Dreams About Cutting Hair – Meaning and Interpretation

Hair has always been an important feature in human culture, since the first civilizations to modern times.

Throughout our history and the world we’ve created, hairstyles varied from long to short, from natural shades to colored, it was made in different shapes and styles, being decorated or plain, covered or not and so on.

Male and female hairstyles have always had specific significance. The way you would wear your hair in different cultures, societies and periods was not just a manifestation of current fashion trends and aesthetics.

Hair was (and still is, in a way) a powerful sign of a social or political status, a symbol of some particular events (e.g. growing hair and beard as a sign of mourning, cutting hair as a manifestation of grief etc.), a recognizable mark of someone’s cultural or sub-cultural affiliation and so on . In our modern society, long and nourished hair is being admired and praised.

Styles do change, but the natural beauty and shine of human hair has always been valued. Both women and men have been wearing different hairstyles over ages of our history. The process of cutting hair, thus, has a specific significance in various cultures, as well.

Symbolism of hair in general

Hair is an universal symbol of femininity and beauty, as well as of strength and power. Mythologies are full of mystical and magnificent characters whose powers are strongly linked to the concept of hair.

Some of them are Samson from The Bible, Medusa from Greek mythology, Nordic goddess Sif, princess Rapunzel and Buda. Hair is also a symbol of sensuality, sexuality and attraction. In many cultures, long and thick male hair has been associated with male sexuality and potency.

According to Christian legends, even angels were so attracted to beautiful female hair that they had experienced lust. That is the reason why women in churches should wear scarves on their heads.

  • Femininity and sensuality
  • Power and strength
  • Sexuality and attraction
  • Mysticism and wisdom
  • Liberty

Around the world, hair is grown freely, worn braided, styled in different ways or cut depending on specific rites and traditions. Hair is often associated with the concept of human soul, wisdom and liberty. Wizards or wise men were often depicted with long, abundant hair.

Hair grown wild and freely has been associated with the concept of liberty and unwillingness to bow to rules and regulations; it was a symbol of insurgence (e.g. long hippie movement hairstyles). In some other environment, short female hair was a symbol of liberty and control (e.g. early feminist movements and cutting hair short, as a symbol of taking control).

Dreams About Cutting Hair – Meaning and Interpretation

What of concepts mentioned could possibly be applied to dreams about cutting hair? Interpretations vary depending of a dreamer’s gender, current life circumstances and experiences. In general, dreams about cutting hair are usually associated with concepts of loss, change or control.

Dreams about cutting hair are of a quite similar nature to the same action in reality. Many people would actually do something to their hair, in order to show they have changed or to help themselves feel changed.

  • Change
  • Loss
  • Control

Those are main concepts related to haircutting dreams. Dreams about cutting hair could be both positive and negative for a dreamer. It is of a vital importance to recall the way you experienced the process in a dream. Rethink current circumstances in your waking life in order to use the dream as an useful guidance. Let us see how different dreams about cutting hair could be interpreted.

Cutting your own hair

Dreaming about cutting your own hair could mean different things. If you cut your hair on your own or someone else does it, it usually means you have lost something or you know deep inside you will soon experience loss. Since hair is often associated with sexuality and femininity, it may suggest your insecurity about these matters.

If you are a woman, it could be a reflection of your self-doubt about your femininity and appearance. If you are a man, it could mean you have lost your confidence in sexual matters.


On the other hand, dream about cutting your own hair, no matter if you do it on your own or not, may reflect your need to change or a current process of your change as a personality.

Generally, this is considered a positive change, a change that leads to a fresh start or a better chapter in your life. People often tend to change their hairstyles in order to somehow confirm and highlight and important breaking point in their lives.

If you cut your own hair in a dream, this action may represent your control over your life in reality. It means you know what you want to do and you will do it. You are not afraid of making radical choices and decisions, in order to achieve your goal.

On the other hand, if someone else cuts your hair, it means the opposite. Maybe there is a powerful figure that controls your actions in your waking life or you are not ready to do it on your own, so you let others guide you.

Cutting somebody else’s hair

If you dream about cutting other person’s hair, it means you are the one who wants to be in charge. You have a strong need to control somebody’s actions. This could be interpreted in different ways. Maybe you try to protect someone, but you are actually overdoing it, not letting the person to stand for themselves.

On the other hand, you may feel you are losing control over your position in a relationship in your waking life.

It could also mean you are aware of somebody wanting to take control over your actions and you are unwilling to bound (this could be applied to your working or educational environment, in the first place).

Dreams about cutting someone else’s hair may also reflect your attitude towards others. This means you are a natural born leader and you have great ideas to inspire others. However, cutting other person’s hair in a dream means you have taken too much responsibilities, so you are facing difficulties in achieving goals. Such dreams occur in order to remind you other people are free to choose whatever they want, even if that is not according to your plan. You should have more understanding for others and listen what they have to say, in order to successfully work together.

Completely shaving head in a dream

If you dream about completely shaving your head, it means you are ready to radically change your habits or points of view in your waking life. You may have even sacrificed something in order to step into a completely different and new life phase.

If someone else shaves your head in your dreams,

it also represents a radical change; only in this case someone else is responsible for it or some specific life events made you to make changes. In general, dreams about shaving head usually have positive meaning, since they represent breaking up with negative behavior and habits.