Dreams About Broken Glass – Meaning and Interpretation

Did you know glass is one the first minerals men used to make different objects, such as necklaces and other jewelry items, bowls, weapons, tools and other things? Nearly five thousand years before Christ ancient people used this amazing matter to create wonderful decorative and useful objects.

Many crystal healing experts do not think glass has spiritual properties such as some other minerals (e.g. semiprecious stones like amethyst, moonstone etc.), but its overall characteristic are impressive and magical.

It is made of all of the Four elements, it could be grinded in shapes able to collect and scatter light beams, it could be melted and reshaped in some other form and virtually last forever.

Glass is a symbol of transformation, an everlasting change and rebirth.

Glass symbolism in dreams

Dreaming glass objects could be inspiring and interesting. This time we focus on a glass that is broken. Glass is considered to have an ability of ‘reincarnation’, in a way. In modern world, it is very important material, especially in recycling processes.

However, glass objects can be broken and destroyed. While it is considered metaphysically impressive, some of the most common associations about glass are fragility and brittleness.

Glass as a symbol is a tricky one and these are the most common concepts associated with it:

  • Transformation and change
  • Fragility and tenderness
  • Protective forces
  • Clairvoyance

First of all, let us see what it means to dream glass or things made of glass. The interpretations, of course, depend on what sort of glass do you dream and which form does it have. In general, glass in dreams may represent your own fragility and tenderness.

It could also symbolize some sort of protective forces in your life, which you are unaware of. They seem invisible to you, just as glass is transparent.

If you dream you are looking through glass (a glass window or some object made of glass), it could possibly mean that you want something, but it constantly stays out of your reach.

On the other hand, a glass in your dream may reflect your capability to see through other people masks and lies. You are someone not so easily manipulated or mislead.

Dreams About Broken Glass – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about broken glass usually have a negative connotation, but not necessarily. Generally, broken glass in dreams symbolizes a radical or a final break in a person’s waking life. It could be related to overcoming obstacles, usually some rules that hold you tight.

Breaking a glass object in a dream could be a reflection of your waking life need to release some deeply suppressed emotions and desires. Since you are not doing that in your real life, you try to channel the frustration by breaking glass in your dream.

If you just see broken glass or somebody else breaks it, such dreams could indicate other people try to help you to do so or that they are aware of your tensions, whichever they might be.

Seeing broken glass

There are more interpretations about seeing a broken glass. In general, it is not considered a good sign, because broken glass may represent failure, missed opportunities, broken relationships, failed expectations and so on.


As we have mentioned before, if you see broken glass in your dream it could mean you have lost control over your life and you let others manipulate your desires and plans. Broken glass is one of the most common symbols of a broken heart and hurt feelings. It is a recognizable symbol of romantic failure. Positively, it could be a sign of finally getting over something difficult in your life, in a radical, even painful way.

Walking on broken glass

If you dream about treading over broken glass, such a dream may reflect your waking life hardship. You may find yourself in an unpleasant situation, which you would rather pass by, but you cannot avoid it. Walking on broken glass in dreams could also mean you are ready to step into something you do find scary, but you know you have to do it in order to get better or to advance.

Eating broken glass

Dreams about eating broken glass are particularly disturbing and meanings behind them are usually unpleasant. If you dream your mouth is full of broken glass or you are chewing it, it means you have difficulties to say what you really mean in your waking life.

Maybe you are afraid if your words would hurt somebody or you think what you say would do yourself some harm. Such dreams could also be reflections of repentance; you may already have said some hurtful things to others and you try to find a way to say sorry.

Broken drinking glass

Drinking glass made of glass is one of the most common objects in our waking lives and, consequently, in our dreams. You are certainly familiar with the concept of ‘a glass half-empty and a glass half-full’.

What it means if a drinking glass is being broken in your dream? If you dream of a broken glass that was full, it may be a sign of a financial disaster, losing money and wealth or your social status. If you dream about an empty drinking glass being broken, it means you are currently incapable of handling your own life, especially in terms of finances and such.

Broken mirror

Mirrors have always been a powerful source of mysteries, even if they are objects completely manmade. Those common objects are fascinating, indeed. In earlier times, when perfectly polished mirrors, today made by millions, were rarity, people believed they possess some mystical properties.

Mirrors were thought to have an ability to steal human souls and to reflect only the living (it is believed vampires do not have a reflection!). There is no person, even in a modern, rational world, who feels completely calm after breaking a mirror. So, what could it mean in a dream?

Breaking a mirror has always been considered a bad luck and a bad sign. Dreams about broken mirrors are not considered to bring you seven years of misfortune, though, but they may inspire you to rethink your waking life acts and behavior. If you see a broken mirror in your dream, it may symbolize a wrong impression you have about yourself.

Maybe it is time to start listening to other people’s opinions and consider their advices or you need to let go of some old routines. If you intentionally break a mirror in your dream, it means you are dissatisfied with yourself; if you do it by accident, it means you know the time has come to change, but you are still unready or unwilling to do so.