Dreams About Clowns – Meaning and Interpretation

Clowns are comic performers. Their primary role is to make us laugh, especially children.

Popular books and films have made clowns subjects of fear for many people, regardless of their age.

While one group of people can’t stand the thought of clowns and is terrified by them, others find them pretty amusing and enjoy a good laughter with them. Clowns can also have sad roles, and many people relate feelings of sadness in regards to clowns.

Clowns in dreams may have different meanings. The meaning of the dream depends on your feelings towards clowns in the first place.

Sometimes this dream is an indication of some issues in your life you need to address soon. This dream might also indicate some exaggeration.

It might also indicate the need for more fun and humor in your life. Maybe you need to enjoy life more and do things you like.

This dream might also indicate some pretending, putting on a happy face when you don’t feel like it. It might also indicate reminiscing the past or wanting a simpler way of life. This dream might be an indicator of your light – heartedness and childlike behavior.

If the clown was happy, you probably are a person satisfied with life. A sad clown in your dream probably indicates your sadness. Sometimes this dream is a sign of your thoughtlessness.

For people afraid of clowns such a dream might be a sign someone wants to hurt them, or is hiding his true personality. It might also symbolize you are hiding your true personality.

If you dreamed about clowns, maybe your dream signifies your ability to make people laugh and make them happy. Maybe you act silly and you are never serious.

Such dream might also symbolize things which embarrass you. Maybe you fear looking foolish in some situations.

A dream about clowns might also be an encouragement to laugh when things are though, because they will eventually pass.

Dreams About Clowns – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about a clown. If you dreamed about a clown without many additional details, such a dream might signify some new acquaintances of yours, which might lead you on a wrong path in life. You should pay attention to this warning if you don’t want to make a mess out of your life.

This dream might also indicate involvement in a love affair which might definitely ruin your reputation and make you feel ashamed. Don’t regret not being able to control yourself.

Dreaming about you being a clown. If you dreamed you were a clown, such a dream might indicate that some people who are your equals are trying to dominate you. Their actions might even embarrass you in public, but you will find a way to keep them off in the future.

Dreaming about being entertained by a clown. If you were entertained by a clown in your dream, and you like clowns in real life, such a dream might indicate an attempt of your subconscious to cheer you up after some difficult situation or period in your life.


In such case, it is a sign that everything will be alright. If you are scared of clowns in real life, this dream might symbolize some person or a life situation which bothers and annoys you a lot.

Dreaming about an evil clown. If you dreamed about an evil clown, such a dream might indicate someone close to you is dishonest and is a coward. Maybe this person will do something to betray your trust in the near future, which will disappoint you very much.

This dream might also indicate your fear of embarrassment or people laughing at you.

Dreaming about being chased by an evil clown. If an evil clown chased you in a dream, such a dream maybe indicates some issues with the people around you. You probably want to restore connections with them, but they are not being supportive of your efforts.

Dreaming about an evil clown in your bedroom. This dream might indicate some secrets you’ve been hiding for some time. Maybe you have been hiding your true personality and your subconscious is sending you a message to start revealing it in public.

Dreaming about a sad clown. If you dreamed about a sad clown, such a dream might signify your opinion about your relatives. You probably don’t trust them and would never ask them to help you. Your behavior might insult some of them, because your opinion about them might not be right.

Dreaming about trying on a clown suit. If you were trying on a clown suit in a dream, such a dream might reveal your trusting nature and beliefs that all people are good.

You should consider this dream as a warning, because this trait of your personality might provoke dishonest people around you to try to use or mislead you and even gain some of your possessions.

This dream might also be a warning to stay away from promiscuous women and protect your reputation.

Dreaming about acting as a clown in front of a lot of people. If you acted as a clown before a big audience in your dream, such a dream is usually a bad sign, foretelling bad luck in life.

Dreaming about being raped by a clown. If you dreamed a clown raped you in a dream, such a dream might indicate your incapability to stop feeling embarrassed about something.

Maybe you feel you cannot escape humiliation for some reason.