Dreams About Cows – Meaning and Interpretation

Cows in dreams are usually a good sign. They are a symbol of important issues in your life. They can also be a symbol of passive behavior.

If you saw a cow or a herd of cows grazing grass in your dream, this dream usually foretells prosperity and happiness in the near future.

Sometimes a cow in a dream represents your traits of obedience to authority without much questioning. Sometimes cows can represent your need to be taken care of or your need to take care of someone.

A herd of cows might signify your need to be a part of a group or that you already are a part of a group of friends or some other group you enjoy very much. If something was happening to the herd, or the cows were anxious, maybe such a dream is a sign of some problems in your group or someone behaving in a way that is causing the group to fall apart.

Cows with calves in your dream are a very good omen and foretell good things coming into your life soon.

Cows are often a symbol of motherhood. They also symbolize passivity, humility, endurance and peace.

Dreams About Cows – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about being a cow. If by any chance you had a dream in which you were a cow, such dream might be revealing your fears of appearing stupid in some situations.

Dreaming about watching a cow from a distance. If you watched a crazing cow from a distance, such dream is probably a sign of a busy work schedule and a lot of things on your mind currently.

This dream also foretells increasing of work or domestic duties in the near future. Regardless of the amount of work, you will be able to fulfill everything in time, because you know you’re doing it for your own and your family’s future.

Dreaming about a grazing cow. If you saw a cow peacefully grazing in your dream, such a dream is a good sign, and symbolizes prosperity and abundance. Maybe such a dream is a sign of your hard work finally paying off in the near future, in the best possible way.

You fully deserve the pay you are getting for all the sacrifices and effort you have put into your success.

Dreaming about a cow going after you. If you were being chased or followed by a cow in your dream, such dream is actually a good sign and might foretell receiving an unexpected inheritance from a relative.

Sometimes this dream is a sign of rivalry at work or in your romantic life.

If the cow didn’t manage to get to you, such dream is a sign of things going as planned, despite the possible obstacles on the way.

Dreaming about a healthy cow. If you saw a healthy looking cow in your dream, such dream is a good sign, foretelling prosperity and success well deserved by your hard work put into achieving your goals and success.

Dreaming about a sick cow. A sick cow in your dream is a warning sign. Maybe some of your future plans are somehow at risk and they require your efforts in order to avoid their failure.


Dreaming about a starving looking cow. If you saw an undernourished cow in your dream, such dream is probably a bad omen. It might even be foretelling a similar thing happening in your life.

You should take this dream as a warning to pay attention to your spending habits and try to lessen your parties because such behavior might be leading you to unwanted but certain poverty. If you don’t change the way you behave, the outcome can be very unfortunate.

Dreaming about shepherding a cow herd. This dream is probably a bad sign. Maybe is foretelling some unpleasant situations in the upcoming days, which will be provoked by some envious people who will try to ruin your reputation or undermine your efforts at work.

Consider this dream as a warning for the near future and pay attention to the actions of people from your work environment so that you can stop their attempts in time.

Dreaming about a cow with a calf. If you saw a cow with a calf grazing in your dream, such dream is probably a very good sign. It might be foretelling success in business and significant increase of profit in the near future. This dream might announce the fulfillment of your dreams of success.

Dreaming about milking cows. If you milked cows or a cow in your dream, such dream is probably a very good sign and might indicate receiving a huge inheritance.

Sometimes this dream might signify acquiring something you long wished for. That might even be a start of a new relationship.

Dreaming about somebody milking a cow. If someone was milking a cow in your dream, such dream might reveal your desires to live a simpler way of life in a rural setting. This dream might signify your aspirations to move away from the fuss of urban life and retreat in the countryside.

Dreaming about seeing a cow. If you unexpectedly saw a cow in your dream, such a dream is probably a very good sign, foretelling success in the upcoming days. This dream might signify a very rewarding job offer or start of a new business, which will pay off considerably.

It is a wonderful sign, announcing prosperity and abundance coming your way.

Dreaming about a cow that has been lost. If you had a dream about a lost cow which you eventually found in your dream, such dream might be foretelling difficulties and problems in the near future.

It will take a lot of patience to overcome the obstacles you will come across, but you will eventually succeed.

Dreaming about buying a cow. If you bought a cow in your dream, such dream might signify a successful partnership with someone, which in turn will give you an opportunity for a considerable earning in the future.

It might also signify a partnership which will end up in marriage commitment.

This dream is a good sign for married couples also, and symbolizes family bliss and joy.

Dreaming about selling a cow. If you were selling a cow in your dream, such dream is probably a bad sign, signifying losses. Maybe it’s an indication of losing a great amount of money in the near future, due to bad business decisions you have made previously.

This dream might be warning you to think twice before making a decision which might cost you a lot. Maybe it’s a good idea to ask trusted people for an advice, in case you are indecisive.