Dreams About Crabs – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about crabs are not common. Crabs are symbols of the sky and the sea. They also represent our unconscious.

Dreams about crabs often signify our emotions. Maybe this dream is a sign you have some repressed emotions and feelings you fear exposing. Maybe it’s a sign of still holding on to old emotions, which don’t serve you anymore.

Crabs in dreams may also symbolize peace and calm. Maybe you are about to receive awards for your hard work and success.

Crabs move in crisscross patterns. That is why a dream about a crab might indicate being misled by someone intentionally or you have some misguided actions or thoughts.

Dreams about crabs might also be a reminder it’s time for you to settle down and have a home of your own.

This dream might also indicate trapped energy for some reason. Dreams about crabs might also indicate misdirection and moodiness. Sometimes they indicate situations which seem to lead you nowhere.

These dreams might also indicate meeting your competition soon. They can be a sign of your luck improving soon and resolving some difficulties.

Dreams about crabs often depict your character. It usually has to do with being self – protective, emotional, clingy and annoying.

Seeing a crab in a dream might represent your strength and perseverance. Sometimes it indicates being too clingy and dependent on someone.

It might also indicate being irritable and annoying to some point. Maybe you are holding on to something or someone too tightly. Sometimes this dream might indicate someone in your life behaving that way.

If you had such a dream, you should ask yourself if you haven’t behaved in an annoying and clingy manner towards someone lately. Or maybe someone has behaved in such a manner towards you.

This dream might also indicate protecting yourself and hiding some weak spots. Maybe you are afraid of some situation, because you think it’s too risky. Sometimes this dream might reveal being overly concerned about your own or someone’s safety.

Dreams About Crabs – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about a crab in general. If you dreamed about a crab or crabs, without any additional details, such a dream might indicate going through a tough period filled with challenges. It will take a lot of effort and patience to resolve and come out of the situation you are currently in.

Sometimes this dream can signify a period of getting to know each other in a romantic relationship, which might include misunderstandings and conflicts, before the actual commitment can take place.

Dreaming about seeing a crab. If you saw a crab in a dream, such a dream might indicate being overwhelmed with many things and that situation makes you want to just hide from everyone and everything.

Maybe you want to hide, while some tough situation passes.


Sometimes this dream might indicate being satisfied with your current lifestyle, living day by day, without actual plans for the future.

Dreaming about a crab on the shore. If you dreamed about seeing a crab washed ashore, such a dream might signify receiving a very tempting offer or opportunity in the near future. This dream warns you to carefully consider all the details of the offer, so you won’t end up with some losses.

Dreaming about catching a crab. If you caught a crab in your dream, such a dream might indicate receiving some important information, which might change your life significantly.

Sometimes this dream represents your introvert and maybe timid personality. You probably have difficulties communicating to others and presenting your viewpoints and ideas.

Dreaming about others catching crabs. If you observed someone catching crabs in your dream, such a dream might indicate your lack of success in acquiring assistance from some powerful people. This dream reminds you of your own abilities and creativity, and encourages you to rely on them in achieving your goals.

Dreaming about cutting a crab. If you dreamed about cutting a crab to prepare some dish out of it, such a dream might indicate getting rid of your negativities. You are probably getting ready to become completely independent and starting to accomplish your goals and desires.

Dreaming about cooking a crab. If you dreamed about cooking a crab and making a dish, such a dream might indicate overcoming someone’s resistance soon.

This dream might also reveal your stubbornness and inability to listen to others. Be careful, otherwise your behavior might ruin your reputation.

Such a dream might also indicate being tolerant towards someone you couldn’t stand before, and considered that person repulsive and disgusting.

Dreaming about eating crab meat. If you ate crab meat in a dream, such a dream might not be a good sign and indicate some health issues in the near future, which will temporarily separate you from your obligations.

This dream might also indicate trying to figure out how to increase your income.

Such a dream might also signify your refined taste. You probably enjoy life’s pleasures and you have the means to do that.

Dreaming about being bitten or attacked by a crab. If you were bitten or attacked by a crab in a dream, maybe such a dream signals you to let go of something or someone.

Maybe it indicates there’s a problem you have been ignoring for some time or not acknowledging its existence. Maybe something or someone needs your attention and you’ve been constantly refusing to acknowledge that.

Sometimes a crab pinching you might signify some change you are resisting, but have no choice than to accept it, because it’s inevitable. You should relax and embrace it.

Dreaming about fast moving crabs. If you saw crabs moving fast in your dream, such a dream might indicate your decisiveness to change your life completely. Maybe you are thinking of trying some new things and changing your life’s direction.

Dreaming about stepping on a crab. If you accidentally stepped on a crab in a dream, such a dream might indicate your tendency to constantly make mistakes, which might cause you serious problems. You should try to be more considerate and try to avoid such behavior.

Dreaming about many crabs. If you saw many crabs in your dream, such a dream might not be a good sign. Maybe it indicates making many mistakes due to your stubbornness or irresponsibility. You might end up paying a high price for your behavior, so try to change something as soon as possible, for your own good.

Sometimes this dream might indicate encountering some obstacles in your career path soon.

Dreaming about a crab moving across the beach. If you dreamed about a crab moving on the beach, such a dream might indicate being grumpy and in a bad mood.

Dreaming about a crab chasing you. If you were chased by a crab in a dream, such a dream might indicate running away from your subconscious thoughts and feelings.