Dreams About Choking – Meaning and Symbolism

Although we must admit that is very challenging to understand and explain the dreams, specific meanings can be easily detected – many experts who deal with this issue agree about many of them, especially about some general motives.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to decipher dreams, especially when we do not remember most of the details, and it is very easy to forget them since the majority of dreams are forgotten right after we get up.

But the fact is, and we all should agree about it, is that we are still all day we are under the strong impression of the events that went on during our sleep, in a dream.

Also, another aspect that we all should agree is this – in our dream world, there are different events and people coming to us, and there are those dreams that we almost all had at least once, such as tooth decay, death, running away from someone or something, or forgetting something important, or for example, saving someone.

And while dreams have different explanations for these phenomena, psychologists and psychiatrists consider that most of the dreams that we have during the night and that we remember the next morning means only mean one thing – that you are very anxious in real life and that you cannot deal with such pressure, so that you are dealing with this issue, using your mind, but while you sleep, subconsciously.

In this sense, we have to speak of one more dream, that we all had once or twice, and it left a major impact on us – it is the dream about Choking.

In reality, this is a very unpleasant event that can happen to anyone – old and young, and the first feelings that we have that are associated with this event are panic and fear.

The same or similar feelings we have if we have such a dream, but the question is – what does this dream? Is it just the representation of our fear of choking, or something much deeper?

Read all about it.

Meaning of Dreams About Choking

As we have said, the dreams about choking regardless, of who is in question, are often a terrifying experience and it is not unusual for dreamers to wake up when they have them, thanking God that it was just a dream, or as they like to say almost a nightmare.

Now, if we want to look at the meanings of such a dream, we must say that it is connected to your environment in a way that you are unable to “swallow” something that your surrounding has given to you. It can be advice/remark/ suggestion.

You are unable to accept. Instead, you may feel that you are able to express yourself in a situation fully.

In particular, if you are choking with some piece of food or some part of a toy, for example, then it can be an expression of self-censorship and unexpressed feelings.

If smoke strikes you, then it points to something you do not want to face. To dream of somebody staring at you is to suppress your emotions. You have difficulty expressing your fears, anger or love. Instead, you may feel that you are prevented or restricted in free expression.

But in dreams where you are not choking from food, but someone else is choking you, it signifies feelings of aggression, anger and pain. You have been really trying to prevent something from being said or published in public, and you are struggling very much with it, so in a dream you see yourself being choked, and it is not a dream about the person who is choking you, but you and your feelings.

When it is a dream about choking with food, and the inability to breath, there is a connotation that you are overly ambitious or greedy and that you strive to get and receive at any cost, although it also represents a great burden and overwhelms you and disturbs you.


This is the dream that has numerous variations, and all of them are equally interesting, and what is interesting to mention is the fact that this dream is rarely connected to the “choker” but always with the person who is choking.

The Symbolism of Dreams About Choking

The symbolism of this dream is also amazing to look at – some say that seeing yourself choking in a dream, from unknown reason, you cannot breathe and you are in a panic, it implies that you carelessly worry about things.

The fact that in a dream, you cannot see what the cause of choke is, it is the symbol that you the reason for your anxiety is often imaginary, just like a placebo.

Some say that this dream is a signal that it is time to go to the doctor since you have some doubts, it is a dream about prolonging some obligations that you had, and your mind is telling you that this is the burden that you were carrying for a long time with you.

But, if in a dream, you see someone else that is choking in front of you, this may be the symbol of struggle, conflict, or a fight with someone. It does not have to be the person who is choking in a dream. It is possible that you will be discussing with a family member who has too many expectations of you.

There is also a variation of this dream in which you are trying to save a person who is choking, and it has the symbolism in the message that you are someone who is noble and devoted, and that you always have the need to help others in trouble.

We must speak of some of the versions of this dream – if you are choking on an object, and no one seems to be able to help you, even if you want to let them, it is the symbol that you are your own worst enemy. You are the one that is sabotaging yourself, not the people who are close to you.

In the end, if you see yourself in a dream, and you are about to die from choking, it means that you are the person who is becoming aware that his life choices made you become a person without any more choices and that you are, in some metaphorical sense came to the end of the road.

Do I have to be worried?

You do not have to be worried since this is the dream that has one mission – you need to learn to take advice and to accept good advice from people who love you dearly.

You need to become more realistic about your life and your decision-making ability – you are not the smartest, or most experienced.

But this dream has one more connotation – sometimes people are advising you in a bad direction, and you need to have a clear mind to see that.

Also, another, alternate meaning of this dream means that you, at times are greedy and that you want to have some things by all costs, and you are not feeling comfortable, so choking is in fact, a manifestation of that burden that disturbs you.

You will have the feeling that he wants to achieve what that person did not do to him and thus cure frustrations of the past.

As long as you try to stay your own, it will be difficult for you to deal with the pressures that you are exposed to daily.

What to do if I had this dream?

By nature, you are sensitive and think too much about what others think about you. You are able to, after an important meeting, return the movie backwards and analyze each gesture and the word that you have exchanged.

Try to make everyone happy what will require adjusting to attitudes and thoughts that are often inconsistent with your sensitivity.

You will find that you are indestructible and you will not pay attention to the signals that your body sends.

Also, do not care about eating and do not follow the advice that experts consider the basis of a healthy life, even if you should think this through.

In a version of a dream where you are about to die from choking, is a dream that interesting to discuss, since it is the dream that is a metaphor for a life that is run out of choices, and that soon some radical move must be in effect.


If you have dreamed of being choked by an object, it may be difficult for you to accept or swallow some advice, remark or situation in a real-life, so you are choking in a dream. It is a representation of that burden that you are struggling with.

Also, you may not be able to express yourself in a situation.

If you are succeeding to free yourself from an object that was choking you, it suggests that there is something you do not want to face in life, or that you have been delaying for a long time.

If you’ve dreamed of someone choking you, it’s about suppressing your emotions. It’s hard for you to express your fear, rage, or love, or feel that you are denied to express yourself freely.

You are dreaming of dying someone from choking points to the feeling of aggression. You may be trying to prevent something being said or discovered about your personal or business life.

All in all, this is the dream that is in most of its symbolism connected to the dreamer and his interpersonal relations in life, or obligations that a dreamer has.