Dreams About Breastfeeding A Baby – Meaning and Interpretation

Breastfeeding dreams are usually reserved for women, but men are not always an exception. However, it is quite uncommon for a man to have a dream about breastfeeding a baby, since he could not get a real experience of this wonderful natural process.

In general, dreams about breastfeeding a baby could be interpreted as an inner instinct about having a baby in real life or a need to start a family and prolong your lineage. The action of breastfeeding is a wonderful, amazing natural phenomenon, a gift and a great bond between mothers and children.

Dreams about breastfeeding usually have positive and protective meanings. Such dreams usually occur to women who already have child or children, but it is not so uncommon for a woman who has never given a birth to have a breastfeeding dream.

In such cases, dreams about breastfeeding could be predictive and they make a great introduction to a real-life motherhood.

General interpretation of breastfeeding dreams

As we have said, dreams about breastfeeding are typical for real life mothers. Such dreams could be a reflection of a need for protecting and nurturing their own children. It could also reflect an unwillingness to separate from an already grown up child, for this process is often quite hard and upsetting for some mothers (for example, if a grown child is leaving their parent’s home, starting his or hers own life, moves to another city or country etc.).

Dreams about breastfeeding may also suggest you depend on other people, emotionally, financially or in some other way. It could mean you find it hard to break up some bonds or your unwillingness to step out in adult-like life.

Breastfeeding, both in dreams and reality, has a strong rational and symbolic significance for people. It symbolizes our primal instinct to care for our little ones or to protect people we love. It is an universal symbol of motherhood, a process truly known only to women.

While such dreams usually reflect your own need to nurture and protect, it could also mean the opposite. If you lack love and attention in your waking life, or you were neglected as a child, it could also be a reflection of your need and desire to be loved, pampered and taken care of.

Before we pass on to specific dreams, we will enlist most common concepts and terms linked to breastfeeding dreams.

  • Motherhood, motherly love
  • Protection, caring for others
  • Responsibility
  • Need of love and attention
  • Family, marriage
  • Bonds, relationships
  • Dependence

An interpretation of a breastfeeding dream would most likely depend on particular circumstances in a person’s waking life, so let us see what messages do such dreams bring.

Dreams About Breastfeeding A Baby – Meaning and Interpretation

Interpretations and meanings of breastfeeding dreams vary depending on personal experiences in waking life. While such dreams in almost one hundred percent cases occur to married mothers, unmarried women and women who have never had a baby could also have them.

Some men could also have dreams about breastfeeding a baby, though such cases are rare and those dreams appear particularly strange, even disturbing.

Unmarried and not pregnant female dreamers

When a person who is not married and does not have children dreams about breastfeeding a baby, it usually means they are about to start a family. Since such a dream is typical for women, it could be a reflection of a future mother’s inner instinct of getting pregnant.

Generally, breastfeeding dreams are symbol of family, marriage and creating stronger bonds with a partner. For unmarried and not pregnant women, dreams about breastfeeding a baby may indicate talking about actions mentioned, deciding upon getting married and having a baby.

Married or pregnant female dreamers


When married women dream about breastfeeding a baby, it is a positive sign for her marriage and relationship with her partner. It does not necessarily mean baby is on the way; it rather symbolizes strong bonds between partners and gives a hope for a log and blissful commitment to each other. Such dreams are interpreted as a sign of a long and prosperous marriage, full of joy and happiness. It could also be interpreted as a positive sign about becoming parents in future, as well.

If a woman is pregnant and dreams about breastfeeding her baby, it could simply be a reflection of her natural motherhood instincts of need to nurture and protect her future child/children.  Such dreams are generally positive and calming.

Therefore, such dreams could be interpreted as a sign of inner peace and good relations with other people, especially with a partner and other family members or very close friends.

Breastfeeding someone else’s baby

Dreams about breastfeeding a baby that is not your own may represent a burden of a great commitment and responsibility in life. Such dreams have more to do with social or business matters, rather than with marriage and family. It means you are literally ‘nurturing’ your plans, projects and ideas, which might appear stressful, but generally positive.

On the other hand, dreams about breastfeeding someone else’s baby may reflect your need to protect someone you love and care for. You may have a need to take care for them, if they are abandoned, helpless and have no one else to go to.

 Seeing someone else breastfeeding a baby

According to dream interpreters, such dreams are warning signs. If you see a person breastfeeding a baby, it means you should take extra attention to actions of people around, including your loved ones.

Dreams about other person breastfeeding a baby symbolize infidelity, disloyalty and jealousy. Such dreams could mean you and your partner have got a bit estranged. It could also be a reflection of your suspicion of adultery.

If a man dreams about breastfeeding a baby

This type of dreams are particularly uncommon, because of a simple natural rules that make men unfamiliar with an actual action of breastfeeding, feelings and sensations linked to the process and so on.

However, some men do have dreams about breastfeeding a baby or just having milk in their breasts. There are not many interpretations about such rare dreams. Islamic interpreters suggest dreams about a man having milk in his breasts are a good sign in financial matters, in the first place.

On the other hand, they say dreams about a man breastfeeding someone (not necessarily a baby) is a bad sign for both.