Dreams About Arguing With Boyfriend – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about arguing with someone you know usually signify some issues regarding the relationship you have with that person. Dreams about arguments with your boyfriend often have the same meaning.

These dreams are common and can be caused by many reasons.

If you dreamed about having an argument with your boyfriend, most likely, there are some problems in your relationship.

Maybe you haven’t been getting along well lately, or you have distanced from each other.

Whatever the reason for the strained relationship with your boyfriend might be, it is bothering you, and that is why you had this dream.

An argument with your boyfriend in your dream might also signify having some unsettled disputes with your boyfriend and you are trying to resolve them, while sleeping.

If, in reality, you don’t have a reason to argue with your boyfriend, and you still had such a dream, then this dream might be revealing your current emotional state.

You are probably feeling angry and aggressive towards everyone in general.

Maybe you have been prone to negative outbursts of rage lately, or being mean to others, for no obvious reason. If this is the case, you should ask yourself about the true reasons for your behavior and confront them.

If you avoid doing so, you risk jeopardizing your relationships with the people you care about, because they won’t be able to put up with your reckless behavior for a long time.

Sometimes, you might have a dream about arguing with your boyfriend, after a real argument you had with your boyfriend recently, and your mind cannot forget the event, so you dream about it.

Maybe you are still angry at your boyfriend because of the argument, and keep repeating the argument in your dream as well. Maybe you haven’t resolved the issues you have with your boyfriend, during your actual argument and now you keep dreaming about it.

A dream about arguing with your boyfriend sometimes has nothing to do with your boyfriend and your relationship with him.

Maybe you have your own unresolved issues, or you have been indecisive about some decision you have to make.

If that is the case, you are probably having an inner argument with yourself all the time, and you continue arguing in your dreams as well, while your subconscious chooses to argue with your boyfriend who is one of the people you spend the most time with.

Dreams about arguments with your boyfriend might leave you with a sense of unease which might last throughout the day, especially if there wasn’t a reason for the argument in reality.


These dreams might sometimes lead to tense feelings between you two during the day, because the emotions experienced during the dream might have an impact on your relationship with your boyfriend.

A dream about an argument with your boyfriend may even be a premonition of that event in the near future. It often happens that an actual argument follows a dream about having an argument with your boyfriend.

After such a dream you might wake up with a feeling something’s wrong with the relationship with your boyfriend, which is not a pleasant feeling to experience, although it might not be true at all.

These dreams, can be so realistic, your brain might not be able to realize the argument didn’t really happen.

Dreams about arguing with your boyfriend tend to recur if you have chosen to ignore something about your boyfriend or about your relationship with him, which bothers you a lot.

Maybe you have let some minor issues in your relationship pile up, which now provokes such dreams. If there is something bothering you, you should ask yourself what it is, and confront your boyfriend with it, trying to find a joint solution with him. If there’s something in his behavior, which annoys you, you should ask him to change it, if possible.

You should openly discuss your boyfriend about everything and try to calmly resolve all issues, thus avoiding dreaming such dreams.

Sometimes dreams about arguing with your boyfriend may reveal a high level of passion, which exists in your relationship.

Maybe you constantly argue over minor things with your boyfriend, because you both have fiery and passionate temper, and your relationship is the same.

If you can remember what the argument was about, and if it was about a discussion you had before with your boyfriend, or about something irritating you about him, your dream only reveals what’s currently on your mind.

Dreams About Arguing With Boyfriend – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about arguing with your boyfriend. If you dreamed about arguing with your boyfriend, such a dream might be both a good and a bad sign.

This dream might confirm the stability of the relationship you have with your boyfriend, and things going smoothly between the two of you.

This dream might also indicate a relationship which is stale and boring. Maybe the dream about arguing with your boyfriend reveals your desire for change and some excitement in your relationship with him. Maybe you need more passion in your relationship.

Sometimes this dream might be a result of an argument you already had with your boyfriend recently and now your subconscious is repeating it through your dream.

Maybe you have some unresolved issues with your boyfriend, which are bothering you so you dream about arguing with him.

Sometimes this dream might actually forewarn an argument between you and your boyfriend in the near future.

Dreaming about arguing with your ex – boyfriend on the street. If you dreamed about seeing your ex – boyfriend and having an argument with him, such a dream might not be a good sign, possibly indicating some problems you have with your current boyfriend.

Your boyfriend maybe has some issues with something you said or did in the past, and that might lead to an argument between the two of you in the near future.

You should try to use your negotiation skills to resolve those matters with your boyfriend in the least painful way.

Dreaming about someone hearing you argue with your boyfriend. If you dreamed about someone hearing your argument with your boyfriend, such a dream might indicate some issues which are being kept a secret or aren’t openly discussed with your boyfriend.

It might also signify issues which are not acknowledged by your boyfriend. Maybe you feel as if your ideas are treated as insignificant or unimportant by your boyfriend.

Maybe you feel disregarded by him.

This dream might be a message to you, to openly confront your boyfriend about the things bothering you and try to resolve them if possible.