Dreams About Big Waves – Meaning and Interpretation

Water in dreams symbolizes your subconscious and emotional states.

The state and color of the water and the emotions you experienced in the dream reveal its meaning.

If the water was dark, or muddy, maybe it’s your subconscious trying to reveal some hidden desires that you have. If the water was crystal clear, the dream might be a confirmation that your emotions are pure, and you are on the right path following them.

Dirty and muddy water is almost always related to failure, misery or illness, while clean and shiny water signifies health, luck and success.

Dreams about waves are fairly common and they always bear a big message for you. Like water, waves in dreams often symbolize your emotions. They also may represent secrets, secret emotions, threats, new opportunities, or different occasions and events coming into your life in the near future.

Huge waves in dreams often signify explosions of emotions, strong feelings or significant events. Their nature can be determined as good or bad through the characteristics of the water and the overall feeling you had in the dream.

Big and uncontrollable waves are commonly a sign of anger and rage against someone.

Big waves can also symbolize emotional turbulence and growing uncertainties, but can also be a symbol of growth, potential and power.

Dreams About Big Waves – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about a big river wave. If in your dream you saw a huge river wave suddenly rising above the water, that dream might be a very important message that a significant event is about to take place in your life in the near future.

The nature of the event can be determined by the emotions this event caused you in the dream.

If the water was dirty or murky, the event will probably be unpleasant.

If it was muddy and carried waste and debris, the event might even be dangerous or destructive.

If, on the other hand, the water was clear and shiny the event will probably be something that will give you joy. Maybe this dream means that you will receive a gift from someone.

Dreaming about a big wave in a pool. If you dreamed that you saw a big wave suddenly appearing in a pool, that dream might be a symbol of a future event which will not be of great significance to you, or will not leave a lasting impact on your life. The event might be a pleasant or unpleasant one, depending on the water characteristics, and the emotions you experienced in the dream.

Dreaming about big ocean or sea waves. If your dream was about big ocean or sea waves crashing against the shore or rising high above the water surface, most probably it denotes heightened emotions and feelings you are experiencing.

If the water was clear and pleasant, and the waves provoked feelings of happiness and joy, the dream is likely foretelling something beautiful that is about to happen in your life. The event can be connected to love, relationships or some creative endeavors.


If the water and the waves were frightening and dark, provoking feelings of fear and disaster that is about to happen, that dream probably foretells disastrous events and negative feelings that you will be experiencing, such as aggression, anger or even hatred.

Dreaming about big sea waves almost drowning you. If you had a dream in which big sea waves almost drowned you, this dream may be signifying difficulties in controlling your emotions, instincts and desires. Sometimes this can refer to addictions that you can’t resist and get rid of, such as drugs, alcohol or sex.

This dream can sometimes signify that you are being controlled or used by a manipulative person from your surroundings.

Dreaming about a big sea wave pulling you in the sea. If in your dream a big sea wave pulled you back in the sea, distancing you further from the shore, such dream might imply that in the near future you will lose control in some of your important actions.

Dreaming about riding on a big wave towards the shore. If in your dream a big wave was carrying you through shiny, clear water towards a beautiful beach on the shore, such dream usually foretells a period of great success and prosperity.

Dreaming about big waves furiously crashing against the shore. This dream may reveal that you have been frustrated recently about something, which bothers you a lot so you cannot control your feelings anymore. Maybe this dream signifies poor decisions and judgment that you have made in matters that are very important, and your discontent about that.

This dream can also foretell sadness and loss in some areas of your life caused by unexpected circumstances beyond your control.

Dreaming about big wave surfing. If in your dream you were big wave surfing in the ocean or the sea, such dream is often an indication of your adventurous spirit and positive outlook towards things and situations in life.

If you had difficulties remaining on the surfboard, this dream may be revealing that you are over confident.

Dreaming about running from a big wave. This dream may signify that you have a lot of things and problems on your mind, but you are trying hard to manage them all.

Dreaming about a tsunami wave. A dream, in which you saw a tsunami wave approaching you, may be a serious warning of bad things happening soon in your life.

This dream can also symbolize emotions getting out of control. Maybe you have been under a lot of pressure lately or you have been experiencing some sort of change, which provoked this kind of dream.

In such situations, the dreams of tsunami might be recurring with the waves getting bigger as the anxiety grows. This dream is probably getting your attention on areas of your life which have unresolved issues, so you can confront them.

Sometimes this dream can reveal an inner change that has been happening inside you, or is about to happen.

This dream can also mean that you are not addressing your emotions.

It may also represent difficult life situations and uncertainty that you are currently undergoing, like obstacles, breakups, illness, financial losses, etc., which are beyond your control and you are fearing the consequences and the outcome of those situations.

Dreaming about escaping a tsunami wave. A dream in which you managed to escape a tsunami wave probably signifies that you have a lot of repressed emotions and unresolved emotional issues which you are now successfully confronting.

Dreaming about being swept away by a tsunami wave. If you had a dream in which you were swept away by a tsunami wave, such dream probably represents a warning of upcoming life changes, which will as a result bring new things and beginnings in your life.

Maybe this dream is a sign of you making some changes in your belief system in the near future.

Dreaming about causing a tsunami wave. If in your dream you had the abilities to cause a tsunami wave, this dream might signify that you are capable to control yourself and your emotions very well. This dream can also signify that you are able to control other people and their emotions.

Dreaming about a big wave rolling over your boat. A dream in which you saw a big wave hitting the boat you were in and rolling it over is probably a bad sign. Maybe it signifies that lately you have made emotionally driven irrational and haste moves and decisions in important matters.

Dreaming about threatening looking sea with big waves. If you had a dream in which you saw a menacing looking sea with big waves, this dream can be a forewarning to be careful and pay attention to your words and actions towards colleagues or members of your household to avoid disputes and misunderstandings.