Dreams About Doors – Meaning and Symbolism

It is not hard to understand why dreams are essential for us to – through them; we can remember what you have forgotten.

There are numerous proofs for such impact – if specific date pressures you, you can dream of doing that task correctly, and maybe such feeling will reflect in your everyday life, and you will never be criticized for failure.

Dreams can also release you of what is bothering you, encourage you, or help you to solve your fears and problems at a glance.

And if you are now going to say that you are not the person who has dreams, we are going to tell you that you are wrong and that on the contrary – everybody has dreams, only everyone does not remember them.

Some people forget them as soon as they wake up. If you do not sleep enough, your body will compensate for it by dreaming, or you’ll become nervous, find it hard for you to focus on the job during the day.

As we have spoken so many times now, we can dream about anything and everything, and in this sense, it is not hard to picture any person, object or a situation in a dream – for example, doors are a widespread motive in dreams.

Additionally, they are a fantastic metaphorical symbol that is used often in psychological tests – the ones where you are asked to go through particular doors, and the choice of the doors is the answer to an inevitable question about you.

Meaning of Dreams About Doors

So, doors are a widespread motive in the dream world, and their meaning and symbolism are interesting to look at.

The general meaning of doors in a dream is that they are a representation of salvation, as well as some new opportunities and chances for us, but they can also be a synonym for failure and defeat (there is a common saying “do not slam the doors that you are going thought”).

The interpretations of this dream can be interpreted very differently in real life, and depending on whether the doors in your dream are open or closed in the dream, and whether they are in the bright light or in the pitch-black dark, as and whether they are new and beautiful, or are old and broken doors.

First case scenario is the doors that are “general” – everyday regular door. Here, when there is nothing special about them in your dream, they mean that you are having an obstacle in your life, either real or the subconscious, which is “in you” and which blocks you, and that you are a person who is very, insecure. Such a dream is a reflection of this state of mind, and a call to do something about it.

Now, in the version where the door in your dream are wide open – this means that you are facing (or that you are about to face) new challenges or tests and that you must not miss out on the chances that have been shown to you.

Open doors can have one more meaning – it can be a warning that in real life, you need to protect yourself from thieves and the bullies. One more meaning of such a dream is that

Now, if the doors in your dream are closed, and you feel a sense of doubt to open them, the meaning behind this dream is this – you may have missed some of the benefits or the opportunity for success, and you are quite nervous and upset, so such dream is just a reflection of your inner state.

If in a dream you see a person slamming or shutting the doors in front of you just before you entered, we can see a clear connotation that you are a person who feels uncomfortable and completely rejected by your close environment (friends or workplace), and because you are someone who has his own attitude and opinion, and you do not easily fit into the norms and rules imposed by the society in which you live.

We need to say one more thing, and there is a difference if the doors in your dream are locked from the outside or the inside. If the door is locked from the outside, it means you have somehow locked yourself inside and become an especially anti-social person. If the door is locked inside, on your part, it means that there are hard lessons that you must learn from before.


Additionally, if in a dream, you are locking the door, it means that you are deliberately enclosed by others as if you exclude them from your life for some reason. It’s as if you dare each time you need to share your feelings with others. This is the result of the fear that you will be hurt, as well as low self-esteem.

If you see someone in front of the open doors in your dreams, it means someone will try to interfere with your plans. It is possible that this is a partner or a family member.

If you dream of someone slamming you to the door in front of your nose, it means you are actually being excluded from an activity or out of the way.

If you hear a doorbell and you are going to open the door in your dream it is the symbol of a magnificent voice that you about hear very soon – you will probably hear the news that you hoped for. It can concern work, love, or family. In any case, you will be pleasantly surprised and impatiently awaiting the further course of events.

The Symbolism of Dreams About Doors

As far as symbolism of this dream goes, we can say that the metaphor of an open door is this – you are the person who is finally ready to completely “meet” and change yourself, as well as to find more time and patience for people who are close and dear to you, and which in a way and neglected, because you are preoccupied with your obligations.

Alternatively, this dream is a symbol of family support. They do not want to hide you in life and agree with most of the decisions you make.

In the version of this dream where you were the person who opened the door with his hand, the symbolism implies that some new opportunities are coming your way so that you have the best chance for achievement and progress. But you are in the center of this dream, you are the one who is opening the doors for himself, and you are the one who is creating opportunities for success.

However, if you are in a dream, and you are opening the doors with the intention to leave something, if you are escaping from something in some way, there is a symbolism that in wake life you are a person who is entirely introvert and very or lonely and closed, and you will soon be able to get acquainted with someone interesting.

If in a dream that you are experiencing during deep sleep, you see doors that are closed behind, such a dream has a significance of deciding that you have resolved everything or problems or doubts and left them behind.

This is the dream that symbolizes your desire for progress or achievement, and that you are confident in your decisions – bravery that you never believed that you have is now going on the surface.

If the doors in your dream are big, it marks a disappointment. Probably the people you trust in will not meet your expectations.

If the doors in your dream are broken, it is the symbol of anger – very soon you will get angry, possibly because of the desire to persuade others to try to convince others of what they disagree with. You will have an aggressive appearance that many will refuse to make it unpleasant to you.

If the door that you see in your dream has something written on them, some form of inscription, it symbolizes happiness that you will have very soon. When you least hope, you will be given the opportunity to use it.

If you are dreaming a swinging door, you are a person who in real life rotates in a circle, and you are not coming anywhere. It’s possible that your current job or private matters may seem like you’re not leading anywhere.

If in your dream you see a burglar is going through your door or he is trying to do so, it is possible that a sense of fear accompanies you because you are afraid that someone could break through your door. Perhaps this feeling of fear in some way returns to your dreams, which is the fear of a burglar that can be a consequence of some previous experience.

Do have to be worried?

Indeed, you are the person who has obstacles in life, since the doors are the symbol of them – you are the person who is inclined to quickly give up all problems, and that you are neither brave nor bold, and when something you want to achieve, there is a total disparity between wishes, words and deeds.

Sometimes this dream is connected to regret and the feeling that you will feel it if you go through a particular door – so that you would not regret the choices you need to think them well.

But, the doors can be a sign of good news – they are the signal that you will quickly gain security in yourself and generally start to believe more or more people, or to be more open and cordial in interpersonal relationships.

In some positive introspective this is the dream that can make you go forward, without any fear that you will subside under the influence or domination, and that you are quite ready and courageous enough to take the initiative.

In the version of this dream, where the doors have something written of them, they are a valid symbol of happiness, and you just have to find it.

If you see the light behind the doors in your dream, it is the symbol of your growth in the sense that you are about to become more open and receptive to new ideas and concepts. In particular, if you see the light behind the open doors, it means that passing through this door would, in any case, bring awareness and personal insight, a better and more in-depth perception of one’s own life and the experience.

If you dream of a closed, locked door means that some opportunities and opportunities are still not available to you or have you missed them yet? Something (or someone) disables your progress.  But you should not worry, and in a metaphorical sense, the only thing that you should do is to find the way to open the door and let the opportunities come into your life.

What to do if I had this dream?

In some version of this dream, you are left feeling very uncomfortable and out of the way and realize that you have missed some chances and that they have entirely created some obstacles that “close the way” to you.

The door in your dream is a reflection of that choice and your fear (that is normal for all people) will you make the right choice in the end, and how high is the price you are about to pay.

The dreams that have doors in them may indicate that you are quite ready to change yourself and that you just want to leave your past behind you, and move forward, and show yourself and others as much as you can and cannot do.

You need to be aware that you will not regain time and missed chances, and that you need to focus on new beginnings, and move forward.

Re-examine your options and return to your personal goals and priorities. Know that you always have a choice, just once the right solution is unobtrusive and masked. The door to your success may not look like the triumph gate that you are turning around. Look around and look a little better; you will found what you are looking for.


Doors are such an inevitable part of our everyday lives – every day we are going to some doors, and we are closing some, opening others. We lock them, we unlock them, and sometimes we are afraid of things that are behind them.

Is the meaning of the doors in a dream world good or bad – according to some interpretations of this dream, it may imply that there are some circumstances or persons who either try to prevent you from achieving the success.

This dream may be the signal to withdraw from them because they are better and more influential, and you do not want to resent them you creates trouble yourself – this feeling is ok up to some extent, and you need to be careful not to cross that line.

Also, this is the dream that can mean that you are the person who can be rejected from his environment since you are the person who is following his own norms in life. But the dream warns you that you need to become much more thick skin than you are at the moment.

Also, this interesting dream can mean that you are a person who has hurt others too much to succeed in achieving some of your goals, and when you become fully aware of your actions, and you sincerely ask for some forgiveness, you were completely ignored – this is the moment when you felt very upset.

The dreams you go through the door to enter into some space means that new opportunities are opening up to you. You move from one phase to another, or your way of thinking changes as if you have transferred a higher level of awareness.

If you go through the door to get out of space, it means that you feel the need to open up more towards others, to become more accessible and more open.

So the entry though that door represents new possibilities of your inner, personal world, and the exit represents new opportunities in your social, public life. The door is a tunnel from one to the other, and make sure that it persists to be open so that the energy can freely circulate.