Dreaming of Spiders – Meaning and Interpretation

Spiders, great engineers of Nature. People often fear them, even loathe them, but have always been amazed by their incredible nature and skillfulness.

Spiders are amazing creatures, natural born creators and designers. Contemporary scientific experiments tell spider webs are made of material stronger than anything, so modern scientists and construction engineers are now trying to find a way to implement this fascinating matter in processes of projecting, designing and constructing buildings and other objects.

There are thousands of spider species around the world, from completely harmless and even useful, to scary poisonous and dangerous.

Spiders are worth of admiration and fear, both. Because of their impressive natural characteristics, spiders have always had an important place in human culture and religious and spiritual systems of beliefs.

Spider symbolism and meaning

In ancient India, spider was associated with the Sun. Spiders’ webs, designed and shaped in form of concentric, branched circles, reminded people of sunrays.

Spider is a symbol of creation itself, a symbol of unification. Merging of different elements and their final connection in the centre is what makes them so symbolically strong. In many cultural and belief systems, spider webs represent the World itself; the center of the web represent the naval of the World.

Ancient Hindi tradition tells about the spider weaving the web of the World. According to that story, the great Spider created the world and then weaved his heart into the very center of the web.

-Creation and creativity

-Patience and devotion

Spiders are very thorough in their work. They are persistent, devoted to their goal and extremely patient.

They build their webs with fascinating precision and would wait long periods of time for some poor creature to get caught. Spiders do not rush and they are ready to wait in shadows for ages.

Therefore, they are associated with things dark and obscure; they represent hidden threat and danger. They are silent, crawly and scary, so people usually fear them and feel uncomfortable seeing them.

-Threat and danger
-Secrets and mystery

Spiders are manipulative beings, both naturally and symbolically. Their ability to patiently wait for their prey to get caught without actually doing anything is quite disturbing. That is the reason spiders are also associated with manipulation and dark side of human nature and personality.

Symbolically, spiders represent obscurity, negative traits of human personality, manipulation and evil.



In general, talking about symbolical interpretation of spiders, these fascinating creatures have dual nature.

They could be interpreted as both a bad and a good sign. Spiders are fascinating and worth of admiring for their incredible creativity and engineering skills.

On the other hand, they are dangerous and threatening, associated with things negative, dark and scary concepts. Their appearance is repulsive to most people, even if they have admiration for spiders’ impressive natural skills and abilities.

Dreams about spiders in general

What does it mean when you dream about spiders? Considering dual cultural and symbolical interpretations of spiders, it is logical to assume their meaning when seen in dreams is of the same dual nature.

Spiders are most often associated with the concept of creation and creative energy, so dreams about spiders usually have to do something with a dreamer’s future and managing his or hers own life, seizing opportunities and building up their own world.

A perfect spider web starts in the core of the creature’s own body; it protects and feeds it and offers security.

Spiders in dreams could represent life or destiny of a dreamer, meaning dreams about spiders remind us to take our life in our own hands and start building our world on our own;

On the other hand, as spider web is associated to concept of the World and other creatures are easily caught in it, dreaming about spiders could also mean you should be careful. Mind your steps and decisions and try not to get caught in unpleasant situations.

It also means some misfortunes are unavoidable, but you should do your best to keep your pace and safely avoid as much bad things as you could.

Spider webs represent destiny, which is not always controllable, meaning you should be careful in your decisions and doings, trying to take best of your destiny and avoiding being caught in unpleasant circumstances as far as it is possible;

Apart from being linked to concepts of life, destiny and creation, spiders are strongly associated with dangerous, threatening and scary things. They are repulsive and even disgusting to most people. Their appearance is quite unusual and unfamiliar to us; too many legs, too many eyes, too much poison in some cases.

Spiders represent fear and disgust, as well, so dreams about spiders could be particularly disturbing. In some cases, dreams about spiders are reflections of fears and worries in a dreamer’s waking life;

Spiders are one of the common symbolic and spiritual animals associated with women and female power. Spider is strongly linked to motherhood and motherly figure, which usually refers to extremely influential women.

Dreaming about spiders could reflect the feeling of being under control by a woman, especially very demanding and strong-willed motherly figure.

Dreams about seeing spiders – Seeing a spider or spiders in your dreams could mean many different things, depending on a particular dream and your personal experience about such a dream.

We have already said spiders have dual symbolic meaning and could be both a positive and a negative sign. In many cultures, it is believed seeing a spider in reality brings good fortune.

However, people are still scared seeing them. Having in mind some species of spiders are big, scary looking or even poisonous, it is not strange at all. However, it is not the same thing seeing a creature in dreams. Let us see what it means to see a spider in dreams. Later on, we will discuss some specific dreams about spiders and try to interpret their messages.

In general, just seeing a spider in a dream usually hides a positive or a neutral message. Such dreams are commonly associated with personal development, creating and building.

It is a good omen for a dreamer’s future, meaning he or she is on a way of building up his or hers own life path. Spiders are universal symbol for creation and destiny, so seeing them in reality and dreams could be interpreted as a good sign. If you feel calm, relaxed and pleasant in a dream or after you wake up, the better.

Dream of a spider crawling upwards – If you dream about a spider moving upward against the wall, it is a positive sign. Such dreams represent wishes, goals and desires that are about to be achieved and fulfilled. If the spider in your dream just keeps going upwards, it means you would most likely reach your goals without many difficulties.

This could refer to your job (e.g. promotion, new and prospective tasks or entirely new and better job and so an), your personal development (e.g. you will become more confident and ready to do things etc.), your relations with other people etc. Overall, such dreams give hope for the best.

Dream of a spider descend from the ceiling – If you dream about a spider slowly descending from the ceiling, it means you will not be able to avoid someone you would rather stay away from. That could be reflections of the stress you feel about meeting someone unpleasant or you will meet a person with whom you have unresolved conflicts.

Think about people around you in your waking life; it could be your friend, your partner or other person close to you. It is not uncommon to have such a dream if you are about to meet your boss or colleague about some unpleasant subject, if you have to go to doctors’ office or so.

Dream of a giant spider – If you see a giant spider in your dream, it could be your inner sense of being under a threat of something or you will soon face someone or something you would rather avoid. A giant spider in a dream is a warning sign to be alert and pay attention to actions of people around you, especially from your working environment.

It could also mean there is someone who wants to hurt you or make you feel miserable.

Dream about killing spiders – If you dream about killing a spider or more of them, it means you will successfully beat your competition and see through bad intentions of people who do not want to see you make progress.

This dream could also mean you would successfully deny false claims about you.

Dreaming about lots of spiders – Dreams about a large number of spiders are often upsetting. Unlike dreams about a single spider, dreams about many spiders usually have a negative interpretation.

They are associated with worries, discomfort, threat and danger, except for dreams about little spiders.

Dreaming about baby spiders – Dreams about baby animals, even scary ones such as spiders, are usually good. If you dream about baby spiders, it could suggest you are about to start a new love relationship or to take a step ahead in your current relationship.

Such a dream could also mean you will soon talk to your partner about great decisions, such as marrying or having children. In general, dreams about baby spiders are good, except you are feeling discomfort or frustration thinking about it.

Dreaming about spider eggs – If you dream about spider eggs (in dreams, they are usually in spider web), such a dream means you are unable to express your desires or needs in your waking life. This dream could also mean you do not have an opportunity to say what you want or to apply your skill and activate your potential.

Dreams about spiders hanging over you – If you dream spiders are hanging above you, you probably feel threatened in your waking life. Such dreams reflect your worries and insecurities about current life situation. There might be a lot of unfinished business waiting for you, in matters of finances or vague relations with some people.

Dreams about spiders crawling on me – Dreams about spiders crawling on your body could be very upsetting. The interpretation of such dreams is unpleasant, as well. It means there is a negative influence in your environment, possibly coming from a person very close to you. If you dream about spiders crawl on you and you cannot get rid of them means you find it hard to push away that person, even if you feel disappointed or hurt.

Dreams about spiders attacking you – If you dream about spiders attacking you, it could be a reflection of your real life discomfort, probably in your social environment. It could mean there are people that do not wish you good or you have many rivals at your workplace. This means you would have to try really hard to keep your position and advance in social and career environment.

Dreaming about spider bite – If you have a dream in which a spider has bitten you, this suggest you have (or you will have, in near future) a dispute or a conflict with your mother or another dominant female figure in your waking life. This dream could be a reflection of the real frustration and pressure you are experiencing in your reality, which is somehow connected to a female person.

Maybe you have extremely demanding or jealous (female) partner or a female person tries to control your life, actions and decisions (usually refers to family members or very close female person, e.g. a strict mother, grandmother, sister, best friend etc.).

Dreaming about eating spiders – Dreams about having a spider or more of those crawly creatures in your mouth, chewing or eating them, are extremely unpleasant, upsetting and scary.

However, such dreams have a very positive meaning. Eating spiders in dreams mean you have control over situation and you know what you have to do in order to achieve your goals. You are ready to do what is asked of you and you are confident and wise enough to judge if it is good for you.

Such a dream suggests you are a dominant person, especially when it comes to love relationship.

Dreaming of spider webs

Spider webs are rich in symbolism and spiritual, magical meanings. Interpreting dreams about spider webs is interesting and inspiring. Spider webs are true wonder of organic engineering; those magnificent silky nets are something far beyond our abilities, despite of all the technological progress we have achieved over time.

Dreams about spider webs refer to creativity, destiny, patience, hard work, progress and achievement.

Spider webs seen in dreams symbolize devotion to your work and goals. If you dream about them often, it reflects your readiness and willingness to do your work, in a thorough and precise manner.

You know there is no need to rush, if you want to do your best, to advance, to develop. You grow personally, as you do things that inspire you and give you energy. Your work may sometimes seem tough or difficult, but you have enough patience to overcome the stress and achieve your goals. In addition, dreams about spider webs reflect a dreamer’s personal creativity and need to express his or hers desires and emotions through their work.

On a negative side, dreams about spider webs could reflect a dreamer’s suppressed feeling of being caught or unable to get out difficult situations on waking life. You have maybe found yourself in a really tough and bad period and you do not know what to do.

Having in mind spider webs also refer to patience, such a dream could occur to remind you to have patience and wait for things to resolve. Some life situations do not need your action to get resolved. Think about your current position and try to find a solution without forcing too much.

Dreaming about a spider weaving its web – If you dream about a spider making his web, it is similar to dreams in which you see a spider in general. In such dreams, spiders and their webs symbolically represent thorough work that leads to success. It means you will most likely reach your goals and enjoy results of your work.

You will be proud of yourself and your achievements and others will respect you and admire you.