Dreams About Centipedes – Meaning and Interpretation

Most people find insects disturbing, scary and annoying in their waking life. Those amazingly diverse crawly creatures often make us feel uneasy and trigger a reflex of disgust, even nausea, chills throughout the body, itchy feeling on skin etc.

It is true some bugs are dangerous and poisonous, but not all of them. Some are truly impressive, such as hardworking bees or ants.

Whatever we think of them, insects play an important role in nature.

Different species of insects have an important place in many human cultures, beliefs and mythologies, as well. Centipedes are one of them.

To have a dream about a centipede or more of those creatures might leave you particularly relieved after you wake up.

However, dreams about centipedes could hide different messages, both positive and negative.

Centipedes’ symbolism

Centipedes are fast, wiggly creatures that move around on thousands of legs (they can have more than hundred legs, yes!). They are poisonous and quite unattractive. There are different subspecies of centipedes, varying in their size and color.

However, if we put aside their repellent appearance, we must admit centipedes are fascinating. They are able to move around extremely fast, without making any noise. Their long slippery bodies allow them to get in or get away unnoticed. Their most characteristic feature are thousands of their legs, of course.

According to eastern mystical symbolism, centipedes are powerful totemic creatures. In Asian cultures, they are related to the concept of Chiefs, since they are able to frighten and poison even the bravest ones. Legends tell even the great Dragon got scared of them.

However, centipedes have always inspired admiration for their fascinating characteristics, so they were kept as living talismans. Despite of being scary, centipedes also represent good luck and fortune.

Dreams about centipedes in general

Dreams about centipedes may hold many hidden meanings. Even such a dreadful creature could be a lucky charm in your dream.

In general, there are both positive and negative interpretations about centipedes’ related dreams. Interpretations and meanings vary upon particular circumstances in a dream.

Several concepts and ideas easily fit most of dreams about centipedes. Those are:

  • Annoyance and disturbance
  • Avoidance and unwillingness
  • Success and easiness, keeping pace
  • Competition and rivalry
  • Having secrets or hiding

Centipedes are not particularly loved creatures in our reality, so the same impression usually reflects to our dreams. Dreaming about them is almost never a pleasant experience, although such dreams do not always have a negative message for a dreamer.

When interpreting a dream, you should always pay attention of your own impression about the dream, which would help you to better understand what does your inner self trying to tell you.

Dreams About Centipedes – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about centipedes could reflect your unwillingness to face something or someone in your waking life and your actions of hiding or trying to avoid the thing. Depending on how does the centipede moves in your dream, the interpretations vary. It could also be a reflection of your suppressed frustration with something that has been bothering you for a long time in your waking life.


On the other hand, a fast moving centipede may signify good fortune.

Seeing a centipede

If you have seen a centipede in your dream, it could be interpreted as a sign of some secret actions you are about to step in or you have already got involved with. Such dreams are typically linked to suspicious doings, business in particular. If you do not do such things intentionally, the dream could be a warning to you to pay more attention to actions of people around you. It may help you see through their bad intentions and stop being naive.

If you are willingly involved with some shady business, you should think twice about it and step out before it is too late. A centipede is a reflection of your waking consciousness about such matters.

Fast moving centipede

If you dream about a centipede or centipedes that move fast and without any trouble, it is usually a good sign. Fast moving centipedes in dreams symbolize progression and achievements without much trouble. It means you will be able to reach your goals in an easy way, without greater difficulties or obstacles on your path.

An easy moving centipede is generally a very positive sign. Such dreams are mostly in a connection with a dreamer’s career, education and similar aspects of life.

However, if there are many centipedes moving fast or a dream makes you particularly uneasy, it may indicate your inability to catch up with your job or to beat your rivals and competitors.

Slow moving centipede

Dreams about slow and troubled centipedes are of a similar nature, but they are not necessarily of a complete opposite meaning. If you dream about slow moving centipede, it may suggest you have taken too many responsibilities or tasks to do.

However, that does not mean you will be unsuccessful. It could be a warning sign to let go off some things you find too much to accomplish in a current state, but it also encourages you to continue. A creature’s slow pace insures a dreamer he or she would be able to follow their path and successfully finish the task.

Dead centipedes

Dead centipedes symbolize a dreamer’s aloofness, shyness and a fear of rejection. It means you find it really hard to introduce to new people or to let a new person in your life. Seeing a dead centipede in a dream could also mean you alienated yourself from the society, because you feel insecure about yourself.

Another related interpretation is that you have intentionally broken relationships with people around you (e.g. friends, family).

Dead centipedes represent depression, negativity, misery and pessimism. If a person involved with some great business actions sees a dead centipede in a dream, it is a sign of a bad luck in financial matters.

Killing centipedes

If you dream about killing centipedes, it means you have created yourself enemies in your real life. It could also mean you have many rivals, such as competitive colleagues, for example, and you are doing hard to get on top.

If you are just catching centipedes in a dream, it could be your own intuition speaking about your working environment; it suggests the competition mentioned above.

Killing centipedes in a dream is generally a bad sign or a reflection of a person’s waking life difficulties.