Dreams About Bears – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams have always had a special place in all cultures of the world. Every single nation on Earth has its own understanding of what do particular dreams mean and how each single object, being or phenomenon in those dreams could be interpreted and understood. Dreams about animals have always been particularly interesting and full of hidden symbolism.

Animals are a part of our world and, even though we often consider ourselves, as the most intelligent, thinking specie, superior, we are still amazed by the diversity of their appearance, their enigmatic behavior and instincts, their strength and skills. We have adored animals for millennia and centuries; we’ve been loving them, nurturing them, worshiped them and fear them.

Bear is one of the most symbolic animals in human civilization. It is a powerful totemic animal, a mighty ruler of deep forests and caves, a mountain king worth of worshiping.

Therefore, it is not strange that dreams about bears are often considered strongly meaningful, even prophetic. So, what does it mean to dream a bear? Let us first dive into the symbolism behind the mighty Bear.


It is amazing how many different and even contradictive meanings and symbols linked to bears there are. Isn’t it strange to have one of the most favorite and popular toys in the world created to resemble one of the strongest and even deadliest animals on our planet? Teddy bear, a fluffy little fellow we all adore.

Bear cubs really look lovely, cuddly and adorable, don’t you think? Big bears, on the other hand, look impressive and scary, but their amazing nature is what have been inspiring people for centuries.

A powerful guardian

Summing up data from different cultural sources, including mythology, legendary tales, native stories and traditions, we could say that the bear is most often linked with the concept of might. This powerful animal is a symbol of a warrior and the master, someone bold, but not rushing, a wise and strong leader.

If you choose a bear to be your spiritual protector, a totem, you’d get yourself a powerful guardian.

  • The most common concepts behind bear symbolism are might, strength, bravery, fearlessness and leadership;

A caring authority

On the other hand, this mighty animal is also a caring parent. Bears are one those animals whose devotion and love for their little ones goes well beyond the simple need for continuing the line. Bear mothers are extremely protective of their cubs, they nurture them and care about them in a way we usually link to ourselves, to human kind. Bears are very defensive of what they consider their own and they would do anything to protect it.

A physical appearance and characteristics of this amazing animal gives it a great authority over weaker beings; you don’t want to ‘question’ the bear. Bears act as if they are well aware of that fact, so it is not strange they are symbols of great authority, as well as protection, so they are linked with concepts of parental protectiveness (especially that of mothers), great authorities and sovereignty.

Many great rulers throughout our history had worn a bear as a heraldic symbol on their banners and coats of arms, to display their power, but also the kindness and protection they would offer their subjects.

  • A bear as a symbol is commonly linked with concepts of motherhood, parenthood, protection, sovereignty and authority;

Simplicity and duality of life

Apart from being powerful, strong, caring and protective, bears are very simple and tranquil beings, most of the time. They eat simple food, they do not ask for ‘luxuries’ and they are happy wandering around their trees and caves.

Winter hibernation is one of the first associations about bears. This fluffy giant would spend all of the Earth’s coldest season cuddled up in its cave, sleeping and waiting for spring. Therefore, bear has a dualistic nature: it is both active and passive, energetic and tranquil.

  • A bear is often considered a symbol of simplicity of life, tranquility, patience and duality of life;


So, what this impressive being could possibly mean in your dream? Native Americans, for example, believe that we are all connected in the great circle of life, so we can all communicate through some specific and mystical channels. One sort of those channels are dreams. Many human cultures share the same beliefs.

Animals in dreams could represent a reflection of our waking world thoughts, but could also tell us something we are unaware of. Some animal dreams are often considered foretelling. Let us see what does the Bear has to say.

General understanding of bears related dreams

So, as we have seen above, some of the main concepts linked to bears as human culture symbols are power, strength, protection, simplicity and being down-to-earth, leadership and patience, amongst many others. Spirit of a bear has a strong significance in many cultures and it is often included in shamanic tradition.


Having a bear as your totem animal is considered a great advantage and privilege; it means you have a strong and powerful guidance in your life, a mighty spirit to protect you in keep you away from trouble. Spirit of a bear is one of the strongest totems in different cultures around the world.

Individual characteristics and life phases – In general, dreams about bears are interpreted as good omens, signs of stability in life, strong will, strong character. It means there are not many things in life that could lead you out of your track and disturb your inner peace. Bear is a symbol of both activity and inactivity, considering its dual nature (being awake /hibernation). If you see a bear in your dream, it could suggest which phase of your life are you entering, depending on what does the bear do, does it sleeps or doing something.

Support and guidance – If a bear appears in your dream it might also mean that there comes the time to stand for your beliefs or aims, to work on achieving your goals or fulfilling your dreams (for example, career goals, marriage, establishing a family etc.). It could also suggest that there comes the time to start changing yourself personally, to grow and develop, to explore your true wishes and needs. A bear in dream is often considered to be an inner guide, representing your personal inner strength of which you are (un)aware in your waking world.

Inner peace and self-confidence – Being more of a solitary animal, a bear in your dream may signify your need to have a time for yourself. It means you actually need to have some time on your own, to met go some of the bounds you’ve been holding on in your life. Seeing a bear in your dream may suggest you have to find your inner peace again and to slow down and get rid of unnecessary burdens of life. Maybe your job is too stressful, or maybe you are in an unhealthy and burdening relationship. No matter what is the case, the spirit of a bear tries to guide you out of this depressing trail and help you find tranquility. A bear in your dream is often a sign of a need for seeking personal stability and self-confidence you might have lost.


Seeing a bear in your dream in specific circumstances could offer you different perspectives of your current life phase or some situation you are facing in your waking life. In general, dreams are still not completely understood and there are several different opinions of their true nature.

Some things are certain, however. We do dream things that reflect our ‘real’ world, but there also may appear some strange scenes we could hardly relate to. Mixed up together, we get an interesting way of understanding ourselves and our connections to the great world that surround us.

A powerful totemic animal as a bear might have a strong significance in your dream. Let us see how specific dreams about bears are interpreted.

Bear behavior

If you dream a bear that is calm and peaceful and you’re just watching it, it means there are no problems in your waking life. You are confident and skilful and there are not many things that could disturb your inner peace. If a bear is sleeping or napping, it means you’re entering the phase of re-thinking your actions or that you need to rest, recover, and give yourself some time to grow and develop personally.

On the other hand, if a bear in your dream is raging, it might just reflect your dissatisfaction or anger. It means there are things in your waking life you might consider taking care of.

Bear hunt and hurting a bear

Hunting a bear in your dream is considered a good omen. It means you should follow your instincts and chase your dreams; hunting a bear in your dream reflects your true ‘hunt’ for success, so go for it, it is a good sign, dream interpreters claim.

Similarly, killing a bear in your dream means you would easily get over all the barriers and setbacks and achieve your goal without being hurt on that way.

On the other hand, if you see a trapped bear in your dream, it means that path would not be so easy, especially if a bear doesn’t find a way to release itself.

Encountering a bear

There are different interpretations based on a way you’re encountering a bear in your dream. If a bear is attacking you, it means you are angry with someone in your waking life. If you are fighting a bear, it suggests you have to be vigilant in your waking life, because there might be a threat you are still unaware of.

If a bear chases you in your dream and you manage to escape, it means you are about to have a pleasant, romantic encounter in your waking life. If a bear runs from you, it reflects your own unwillingness to face your real life problems.

A circus bear

Seeing a bear in circus, especially participating in a show, it means you will soon meet someone who is kind and lovable, a person that could easily make you laugh and make you feel calm and relaxed. That could be a new friend, a partner, a colleague etc. If a bear is dancing, it is a sign of a financial support you are about to get.

A bear cub

Seeing a baby bear in your dream means you have a strong protection in your waking life. A baby bear in your dream represents yourself. If there is a mother bear with a cub, it strongly suggests you have a powerful guidance and support in your real life (your family, friends or someone else).

A dead bear

If a bear in your dream dies or you see a dead bear, it may signify your own weakness or inability to take care of yourself, as bears are often symbols of our inner strength.

On the other hand, this sort of dream could mean that the time has come to take your life in your own hands or that there is not an authority figure in your life anymore.