Dreams About a Crush – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams about a crush are the most beautiful dreams, and you are considered to be a fortunate person. You are so in love in reality that this is it is showing in your dreams. These elements mean that you are satisfied with the current love life.

On the other hand, if you have a crush with a person with whom you do not have a relationship, in reality; dreams of this sort can be an indicator of your real feelings towards that person.

It is possible that these are the dreams in which you are commanding or changing the love you lack in real life.

All of us, people, want and need to be loved, accepted, and we all have the need to belong to someone. If these emotions and commitments are not fulfilled in reality, they often come true in dreams.

Therefore, such thoughts should be interpreted and experienced, without frustrations while awakening and without the feeling of loneliness and frustration.

The ideas in which we see others love each other means that success is about to happen to us, but that does not necessarily imply success related to our love lives.

Meaning of Dreams About a Crush

If you are dreaming that someone has a crush on with you means that you need to re-examine your real feelings towards that person, because it is possible that it is a dream in which a hidden wish came true.

However, this is not the only interpretation. It is also possible that you admire this person very much, and you think a lot about them and that you have so much respect and accepted their features that you adopted as your own.

Dreams in which you get sexually involved with your crush in a public place or different places means that some needs that need to be met. Maybe you often have sexual fantasies that are far from your real sexual reality? Your dreams draw your attention to your need to express yourself with more freedom and openness.

Erotic dreams that involve your crush are often a reflection, a reflection of your sexuality, which is otherwise framed by social norms, and the complete realization and emptiness are realized through dreams, finding such a balance and consequently a psychophysical harmony. Review your real attitudes about sex, marriage, love, gender roles, etc.

If you declare your feelings to your crush in a dream, it indicates that you are waiting for pleasant moments. It’s possible that somebody has liked you for a long time and also has a crush on you, but you were not sure that those feelings were mutual.

Finally, you will dare to take the first step and give your crush what you want, and the answer will be what you hoped it would be for a long time.

To dream that someone is admitting that they have a crush on you implies you will be confused. It may happen that you will find out that a person you consider a friend in you sees a potential love interest, so you will not know how to react and talk to them. You will look at every word and movement, so they don’t get the impression that you are avoiding it or that you have hidden intentions.

When you dream that you are suddenly leaving in the middle of a declaration of a crush towards you, it means that you are afraid of responsibility. You are a person who does not like to be tied down and are scared of commitments and who don’t think that a ring on a finger means anything substantial.

You love your freedom, and you do not allow anyone to endanger it. This attitude has hurt many people who liked you and had a crush on you, but your conscience is pure because you have told them from the very beginning the true nature of things.

Dreams of serious crush that is becoming something more is a sign of happiness and satisfaction through a healthy and intelligent adaptation to living conditions.


Dreaming of others who have a crush on each other is a sign of success on the business plan. If a dreamer has to choose between two people, it predicts that he will have to make difficult decisions in the future.

Dreams of you kissing your crush marks satisfaction with your current environment.

Dreaming that the crush you have for someone fills you with happiness predicts a successful completion of commenced tasks and freedom from care in life.

Dreaming that your crush on someone is not returned indicates a different situation with your future lifestyle.

Dreaming of more serious crush that is mutual predicts a good character and continual progression towards happiness and a better position.

Dreams of an old crush mean satisfaction with what you own, although you may not think so.

Dreaming of declaring your crush predicts happiness and pleasant moments soon.

If you flirt with your crush in your dreams, you will be happy and joyful.

Inappropriate crush or pure lust denotes a disappointment for their passion.

If you experience crush with passion, you will not be able to avoid shame.

Having a crush on a celebrity means that love is waiting for you.

If you are crushing on someone you don’t know indicates that you will have intimate relationships with a wrong person.

If you get your crush into an intimate relationship, you are waiting for misery and temptation.

If you are someone’s crush or a lover in a dream means you are perceived as hard to get.

If your crush becomes a lover in a dream, you are playing a dangerous game.

If in a dream you argue with your crush, be sure that everything that you are trying to make a secret will be known.

If you run into your crush in a dream, it’s a sign that you will fall in love again.

Changing a crush in your dream means that you should be careful of false promises.

Dreaming of losing a crush means that someone better is waiting for you.

To spend the night with your crush means that your wishes will finally come true.

Watching your crush from afar implies that your real-life partner might be cheating on you.

Receiving a love letter from your crush in a dream indicates dissatisfaction and possible intrigues.

Dreaming about going out and having fun with your crush means reconciliation.

Watching someone else kissing your crush is predicting sadness.

If you are falling deeply in love with someone you have a crush on in a dream, it announces your happiness after a turbulent period.

If you are kissing your crush with a lot of passion announces a quarrel in the house.

If you are kissing someone else’s crush, shows a good sign to start something.

To be jealous with your crush in a dream means you are suspicious for no reason, but it can also mean sadness.

The symbolism of Dreams About a Crush

If you, for example, fall in love with a friend in a dream, that is a symbol of mixed and confusing feelings. Probably someone will be kind to you, and you will think that you like him. You will not know how to react, so there may be misunderstandings after which you will not stay in good relations.

When you fall in love with your enemy in a dream, it symbolises that you are attracted to “bad” types of people. You do not like what you can quickly get, but it’s exciting for you to conquer a person you have a crush. The more unattainable your crush is, your interest grows, and vice versa.

When you dream that someone close to you has a crush, it implies that you will give up on love. It’s possible that everyone from your surroundings is in happy relationships or marriage; only you seem to be left alone. You will not be planning and be burdensome so it may just happen that you will meet someone who will draw your attention.

If you fall for your crush more deeply than you would think it’s possible in your dream, it warns you will soon expect some disappointment. It is possible that your partner will not like you, which will make you think that they do not care about you. They will notice that something is bothering you, and you will openly talk and clarify all dilemmas.

If you are crushing on a person who is in a relationship or marriage in a dream, it says that you will enjoy the forbidden love. You’re likely to embark on an affair that has no future. You will only think about yourself and your needs, and you will feel bad when you realize that you hurt those who did not deserve it.

If you have an instant crush on someone in your dream it could belong to prognostic ideas, especially if you are dreaming of a real situation, even a familiar ambience or a society in which, for example, there is a person you do not know, and you fall in love with her during sleep. It primarily symbolises that something similar could happen to you in reality.

People who are single and want a relationship, and in this case it can suggest a new love, and those who are in a stable relationship or marriage should wonder why they “like the romance” over the dream, may not have enough love in reality or maybe trying to make their love affair through romantic ideas and have new content.

If you are in a relationship or marriage that you feel stable in and dreaming that you have a crush on your partner in a dream in a much better “release” than it is in reality, your subconscious tries to make it better.

Do I have to be worried?

Of course, when you wake up you need to wonder why it is necessary, your dream may suggest that you should recognize in it those features that you have not noticed so far, or you did not pay attention to your love life.

If you are not in a great relationship, but the tie persists, your “beautification” of his, her qualities through sleep is a compensatory dream for everything that you lack.

Subsetting helps you to see your partner in a more beautiful light so your conscience will accept it. If in your dream your behavior resembles behavior from the beginning of a relationship, this dream indicates you the connection you need to build with them, as at the beginning, with more romance and love to respond with the same measure.

If your partner is so enchanting, charming and irresistible in your dream, it’s hard for you to have a chance to wake up with him with a more significant interest in yourself because he subconsciously tells you that he is you, it rejects it.

What to do if I had this dream?

It is a signal that the problem is up to you and that the changes you make within your appearance or behavior depending on how it will behave.

At the same time, this is one of the indicators of your uncertainty in yourself, because your dream and the message sent by the subconscious are the results of a completely unrealistic picture you have about the same. It is possible that you are convinced that you are not worthy of anybody’s love and that you are ignored in your dream for that reason.


Dreams of a love of any kind have always been what everyone wants to happen to them when they go to bed, even when they are incredibly illogical, they fill us with pleasant emotions after awakening.