Dreams About a Friend Dying – Meaning and Symbolism

It is highly recommended for people to start writing down their dreams, and the better if you can remember the small details in a dream, regardless if that dream was in some way disturbing or unpleasant.

Doing so, you will be able to understand what they are related to and to get insight into some of them right away – reading these articles can help you in some meaningful way, for sure.

Some people discover their message after some time and after some experience, they had with their dreams, and we can say with the major certainty that only then the meaning of the dream become apparent, and you know what you should do from that moment.

Experts say that this is the way you can move inner reality to the outside – and that in this transition period, we can learn a lot about ourselves.

If a dream refers to something that is just happening in your life, when you come to a certain situation, you will never miss out the opportunity to use the wisdom that you gained from the dream world.

Now, as we have said, you can dream about virtually anything that is possible, even possible in your imagination, and in this sense, dreams of someone’s death are not uncommon.

Of course, dreaming that someone close is dying in front of you can leave a lasting impression on you, and this is one of those dreams that will have you wake up and thank God that this was just a dream.

In this piece, we will try to discover what does this dream means and how it can be effectively used as a good tool to make your life better and much healthier, in terms of personal relationships, especially with the close people, like long-time friends.

Meaning of Dreams about Friend Dying

Dreams in which person you love and are attached us dying can be disturbing and in a range of a nightmare, for sure, but what is its hidden meaning?

Does it carry positive or negative precognition?

Is this a dream that means utterly opposite in real life?

The dream in which you see your Friend dying means that you have been very disappointed in someone, and that you are entirely up to the person you know and change your opinion and attitude, and that you are frustrated and hurt, and that you do not expect to make mistakes and offences, ever excused.

Now, on the other side of these dreams about seeing your close Friend dying is the interpretations that it can be something “more direct”, and they imply that you are concerned about someone who is familiar with you.

It can be a dream about a person you care for very much, and this is just the way you are reflecting your fear that something terrible does not happen to that person you love so much.

If you are watching someone dying in a dream, it signifies a sadness of a feeling of worry for a loved one – we all have this for that one person, at least. It can be a school friend, a friend that is no longer in our lives, or a friend that is causing us problems, and we have some unresolved issues with that person. Our mind is telling us through dreams that the time has come for resolving them.

There is one more meaning where you are very close to that person, but you feel lonely, and the dream of losing that person is just an extension of reality, where you have thought about leaving your Friend.


This may be the Friend that you can no longer talk about everything, so you are wondering what your future is waiting for.

The Symbolism of Dreams about Friend Dying

If you have a disturbing dream that your Friend is dying in front of you, it can be a symbol that you have overcome that Friend in your life and that you think that that Friend does not have certain virtues, such a dream can also mean that certain virtues and qualities that a person in a dream dies has no meaning to you.

This symbolizes your readiness to move on in your life, as soon as possible, and the dream is just a confirmation of that process – your Friend does not mean anything more to us than it meant to us or we stopped to appreciate those of her or his features.

If the dream in which you’re Friend is dying in some specific, possibly gruesome way, it can signify two things – revenge and betrayal, often combined in one, or one followed by the other.

This is the symbol that in your relationship with that person, there is a certain deep-rooted and unexplained problem.  It can carry a meaning that you are very confused about that Friend, the characteristic that a friend has, and that your love or respect for that person fades.

Sometimes a negative event such as a quarrel or even betrayal that you’re Friend has caused you; it can be the reason why you had such a dream.

If you have a dream where your Friend is dying, but you feel that you are a direct or indirect cause to his death – it can be the symbol of hiding, and in this case, it is the symbol of hiding behind death.

One of the interpretations of such a dream is that all the feelings and characteristics that you yourself want to suppress and that are, once again connected with that Friend, indirectly or directly. That’s why the death of your Friend is the way to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings and clean your mind from negative thoughts.

If in a dream you see your Friend dying, and you are involved in the same accident as he is, but you somehow survive, it is the symbol of the transition phase that is about to come in your life, and your mind is preparing you for that state of life, in some way.

This is one very common motif we encounter in our dreams – here we express a sole fear of losing the person we love so much, and the person that is our support for a long time, it is usually a friend who we know for a long time.

Do I have to be worried?

So, as you could see for yourself, the most common cause for these dreams is the fear, that paralyzing feeling that we are going to lose someone we love so much, the person who has been there for us for a long time.

If you are constantly worried about it, these feelings somehow have to come out of the subconscious, and most of all, through dreams.

This fear is common, and we all have it, but worrying obsessively about it would never lead us anywhere – we will certainly not be in a position to improve our relationship with that person, so it a complete waste of time obsessing about our relation to our Friend.

But, one thing must be mentioned here, and you should take it as a warning – if you were dreaming of Friend dying, could be a signal that you are completely miserable and sad, the dream symbol is that you are aware of how much it means to you and how much you need in your life and that you are solved to change your approach towards the one you love, and to give more attention, consideration and recognition when your current moments are at stake.

In the end, even if by some chance you “lose” that Friend, not in a sense that he or she will die, but that you will end all connections to it, you should be comforted that, just like in the case, when people truly die, they will always be alive in your thoughts, although not physically present. Take it easy because it can lead you to illness.

What to do if I had this dream?

This is definitely one of those dreams that show what is important for us at the time being, and who are that person that we care for, that we love and the person who we do not want to lose.

The dream of losing that person is just the reflection of those feelings – you could regularly ask whether that person is good, but the main thing is to take care of that person, but in the way that that care and love are not fear, but a healthy approach, in a mature way.

You should not burden you with feelings that he is going to die since you have seen this scenario in your dream.

In some other symbolism of this dream, we spoke about many things that can cause this dream, and in the majority of cases, it is connected to suppressed feelings that you may have about your Friend, it can be the lack of respect, or it can be betrayal (from both sides).

So it is maybe a good time to talk to that Friend and try to either improve your relation or to move on one without the other.


Have you ever dreamed of someone dying and then wondering why you dreamed it? In this article, we will try to explain why such dreams occur.

There are many different kinds of dreams. While some leave us with a pleasant impression and want to dream of them again, we call others the nightmares, and we suppress them because of the terrible scenes we saw in them.

The most disturbing dreams are those in which we see our close person dies, like a close and loving friend, for example.

In these dreams, we often get disturbed by those in whom somebody dies, and if that person is the person who is very close to us, or who was very close to us, the dream gets even more problematic.

These dreams are extremely disturbing, and this feeling reinforces a certain sense of guilt related to it because you still dreamed of someone dying, probably someone you know.

Despite the common belief that this dream is a bad sign and that it usually means that the person you dreamed of is really dead and dying. It is clear that such personalization has no logic – this dream speaks more about the relationship that we have with that person, whether it’s good or bad.

In the end, this dream means the possibility that you are overburdened because you have left the person you loved a lot, a friend in this case.

It has left a deep trace on your subconscious, so it also bothers you in your sleep, and you reflect such “problems” in your dream world. You have to understand that you will not achieve anything by despair.