Dreams About Diarrhea – Meaning and Symbolism

When you are in dreams, they are real, it is just a different kind of reality – and also when you are a part of a nightmare, the situations through which you go seem to be real.

In these dreams, you try to escape, and it can be very painful, full of sadness, or even scary.

Once we wake up, we feel amazing and happy to be alive, or just for the sake that we succeeded in escaping from that nightmare that was so traumatic in a first place, while we were asleep.

People who examine the dream world, often like to say, that this is the world that, despite that, we can be traumatized because of the bad dream, we still can see them as beautiful, lovely and full of love. In some way, they are part of our mind, just an interesting way to change something in our lives.

Sometimes if a dream is great, you want to be a part of it forever and ever – and if we wake up after such dream, we keep that feeling of warmth and love throughout the day, and we hope that we will experience it again when we go to sleep.

But if a dream was terrible and disturbing, we are also happy, because that horrible thing did not happen in our real life.

Dreaming about Diarrhea is, surprisingly, a dream that is very common among people, and there is even one statistic that says that this is perhaps one of the ten most common dreams.

Some say that this dream implies something that has financial nature, it can be positive in the sense that this dream signifies financial gain, and they can be negative where they denote financial loss.

Meaning of a Dreams about Diarrhea

So, these dreams about Diarrhea are very common and are often caused, in the simplest way with the desire to go to the bathroom, in the sense of a physiological need.

But, if not caused by this biological need, then meanings of it are very diverse.

If you are the one that has Diarrhea in a dream, it warns you that very soon you are going to experience anxiety.

It is quite possible that you have a fear of specific situations such as exams, public appearances, elevator rides, etc. – here we are talking about your everyday concerns that are making you have problems throughout the day.

Another alternative meaning is the one where someone else around you has Diarrhea, and this means that you have someone close to you who is bothering you.

It’s probably about a person you like, but you cannot and do not want to imagine yourself with it. Only her / his faults will fall in your eyes, so you will not hide the repulsion you feel.

The Symbolism of Dreams about Diarrhea

There are many variations of this dream, that is, as you were able to see, very common among people.

If in your dream you see or feel Diarrhea that is about to come it means that financial gain in relation to the work you are doing. Most often, it is a simple salary or a financial reward for a well-made job.


If in your somewhat disturbing dream, you see someone else having Diarrhea, this symbolizes some additional obligations that may come in your life

In real life, this could mean that your friend or colleague will be prevented from coming to work, or you will be the one that has to take care of the majority of obligations that both of you have.

You will be too busy and unhappy because most of your plans will fail.

Dreaming of a child having Diarrhea

When a child has diarrhea in a dream, it means you are scared. You are the person who is an elephant from the fly and often panics in situations where there is no need for a team.

Get in touch with various untested sites and unskilled people who only make you confuse and leave you from the right solution.

If your lover, in a dream that you are having has Diarrhea, then such dream indicates that your lover is dissatisfied with something in your relationship.

It’s possible that a loved one expects you to devote more time and attention to her that does not fit in with your obligations, plans, and pace of life.

If you had a dream that you have Diarrhea and that you have stepped on it, it symbolizes well-being and overall good things that are waiting for you in the near future.

For example, in reality, it is likely to start a job from which you did not have any expectations, but it seemed like a complete failure.

However, you will see that the first impression can be misleading and that efforts and efforts can be made progress anywhere.

If you see in your dream, that an infant or a small child has Diarrhea – it is the symbol of a small financial gain in the family, it is possible through games of luck.

There is even one more variation of this dream – if the baby or a child is in your hands and you are trying to clean it, it indicates that this is a more significant financial gain.

If you are in a toilet while having Diarrhea, it means that you are a fair person and that people value you for that trait.  It is said that the dream symbolism of the bathroom in a dream signifies your honesty and morale.

If you see yourself in a dream that you have Diarrhea and that this unpleasant event is taking place somewhere in nature, it means that you will soon get rid of some financial burden that has so far significantly affected your budget.

In the end, the most extreme version of this dream is the one where somehow some of the unpleasant content ends up in your mouth; it is a warning that bad people expect your ruin.

In the coming period, you will be in the company of those who envy you and who will do everything to see you at the bottom.

You will need a lot of strength to stay mentally strong and not allow such treatment to slaughter you and make you quit the path you chose

Do I have to be worried?

In some sense, you do not have to be worried, but you should be honest with yourself – at that moment, you do not know for yourself, and you cannot wait to finish everything.

You try to make sure that the next time you will be better, but you unconsciously begin to shake even the very thought of coping with the problem.

Your reaction will be helpful to others, and they will deliberately tease you and associate you with your environment.

If in your dream, besides the fact you had Diarrhea, you get dirty; it carries a negative connotation and indicates that you have a business enemy or someone jealous of your business success. That person will try to harm you and very likely to succeed in some way.

What to do if I had this dream?

Many of Diarrhea dreams are connected to the environment in which you live, in some cases, that environment is the place where you work, and the main symbol of that dream is the one in which you are the person who is overwhelmed with the majority of obligations that someone else should do.

In this sense, you must take a stand and make such people with such intentions stop making you do all the dirty work for them.

But in some other cases, this is the dream that solely connected to your love life, and even worse, it related to the problems you might have in your relationship, so you should pay more attention to your love life so that those problems do not become chronic.

As much as you are trying to please him/her, your partner will feel neglected and will ask you to choose something, and you should always do what is the best for both partners, not just for you.

Of course, this dream in some cases signifies that you have a secret enemy and that you need to open your eyes widely and see the danger that is coming your way (especially in the business area).


There are many variations of this dream that sometimes can be problematic and it can be even hard to think and observe what does it mean, but we must say that this process is beneficial and that our mind has interesting ways of telling us what is going on in our lives, and what are we doing wrong.

In some cases, this is the dream that does not bring good news, but in others it can be the carrier of them, and you may expect some good things to happen (in a version of the dream where you have stepped in you Diarrhea, for example, regardless of a graphic nature of this dream).

In some cases, that good thing is a material gain that could be big or small. The same instances are if you had a dream where you smell faeces, this dream signifies a business opportunity that you do not yet see, but will appear. If you manage to get a job, you will receive a financial gain.

To sum up this story in some more positive tone, we will say that maybe the most disturbing version of this dream, is in fact, the dream that is the indication of good things that are about to come.