Dreams About Breaking Up – Meaning and Symbolism

We all dream every night but do not always remember our dreams, and this is the catch. It all happens to us that sometimes we have nightmares, or at least dreams that we feel that mean something important to our “real” life.

They can be so realistic and accurate that we wake up in dread that we are not sure was that dream a reality or just a fantasy. Their complexity of dreams for many is still a mystery, and many people try to deal with their meaning – and the key lies in the dream symbolism.

Many theories tell us about why it can be essential for us to interpret our dreams. The fundamentals of the questions concerning “how” and “why” are still a very topic among scientists who professionally deal with dreams.

One of the dreams that people often have is the one that they break up with someone, or someone is breaking up with them, and we assure you that all of this means something in real life; it is maybe not so obvious meaning that you expect.

Breaking up for people who were is any kind of relationship, can be a harrowing and traumatic event (unless it is desirable and “consensual”, and even then there can bring many doubts).

This event is a normal part of everyone’s life – it means that two human beings are lost some sentiments, at least one of them did, the one who launched the breakup.

But this event also represents a loss of hopes, fulfillments, unfulfilled desires, and it can be the break of something that tends to succeed.

Break up can be seen as the channel that releases all negative emotions and pains, and because of the strong sense of being rejected, or failed, it shows a decay of all dreams and fantasies that one person or couple once had.

Today we will reveal what does it truly means to dream about breaking up.

Meaning of dreams about breaking up

In a dream world, it is a common thing to dream about breaking up, and it can be a prediction of someone’s sense of abandonment and disconnection in real life. It can also be a sign of a person’s unconscious concern, doubt or fear that someone will be left completely unhappy and alone in society.

But your subconscious is saying to you through the dream world that you are aware that when something does not have the prospect of success, it is better to go and give up dignity, but to torture and suffer defeats, and to create tension and discomfort or dissatisfaction with oneself.

The symbolism of dreams about breaking up

The symbolism of dreams about breaking up can vary a lot, and this is the part that we can see the most if look at thing according to specific situations and events.

So, if you have dreamed that you were the one that broke a relationship with someone you loved, it can be the symbol that you are disappointed, or his actions hurt you, or that you have deliberately and unconsciously suppressed your feelings.

Some say that this dream symbolism means that you are unwilling to leave your mistakes and doubts from the past, and move on because your recollections and “recalling memories”, or just creating pain, or actually hinder and prevent you from growing.

It can also be seen as the feeling that you feel totally dependent on your dreams and pessimistic, and what is your real state of affairs, particularly about some individual or business problems and matters.

Another example is when you dream that you have ended a long-lasting emotional relationship because it bothers you. In this case, it is a symbolic sign that you are in some great confusion or pain, and that you want to either change something in your life, or dare to face your own troubles and fears and to stop “running away” from yourself, and from what concerns you.


If you dream that you break up with someone and that you feel sad and depressed and sad, and that you see yourself as a pathetic human being, the dream symbolism shows that you are, in real life a person who always gives maximum attempts and efforts to achieve all goals.

If you have dreamed that your emotional partner or a close friend is the one who wants to break with you, and you are surprised by his determination, there is a piece of conclusive evidence that you are in constant fear of disappointing someone.

This is the symbolical sign that you are struggling to adapt to someone in your life, and it does not have to be your current lover, it can be anyone who is new and tries to be a part of your life.

And that you struggle to adjust to each other and to be to everyone “at your disposal” and to help, and that you are also tired of constantly worrying and thinking about others, while you are entirely neglecting yourself.

Another variation is when you have a dream that someone suggested that you take a break from each other.

It is said that this is a positive symbolism that means that your emotional aspect will be repaired, or you will soon have an astonishment -like an offer for marriage or a lifetime together, and building a family or building something even stronger than anything before that.

In the end, if your dream revolves around breaking up in terms that you have a deal with someone, or if that someone is your ex-lover, for example, this could mean that you still quietly have feelings for that person and that you are still longing of your lover.

It is signification that you did not manage to deal with your overbearing passions.

One version can be that you dream that you are happy that you are breaking up with someone you care; it can be an indication that you are ready, but also scared to make that move – some radical changes.

These are the alterations that will bring you relief – we are talking about things that tormented you in a business or private life.

A dream in which you cannot accept and overcome the breakdown of a relationship, it has the meaning of a word, or that you are a person who is very stubborn and persistent in every intent, and that in the event of failure you tend to shift all liability, and that you do not fail to realize that something is not going to happen to you and that you need to be tested in some new challenges, which can be more successful and bring vast and unexpected success and progress.

Some more extreme symbolism shows that you if you dream that you want to get revenge and to hurt the person who broke up with you – and if you suffer very much because of this, it just means that you need to re-evaluate what you feel about this person.

It is also a clear indication that you need to get rid of all those negative feelings.

If you dream that you are pressing someone not to leave you, or to finish something regarding you-you need to think about personal relationships in your life and are you humiliated and function poorly and mediocre, the opposite is true, and it implies that you are a person who knows precisely what “you want” and that you also do not let anyone stop you and limits, and that you are primarily dedicated to working and success, and that your family or partner often “suffers” because you never have enough time or are able to devote all your attention and patience.

Do you have to be worried?

Maybe you should be worried, at least just a little bit, and this dream can be the thing that will yank to a reality. It is because you have been neglecting some feeling you have and you are not able to do the right thing in your life.

Every dream about break up can still bring something good in your life, because every ending can signify a new beginning. But what it is definitely true is that dreaming about breaking up means that you have something in your heart, and you are suppressing that feeling with your head and ratio.

These two aspects must be in correlation so that one individual can work well and make reasonable choices in his life.

Sometimes these dreams come in your sub-conscience is because your conscience does not let this feeling to get through, so it has to find a way to get out of your head.

This dream is also a wake-up call for you to move things in the direction that will make your personal life better more mature.

What should I do if I had this dream?

First, you should start writing down what have you dreamed in the smallest possible details, so that you have the whole picture. The more dreams repeated it, and it is then even more necessary to write it down.

Then it is highly recommended to start evaluating goals in your life, in particular in your emotional life. This dream about breaking up definitely a sign that something needs to be changed in your life – this is the change that you could not do, so your dream world is making you do it. It serves as a reminder that a person who was the part of your dream is essential to you.

But the key may not be in the person itself (the one that you have dreamed of) – it can be just a reflection of a particular situation that you need to resolve in your life.

Sometimes it can be an unhealthy attitude or a habit that you should change.


Some believe that dreams have a symbolic meaning, and the boldest argue that they give us is that dreams can even predict the future.

They see other dreams as random, insignificant information.

But we are assuring you, and all of us have that experience that we know that dreams are trying to tell us something, it is just that we sometimes neglect it, or we forgot of our dreams.

Some theories suggest that dreaming helps us process and consolidate the old and further information and to deal with things in a complete way.

The brain could dream of using it to allow us to adapt to the various events that just follow us in our lives.

And in this story we talked about dreams of breaking up – in some cases, it can mean that break you will bring you necessary comfort, and happiness that you feel that you deserve.

In some other cases, dreaming of a breaking up can mean that you are suppressing fears that someone could leave you (someone who you love very much), so your dream world is reacting to this fear.

Be as it is – the definitive symbolic behind this is that dreams of breaking up are almost always connected to the things we love very much, regardless of that it can be – a job, a person, a thing along with the fear that we can lose it.

Sometimes this is necessary, and we should do it, and sometimes it is just a realization that we love that thing or a person so profoundly that we fear that we could lose it.