Additionally, dreams show the same lines of personality as they are in awake. That is, in dreams, we are still with us.

It is said that there are numerous symbols in dreams, and some of them reveal our feminine side, masculine side, and also our dark side, and different psychologists speak differently of these symbols, but the point stays the same.

These symbols present those attitudes and feelings that were suppressed by our mind – and the especially important is our dark side, a part of the personality that we do not show to other people, which is instinctive and irrational.

And as we spoke several times, in dreams fears are very common motives, and they are equally terrifying as if they were happening in a real-life – and one of them is fear from falling off a cliff, and even worse, there is a variation that we are in our car, and that we are falling off a cliff.

In real life, the fall could be a very unpleasant surprise in every shape or form it comes. In dreams also, and the majority of cases are falling down the stairs, from the plane, from the building, the mountain, from the beds, and so on.

This sounds truly scary, and it truly is, but what is the meaning behind such a dream?

Is this just a reflection of a real fear that we have in our everyday life, or is this dream much more than this?

Read all about it.

Meaning of Dreams About Driving Off a Cliff

First of all, we must say that fall, as a motive in dreams appears very, very often, and it comes in numerous variations.

This dream is most often experienced as an unpleasant experience or a nightmare, and even worse, the aspect that makes things even worse is the fact that this type of dream is often escorted by physical symptoms, such as muscle cramps (it seems that we are actually falling).

In some general meaning – falling in any variation is the expression of uncertainty and the loss of control in life, and it is often connected with the feeling of insecurity.

Such a dream reflects dissatisfaction, loss, and recovery efforts that people like to put when they are dealing with such stress and pain.

Besides fall itself, in a dream where there is a cliff, it is also the aspect that deserves our attention – a dream that has such motive means that you have reached a higher level of understanding, a new insight into which you have renewed your consciousness.

And when these two motives are combined, it can mean that you are going through a difficult period and that you are scared of what follows you.


This is the dream that reflects your readiness to change or that you will not meet the expectations of others.

Just the fact that you have reached the cliff, even after that you are falling with your car (here it can mean that you are still in some safety vehicle) you have the desire to climb to the top of some area in life, and that you are very ambitious and focused on the goal.

The Symbolism of Dreams About Driving Off a Cliff

As with most common dream motives, dreaming of falling is an indicator of insecurity, instability, and fears that we all have but we sometimes do not know how to deal with them in some mature way.

But in this dream, we deal with one more symbol – the cliff. It is something that is very high and can signify one’s ambitions and desires to achieve and achieve enviable results, but that it should be cautious, because it’s really difficult to get to the top, and from it, it is quite easily falling to the bottom.

If in a dream you see yourself, just the moment before you intend to drive off a cliff, and you feel scared of that intention, it is the symbol that you   did not even try to accomplish something that you have wanted, and you have already foreseen that in advance you will not succeed and you have surrendered without any struggle or at least one attempt.

If in a dream you are already driving off from a cliff, it can be a signal that lately you have been feeling very bad lately, but you cannot find the cause, but you only treat the consequences. You feel that you are getting deeper into problems, and you are not able to perform the simple tasks that are given to you.

Also, if this dream lasts for a long time, and you are falling seemingly endless, this can refer to a longer period of stagnation or decline in life that concerns virtually all the most important living fields.

If you somehow drive off of a cliff and you are unhurt, it is the representation of the symbolical difficulties and uneasy situations in life, but in the short term, and with overcoming. The dream in which you fall, and rise, is a victory over life’s problems, so it carries positive impulse.

But if in this dream, you feel that you are seriously hurt, it is the symbol that in your life there is a possibility of damage and negative experience that will happen in the future.

One more thing for sure needs to be added here – if this dream occurs more than once it can signify a disturbance of the optimal level of emotional power.

If in a dream you are driving off a cliff and you see clearly the bottom, it can be the sign that the end of one phase in your life has come. There may be a need to “drop to the bottom” in some field of life, or simply reach the end and turn a new sheet. This does not have to be related to your job, and it can be connected to your emotional life, also.

Do I have to be worried?

In this sense, you do not have to be worried, cause in many cases, a cliff in dreams is the symbol that you have reached the critical point of your life and you must not risk losing control. Likewise, this dream can also mean thinking about making a decision crucial for your further life course.

Worrying part of these dreams brings something else – this is the dream that says that people who do not forgive mistakes encircle you, and you are not sure that you will always be strong enough to remain consistent with yourself and not to succumb to temptations.

This dream often comes as a consequence of your life and feels that you overwhelmed with events and emotions that are out of control in a situation in your life while awake. This may, in fact, reflect the way you feel in your connection or in your work environment.

You lost your hold, and you cannot keep up with the pace of everyday life, you are under the stress (in this sense, it is not a bad idea to speak about the movie “Thelma and Louise”, with the famous scene in the end of the movie where two girlfriends are driving off a cliff in a desert, as the final act of rebellion and the way they are ending their lives where they were suppressed and unhappy).

The fact is that when you fall, there is nothing to grab on; this is the final act – you are more or less forced by this movement downward, without any control. This loss of control can be parallel to the situation in your waking life, and this is the reason why you had such a dream.

It is really important that you overcome all of this, and it is recommended to relax or visualize the scenes of peace and tranquillity.

What should I do if I had this dream?

If you had a dream that you are driving off a cliff, it is, in fact, the metaphor of basic fear that connects with the most important existential things in life.

Always in interpretation, it appears in a negative context with modification depending on all other details related to the dream so that it can have both, positive and negative context.

As we have spoken about this dream in the previous sections, this dream can have a purely positive notion – this dream can at the same time mark your desire to achieve success and to win the tops of the profession.

This is similar to climbing the company’s power rankings. So you can focus more on your job and career ambitions.


It is a common fact that dreams of falling (in any variation from the car, from a cliff, whatever) are the most common dreams people dream of.

There is even one research that speaks of this dream – it has shown that every person in his life dreams of this dream on average five times.

Such dreams can be extremely intimidating and vivid, especially those minutes before you fall to the ground (this is the aspect that you usually do not remember, usually this is the moment when your dream ends).

The most common interpretation of the dream of falling is that we lose or have lost control in some field of life and that it needs to be corrected – at times this is our job, in others we can talk about private life, but the fact that you are driving off the cliff, and that you are in your car, it means that you need in some way a safety net, before you hit the ground (or the desired destination).

In some other interpretations just the fact that you are driving off a cliff it indicates weakness. It is possible that you are tired of losing the reputation that you have built for years, and that you want to end all of that.