Dreams About Demons – Meaning and Interpretation

Demons are supernatural evil beings, capable of possessing living creatures and doing many other unearthly things. Their existence is accepted by many religions and occult traditions.

In Christianity, they are considered as fallen angels or descendants from a union between human and angelic beings. The Roman Catholic Church considers angels and demons as real beings, and it even has specially trained priests who perform exorcisms to expel evil spirits from someone’s body.

Demons in dreams are a pretty common occurrence. In dreams, they can be symbols of cruel and immoral people, capable of ruining someone’s life.

If demons appear in your dream, it might be a sign of warning from your unconscious mind that you are in some kind of danger, being surrounded by evil and malevolent people.

A demon is a symbol of sin, offense, bad omen and temptations leading to problems.

Such dreams are hard to forget, and often leave you disturbed all day. After waking up, it’s very hard to actually realize it was a dream. But these dreams have a good mission, to help you become aware of the dangers that surround you.

Sometimes demons in dreams might be representing dishonest business partners who wait the right moment to trick or betray you. They can also symbolize romantic partners with these traits, or people who are jealous of you and your life.

Demons in dreams are serious warnings, so be sure to think about the possible treats in your surroundings after you’ve had one of this dreams.

In some cases, demons represent some negative parts of your personality.

If demons appear with faces, they represent other people from your life, and when they have distorted faces or you cannot see their face, they represent your own personal traits.

Demons in a dream can be a symbol of anger and lack of confidence, but also other negative emotions or habits. Demons are usually related to themes of darkness and evil.

They also might be a symbol of things we are repressing. If you had a dream about a demon, maybe it means you are repressing some thoughts or habits about money, sex, or you are repressing anger and aggression. Such dream uses demons as a tool to help you come in touch with these sides of your personality and help you confront them and deal with them.

Demons in dreams sometimes represent some parts of our personality that we need to overcome or change for our own good. Sometimes dreams about demons symbolize some temptations we are undergoing or characteristics of people that surround us, like selfishness or laziness.

Sometimes they are a consequence of distant or recent experienced traumas.

Dreams about demons might also signify some ugly experiences and events you’ve experienced in the workplace. Maybe this dream is a sign of your desire to do something else in life or be somewhere else. You might not be satisfied with your career and life in general. You might also want to get rid of some duties you don’t like.

According to some psychologist, dreams about demons are a sign of a fear we are harboring. Especially dark demons signify negative emotional states, such as depression. Light colored demons are a better version in a dream.


Sometimes they are a sign of some unexpected bad things coming in our life.

They sometimes are a symbol of some hidden emotions we are not aware of. Dreams about demons are a strong message for us to confront our hidden emotions and fears, as well as obsessive urges and emotions that we know are bad for us, and deal with them for good, because they are not real, and are only dragging us down.

Dreams About Demons – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about being possessed by demons. Demons might represent negative thoughts or energies that are coming from yourself or from some external sources. If you were possessed by demons in your dream, this dream might be revealing that you and your thoughts are your worst enemies.

Maybe you have some inner demons that have been pulling you down and restricting your success. It would be wise to seek advice and help from trusted friends or family members who can help you overcome the stream of negativity that has possessed you and is keeping you tied down.

Sometimes this dream signifies your need and desire to seek help from someone influential, to help you overcome the difficulties you are currently in.

Dreaming about being chased by demons. If you’ve been chased by demons in your dream, such dream is probably revealing some emotional and psychological issues you are struggling with. Maybe you are projecting your negative energy and fears onto the people around you, suffocating them.

The demons from your dream also represent your destructive habits, such as self – doubt and short temper, characteristics you’ve been having for years.

This dream is a message from your subconscious to become aware of those habits and negativity and free yourself and the ones’ which surround you from them. You need to confront your issues, instead of denying them so that you can become a better person and start moving forward.

Such dream might also be revealing some relationship problems you’ve been having. Maybe you have some unresolved issues with your partner.

This dream might also indicate some sinful temptations you have been trying to resist.

Dreaming about chasing a demon. If you were the one chasing a demon in your dream, such dream might signify that you are undergoing a process of disposing of a bad habit or an addiction.

Dreaming about being surrounded by demons and not being able to move. This dream is a typical nightmare about demons. A dream in which you weren’t able to move might be a sign of some emotional disturbance and doubt that you’ve been having in real life. Maybe you have two different approaches to solving some difficult issues.

This dream might also be a result of conflict between your irrational desires and thoughts and you rational reasoning.

Dreaming about singing demons. If your dream was about hearing demons singing, such dream is actually a good sign and might be predicting sudden and unexpected gains. You might win playing the lottery or you might suddenly find some new source of income.

Dreaming about demons attacking you. If you had a dream about demons attacking you, such dream might reveal your conflict with your own emotions. Maybe this dream, symbolizes feelings of selfishness or guilt you have been experiencing. This dream might be a message to rethink about some of your recent life decisions.

Dreaming about a dark colored demon. If you saw a dark colored demon in your dream this might signify that you are feeling depressed or anxious regarding some future events.

Dreaming about a red demon. A red demon in your dream is a bad sign, and might be revealing your fears for your health.

Dreaming about light color demons. Light colored demons in dreams are usually a good sign and foretell luck in the near future. These dreams might also signify some fortunate and pleasant events coming into your life soon.

Dreaming about a group of demons gathering around you. If you saw demons encircling you in a dream, such dream might foretell you being a victim of some bad temptation in the near future.

This dream might also be revealing that you have become obsessed with some emotions and urges that are improper, and you cannot resist them as they are constantly on your mind, although you are aware they are bad for you.

Dreaming about a dancing demon. A demon dancing in your dream might signify overcoming some sort of sin you have committed.

Dreaming about talking to a demon or demons. If you talked to demons in your dream, such dream might be a symbolizing a situation you are currently in. Maybe you are surrounded by a group of bad people who want to tempt and persuade you into doing something bad, but you are resisting their efforts successfully.

Dreaming about sleeping with a demon. If you had sex with a demon and afterwards found yourself lying next to it in your dream, such dream is a bad omen and signifies betrayal. You are probably cheating on your partner and your subconscious is telling you to stop doing that.

Dreaming about being a demon. A dream in which you saw yourself as a demon is not a good sign and might signify some big sin or sins that you have committed.

Dreaming about killing a demon. If you killed a demon or demons in your dream, such dream is a very good sign, and signifies that you have successfully resisted some sinful temptations or that you will do that in the near future.

Dreaming about being defeated by demons. If you were defeated by a demon or demons in your dream, such dream is probably a bad sign and signifies that you have done or you will do something sinful in the near future.