Dreams About Divorce – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about divorce may have different meanings, and their meaning mostly depends on your personal associations to divorce.

An important fact you should have in mind, is whether you yourself have been divorced, or your parents are divorced.

Even people, who have never been married, may dream about getting a divorce. If you aren’t married, and you dreamed about a divorce, such a dream might reveal your subconscious fears your marriage won’t last, after you get married.

If you dreamed about a divorce, which already happened, such a dream might signify the process of healing, which is still ongoing. Maybe you should think about the reason why your subconscious remembered this event.

These dreams can be a serious warning about problems which exist in your marriage, possibly leading to divorce, which in reality, you chose to ignore. You should think about this dream and about the message it brings to you.

If you realize there are issues you have with your spouse, try to resolve them as soon as possible, before it’s too late.

Dreams about divorce sometimes might signify being angry at your spouse. Sometimes they might even be a result of an inner sense your marriage is about to end, although there are no indicators for that yet.

These dreams often reveal your fears of abandonment and being left by your partner or spouse. These dreams might be frightening, and the first thought might be, will they come true in reality.

Sometimes this dream might only indicate the need for the spouses to find their own space within the relationship, by separating some activities from each other.

These dreams might also signify your love for your spouse and your subconscious fear of losing your spouse, one way or the other.

Maybe everything is so great in your marriage and in your relationship with your spouse, you cannot imagine something spoiling it, and you subconsciously worry about that possibly happening.

Often this dream reveals your true desire to leave your spouse and get a divorce. These dreams may also indicate being unsatisfied with your current relationship. They might also be a sign of loneliness as well.

Dreams about divorce might also signify some confronted aspects of your life, and actual separation of them in some way.

Maybe they signify outgrowing some situation or people, and deciding to leave them and head to another direction.

This dream might also indicate abandoning some old beliefs and habits, or even some situation which were up till recently, a part of your everyday life.

Maybe you cannot rely upon someone or something in your life anymore. Maybe you don’t feel something is lasting anymore.


Divorce in a dream can also signify some person you want out of your life. It can symbolize the end of some behavior you have. Maybe you need to decide to move from someone, or some situation, because you know it’s the best thing to do.

Sometimes, dreams about divorce may signify making serious changes in your beliefs and interests. Maybe you have made some life changes. Maybe you don’t feel interested in something or someone anymore.

Dreams about divorce might signify your happiness and celebration of your freedom and independence. Maybe you have recently relieved yourself from some situation, which was suffocating you and making you feel imprisoned.

Dreams about divorce might signify a transitional phase in your life, you might be currently undergoing.

Dreams about divorce are often dreamed in periods of great life changes, like, moving to another home, changing jobs, etc. and there’s nothing to be worried about, in such cases.

The dream only reflects the anxiety and excitement about the change you are currently experiencing.

Dreams About Divorce – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about getting a divorce. If you dreamed about getting a divorce, such a dream might signify the need to make some priorities in your life, in the first place in regards to your goals, but also other aspects of your life.

Sometimes this dream reflects your anxiety and stress about being alone.

Maybe it indicates not being satisfied with your current partner or your spouse.

It might also indicate the need to separate yourself from some situation or people in your life.

Maybe it is a sign you need to reorganize your life somehow. Maybe you feel you haven’t made the right decision in some situation, and you want to separate yourself from it.

It might also signify some mistakes you have made and you are now trying to correct them.

Maybe you need to change some bad habits and beliefs, which don’t serve you, or they even harm you.

Dreaming about divorcing your current spouse. If you dreamed about divorcing your spouse, such a dream might reveal your desire for more independence and freedom in your life.

Sometimes it is a sign of problems you are currently undergoing in your marriage, which could lead to a divorce.

Sometimes this dream is revealing your actual desire to divorce your spouse.

Dreaming about your parents divorcing or been divorced. If you dreamed about your parents currently going through a divorce, or been divorced, although in real life that isn’t true, such a dream might signify some problems you have in real life with your parents.

Maybe you are trying too much to please them both, and you don’t manage to do that.

Such a dream might also signify not being consistent in your actions and behavior. Maybe that is the reason you lack success in your life.

Dreaming about getting a divorce (for single males). If you dreamed you were getting a divorce from someone, such a dream reveals some struggles and difficulties in regards to your feelings, you are currently undergoing.

Dreaming about getting a divorce (for single females). If you dreamed you were getting a divorce from someone, such a dream might reveal having difficulties in social interactions, but also with your intellect.

Dreaming about getting a divorce (married males and females). If you dreamed about getting a divorce, this dream might reveal some difficulties and problems in your marriage, or even some negative feelings about your marriage. It is advisable to consider this dream as a warning and confronting your thoughts and emotions about your marriage.

Dreaming about getting a divorce (for people going through a divorce). If you are currently going through a divorce, and you dreamed about getting one as well, such a dream might indicate the need to set your priorities in life.

Maybe you need a separation from some aspect of yourself, or some situation or person in your life.

This dream might also indicate your fears of the actual separation, and being alone after that.