Dreams About a Child – Meaning and Symbolism

Children in dreams can appear in many different contexts, so it’s not that easy to determine the true meaning of that dream.

Dreaming a child represents a deep relationship with yourself and people close to you. It also portrays the more naive and innocent part of your being and describes your inner wishes that you are trying to suppress.

These types of dreams are expected with people you have children, and it’s more familiar with women.

These dreams differ from the ones about babies or the ones that include young adults. Like in reality, dreaming about children often signifies wishes that are about to come true or finally fulfilling a goal. It rarely occurs in a negative form.

Dreams about children often come in times when you are acting childish yourself; showing that you are too dependent on other people and that you can’t take care of yourself.

These explanations occur when you dream of both someone else’s and your kids, although dreaming of your children is often a consequence of worrying too much.

In a negative context, child-related dreams may show a sense of helplessness or an inability to overcome difficulties. It is possible that you have problems that you are having trouble controlling.

Meaning of Dreams About a Child

Dreams that involve your children indicate that you are highly satisfied with certain aspects of your life, where thoughts about other people’s children show new things in your life that are about to appear such as creative ideas and new situations, followed by great excitement.

Losing a child in your sleep shows that you might be under a lot of pressure or that you have too many obligations which make easy for you to forget what truly matters in your life. That can also mean an unexpected change in an area of your life you thought was stable and on the other hand, a successful solution to an existing problem.

If you are giving birth to a child, it can be a visible sign that you are ready for a long term relationship or the start of a family. It can also speak about a significant change in your life and that things are happening too fast and that you are ready to slow down and take a step back.

Dreaming about a child that is playing, it usually represents growth and general progress.

On the other hand, it may be a reminder of an unpleasant situation that happened recently, so you are recommended to stay away from stressful activities at least when you are ready to face them properly. This dream may also represent your so-called inner child. You are reminiscing some events from your childhood or have some intimate wishes or emotions that haven’t come to life yet.

There is probably something in your life with what you should be more involved. It is also possible that someone close to you is acting like a child, a friend, a colleague or even your partner.

Dreams about forgetting a child imply that you have too many obligations and that you forget about everything else that matters to you. It is necessary to prioritise things in your life and focus on the ones you were neglecting.

Arguing with a child may speak of the fact that you are suppressing your inner child. Relax a little and remember that you always have to make that part of yourself alive to be happy.

If you have older kids but dreaming about them as they are little, you have a problem of not letting them go. You still need to control them and make them depend on you, which speaks about your inner need to stay as an essential part of their lives.


Dreaming about a crying child signifies that you should reexamine your decisions about the essential things in your life. Take a step back and carefully think about your actions since the consequences may be harmful.

If you are looking for your child in a dream, it speaks about bringing hope back to your life. You may get a new chance to carry out some of your ideas finally, to start a new business project or get an opportunity to work on your dream job.

If you are dreaming about a sick child, it is not a good sign. It may represent the death of someone close to you.

Dreams about taking care or feeding a child, especially if the child is hungry is a good sign. Someone will maybe hire you to work on a project that will ask for a lot of time and energy but will lead you to enormous personal satisfaction and financial security that you were lacking. You should see this as an encouragement to start a new project that you have planned for a long time.

If you dream that you are punishing a child, it implies that you are not satisfied with your current working conditions. You are working on a job you don’t like, so you should take this as a suggestion to change it, if possible.

Dreams about an unknown child may signify that someone close to you needs your help, but is not ready to ask for it. Maybe that person needs emotional or financial support but is too proud to ask for your help. Think about if there is anyone that might be in this situation.

Dreams, where you are next to a happy and playful child, may mean that you represent someone that is loved and respected by others, which makes you a natural person to be around and someone that people like to work.

If you saw or took care of a child that seemed unhappy, it implies that your current behavior is affecting your reputation and causing people to think wrongly about you. Think about what you are doing wrong so that you can fix the situation.

Dreams about a child that this deformed in any way is a clear sign that there are some relationships in your life that are in desperate need for fixing. If you don’t work on this problem, fights and conflicts are inevitable.

Dreaming about an ominous-looking child may be a symbol of harmful aspects of your personality that you not only letting go but grow them instead. This dream may refer to a bad situation you are facing which got out of control, and that scares you genuinely. It is possible that there is someone in your life that is acting childish, and that annoys you.

The symbolism of Dreams About a Child

If you saw a child that is playing with food in your dream, it symbolises family problems. It is possible that you are thinking a lot about the future for you and your family members. If you have children, try to provide the best conditions for their growth and always put their wishes and needs first.

If you see a playful child, it symbolises family peace. In the upcoming period, all members of your family will have more understanding of each other and will get along better. You won’t pay attention to the little differences that make you argue but enjoy family harmony instead. Multiple children playing is a symbol of happiness and well being.

Dreaming that you are the one playing with a child symbolises happiness in a marriage or relationship. Try to spend every day together differently. Go to a movie, theatre, take long walks and go to a romantic dinner. If you organise well, you will be able to lead a successful private and business life.

If you dream about hugging a child, someone in your life needs your protection and help, but you don’t seem to notice that, even though not intentionally. Make more time for people that you care about, it would mean a lot to them.

If a child is crying in your dream, it symbolises unrealistic goals. You have high expectations that you won’t manage to fulfil. You need to be more realistic and down to earth to make your goals and wishes come true.

If you are dreaming about an older child, consider yourself lucky. That is a clear symbol of true friendship. You are surrounded with people that you can always count on and who are still there for you. You cherish the time you spend together since they are the ones who have the best of you.

Dreaming about a friends’ child is a symbol of a fight with your partner that is about to happen. There is a probably evil-minded person around you that are jealous of your relationship and will do anything to hurt you.

Be aware of any rumors spreading, since that will be the main reason of you fighting with your loved one. Check everything you hear before you go and make accusations of something that didn’t happen.

If you dream that you have more than one child, it symbolises concern about something. You put a lot of effort, energy and time to get where you are now. You are aware that your position goes with a lot of responsibility and you are often wondering if things would be different if you weren’t that ambitious.

Dreaming about an orphan symbolises general wellbeing. In the upcoming period, you will finally get a peaceful time in your personal and business life. That is a perfect opportunity to take time for yourself and rest and enjoy life more. You will finally manage to make some of your plans come to life by yourself.

If you see a healthy child in your dream, it is a symbol of a calm and peaceful time in your home. You put your family first, and you are ready to make a lot of sacrifices to keep your family together. Everything you do is to secure a better and safer future for them.

Opposite of this dream symbolises quarrels in your home. It is most likely that your partner doesn’t have much understanding for you and your needs, which is the main reason for arguing.

A dream where you see or hear a dying child symbolises a great inner restlessness. You worry too much about everything, especially about things that are not under your control. Do yourself a favour and take some steps back. You can’t always affect everything that is going on, and sometimes it is better to accept things the way they are.

Dreaming of saving a child symbolises your efforts to save part of you that is ready to get lost. It usually happens if you find yourself in a life-changing situation or in conditions that may change you forever.

If you are dreaming that a child is falling it is a symbol of lost innocence.

Dreaming that you are away from your children symbolises failure. It may refer to an idea you had about a particular person or a plan you had that was utterly unrealistic and doomed to fail from the start.

Do I have to be worried?

You do not have to be worried. Although you are satisfied with your life in general, you sometimes think about how your life would look like if you made different choices.

If you dream of yourself being a child, it often symbolises your childhood. You miss that period of innocence and time where you were carefree and without any obligations and commitments.

What to do if I had this dream?

If you live with his or your parents by any chance, it will create an additional pressure that is making your relationship more complicated.

If there is any possibility to have an independent living arrangement, be ready to do it since it will lighten the entire issue.


Children related dreams signify our suppressed wishes and unfulfilled hopes, but also carelessness, purity and innocence. It is often a metaphor for something hidden in us that we are yet to discover. It may refer to talent, skill or even a part of our personality that we didn’t even realise exists.

These types of dreams are there to remind us to take a better look in ourselves and examine every part of our being so we can accomplish more in our lives, which would make us a better person. Knowing yourself is the greatest gift in life.