Dreaming of Vampires – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of vampires won’t make you wish yourself a good morning, yet, you can’t escape what happened in your dream.

People have a couple of questions in mind when they wake up and think about the dream of vampires they had.

For example, who is a vampire in their dream? Maybe they were the vampire? Or someone else? Maybe you can’t identify who this was? Was it a stranger? Is this someone you know in real life?

What position are you in? Are you prey or a predator? Did the vampire manage to bit you in the dream? What emotions dreaming of vampires have awakened in you?

It is highly possible you felt great danger and a threat for your live, intrigue, or perhaps sexual stimulation? Don’t be surprised, some people are sexually drawn towards vampires.

Well, one thing is sure – dreaming of vampires brings up numerous questions. Yet, after answering some of the above, there will come the most important one. What is the main reason for this dream? Does my subconsciousness want to tell me something important?

Today, we are speaking about dreaming of vampires and the possible interpretations of this dream depend on its context.

Meaning Of Dreaming of Vampires

A vampire is the source of life but causes death because of this creature drinks of living blood, which is a life force for them, and ultimately passion, as creatures of death. As a phenomenon in your dream, it can be characterized as a symbolism of some aspect of your life or personality that potentially takes away your life energy.

Hidden at night, vampires are mostly found in the shadow area, which implies that the issues that are taken away by your vitality are somewhere hidden and out of the reach of a conscious state so may have a hard time expressing them in the right way.

But, you have to find a way to resist any type of energy that is trying to take away your life strength and positivity. In order to preserve the strength and vitality that can be taken away of you, you should do your best and take a peek at the darkest aspects of your soul.

Sometimes you experience something similar to attraction to the vampire from your dream, as a certain dose of sex appeal appears in many dreams of vampires. They are seductive in some way, which can be interpreted as a previous bad estimation and falling in love with a person who made you feel tired, without energy, and sucked all your energy needed for normal functioning.

You probably heard about the emotional vampires, right? Well, the one in your dream means that you had an experience or maybe you are even now in a relationship with someone like this.

Also, due to the lack of opportunity to reflect themselves in a mirror, dreaming of vampires can also be interpreted as a part of your personality that you do not consciously want to see as it frightens you or you simply don’t want to accept the fact you are not that perfect as you think you are.

Everyday responsibilities and obligations make all of us feel exhausted, which can be another meaning of dreaming of vampires. Accepting things just like they are may be a great thing, as you won’t spend your energy on situations you can’t change.

Releasing old attitudes and beliefs can act positively and eliminate exhaustion. The state of exhaustion probably lasts for a while now and you are feeling drained.

If you are leaving the door open for a vampire from your dream to come in, that means you are irresponsible and frivolous.


Vampires stand for killing for passion, but for life as well. They have high self-esteem, lack of forgiveness, are never suspicious of themselves, and they are never expressing any emotion.

The dream of killing a vampire can be interpreted as a personal victory of an enemy or fear in regards to personal success and proceeding with your job.

Dreams of the vampires that shed blood suggest that an important person from your relatively close circle is very negative about you in terms of emotions and energy and you should quit this as soon as it is possible.

The dream of starting to transform yourself into a vampire tells you that you have sometimes behaved poorly towards someone and that you used one way or another to fulfill your personal desires and needs without thinking about the consequences.

However, the meaning of dreaming of vampires usually reflects as completely different in real life. You are about to come through the phase of emotional healing and rising and you can achieve a life balance and put things in the right place once and for all.

The Symbolism of Dreaming of Vampires

The symbolism of a vampire in a dream relates to the feeding of one’s own ego or a selfish part of your personality that wants attention but is not getting it. However, people from your environment are impacting your life negatively and suck your time and energy, leaving you completely lifeless.

Dreaming of vampires can also be interpreted as you need in the exploitation of other people, gaining material benefits, or emotional exploitation. We should also explain the symbolism of emotional exhaustion over someone. This can be you who is emotionally exhausted or you are the one who takes advantage of another person. It depends on the context of your dream.

Speaking further, dreaming of vampires symbolizes speculations about the occurrence from the past. It is connected to money or sex, as these two topics are the most controversial, just like vampires.

Often, you can get the impression that the vampire influences the way you think. Some people in your real-life want to mold you to their desires. You as you are now are not suitable for them, but they have plans of making you more likable in their terms.

Dreaming of a vampire symbolizes selfishness of exploiting other people from your surroundings to achieve personal goals. For example, dreaming in the role of a vampire can mean that you used to use someone for your own promotion, for example, at school. Dreaming about the vampire can be interpreted as your selfish energy seizure, for example, to a spouse and depriving him of any kind of pleasure.

The dream of a vampire can be interpreted as a warning that other people are using you as well.

Sometimes you can dream of your neighbor turning into a vampire, or your parents, brothers, sisters, which may be a warning that someone is exploiting you for their interest. Be careful, as this person may be someone who is very close to you.

Transforming into the vampire after the bite changes your image yourself. You were using some people to achieve your own goals, which will no longer be happening to you – you will experience a transformation that is opposite of the dream. Also, some previously bad emotional experience can lead to a change, but probably in a positive context. Dreaming of vampires certainly can symbolize great transformation and becoming a better person.

A vampire in a dream often symbolizes the fear of death. We guess this is totally clear to you as vampires are represented as creatures that take away lives. Maybe there is a threat in your life that makes you question your own safety.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

Dreaming of vampires indeed leaves an unpleasant emotion and ruins the day, but you should know what this dream actually brings and whether there is something in your life you should be worried about.

Vampire dreams can also be interpreted as a problem with addiction illnesses or some sort of anxiety and social pressure of the environment. The environment can use it as its own source of emotional or some other energy and take it all from you.

These dreams can also represent some kind of warning about self-isolation and achievement of certain own results you wouldn’t have the desire to share with anyone. If this would be the case, try to eliminate the need to be alone and share the good news with your family and friends.

Dreaming about the transformation of your close acquaintances to vampires can point out to some old friends you did not trust to be responsible for some of the previous bad things that happened to you. In other words – you should listen to your instinct when it comes to friendships.

You can change your past habits and grow empathy for the environment or break up contact with people who have a negative influence on you. In a way, the dream of a vampire is good, because in this way you are facing all the things that negatively affect you and overcome them.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

Dreams about having sex with vampires can be bad because this means you have low self-esteem or there may come up with something that will reduce your self-esteem.

Knowing this, you should be well prepared and work on your ego. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not worthy, as you are worthy and possess great qualities.

Seeing your own transformation into a dream of a vampire should make you re-examine your relationships with close people and surround yourself with the love of the environment.

You want to prevent being rejected by someone who is not realizing your worth by being around people you have trust in.

Be careful not to fall in love with someone who is an emotional vampire. If you are already in a relationship with someone who has the goal to destroy you emotionally and then break up.

Make sure to open your eyes and close your heart to people who only look nice from the outside.


Dreaming of vampires change your emotions and the attitude towards the environment, suggesting that you should stay away from unpleasant people who can hurt you, affect your life negatively, and make you feel bad about yourself.

Vampires represent strong symbols when they appear in dreams and act as a warning most of the times.

Even though of transformation into vampires show negative energy that is present in your life, this dream can have a couple of positive meanings.

This type of dream is associated with bad experiences, feelings, or people in your life, but you should have in mind this dream may send you a message related to the transformation you are about to come through. This transformation will bring you good, as it would act oppositely from the vampire from your dream.

Dreaming of vampires will make you question so many things in your life, but it will bring relief and liberation, even a transformation in the end.