Dreaming of Sea – Meaning and Symbolism

Are you fascinated by that vast water spaces on the planet Earth? You will agree with us on this – sea is a symbol of great power and unity of the earth and water. It connects continents and people. Wanderlusts are dreaming of the sea all the time, as it seems water relates to the restless soul they have.

Yet, the sea can represent a lot of other things as well. Water, in general, is considered the source of life, which can be applied to seawater too. Some cultures see the water as a sign of might, others see it as a mystery and depth.

However, there are certain meanings about sea all cultures and people share.

No one can deny the beauty and the depth these captivating sceneries present. The human eye can see it, but it is the soul that feels it. Looking towards the sea will make you somehow respectful but somewhat scared as well. Seas are a weird mix of mystery, beauty, adoring, fear, and death.

It is indeed dangerous, but that makes the sea even more attractive to some people. If you want to travel the world, you will probably want to sail through the seas.

Sea can inspire you, make you think about some deeper meanings, cleanse your soul, and lead to making conclusions and important decisions.

Have you ever stood on the shore and let your thoughts wander? The sound of the waves and sparkling lights playing across the surface may even make you forget about the everyday life and problems and dive into the magical blue world of Neptune.

Yet, seeing a sea raging may make you so scared you would never want to see it again. Those dangerous waves are sometimes merciless.

Sea can make you wonder which dimensions are beneath the surface. It will make you rethink all the existing claims about sea creatures as well.

Even if the sea remains a mystery for us, dreaming of sea definitely won’t.

Today, we are here to interpret this dream you had and point out to messages sea wants you to receive.

Meaning Of Dreaming of Sea

It is no wonder people are very interested in discovering the meaning of sea in their dreams, as the sea is a common appearance in that other world we are living by night. The motif of the sea can appear in your dream every night or once in a while.

Either way – you should be aware of the fact it wants to draw your attention truly. It all depends on whether you are dreaming of the sea that is calm, raging, clean, or dirty, but we will set things in the right place down below.

For example, we have people who are working right next to the sea and they, logically, dream about it more often than ordinary people do. They are already bonded with sea and it appears in their dreams to strengthen the connection.

The same applies to people who are living next to the sea or have some properties somewhere near. If you are a traveler, you can once more expect the sea to say hello in your dreams as you are familiar with traveling by boats and yachts.

Maybe you are longing for a vacation next to the sea. Sandy beaches, sunny days, cocktails, and the sea – is there something better in this world?


It could be that you are afraid of the sea but have an unexplainable desire to approach it some way. If you don’t have the courage for this in real life, it would come to you in your dreams.

And now, let’s move on to the deeper meanings of dreaming of the sea. For example, some people are suppressing their feelings and desires.

Water is a well-known motif for your emotions and hidden wishes and worries. In case you already know something is making you hide those emotions and suppress them, then the sea is coming to you to help you bear with the situation.

It even doesn’t matter about the type of emotion. It’s the emotion that matters, but you are the only one who can interpret it.

Once the sea appears in your dream, you should take it as a calming or a warning sign.

Is the sea from your dream warm, cold, clean, or dirty? Are you swimming in it or just floating? The answers to these questions may mean a lot to understand the meaning of the sea from your dream.

However, you can’t know the right meaning of it without discovering the symbolism of dreaming of the sea.

The Symbolism of Dreaming of Sea

Sea belongs to the category of the largest surfaces on our planet and no one has discovered it fully, even though many people tried. Some of them even lost their lives trying to do so. No person in this world knows the secrets the sea hides, and it is highly likely no one ever will.

For that reason, the sea symbolizes mystery, secrets, and emotions. Whatever you are feeling now will reflect through dreaming of the sea. Dreams about sea indicate that you are even overloaded with emotions and you can’t stand holding them back anymore.

The sea can also symbolize calmness, tranquility, and the deepest level of spirituality. You may be feeling empowered and encouraged to make some changes in your life in the upcoming period.

On the other side, depending on how the sea appears in your dream, it can symbolize your fear that you are not able to perform an important task that is in front of you. There will be certain opportunities coming your way, so make sure not to miss them just because you are insecure about yourself.

Just as we mentioned above, the symbolism of dreaming of the sea is always determined by the state of the sea in your dream. For example, a calm and peaceful sea indicates that you will finish what you started without any delays.

You may even get to a position where you will take over some important situation and get out of it like a boss. This symbolizes your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual strength.

On the other side, dreaming of the sea that is raging, stormy, seeing big waves may mean only one – things won’t end up as you planned, so it would maybe be better to prepare yourself for failure.

Are you swimming in a peaceful and warm sea? Well, you probably can already suggest this dream carries a very good symbolism. It indicates success and fulfillment in all aspects of life. Nothing will stand on your way and you will accomplish some important goals you set in the previous period.

The sea hides beautiful shells and you can find many of them in the early morning if you happen to be on a shore. If you are dreaming of gathering shells in the morning, that dream symbolizes secrets and potentially gossips.

Maybe you would reveal your friends were hiding something from you or a person from your surrounding was talking negative things about you.

However, this dream doesn’t have to symbolize negativities. Maybe your friends are preparing a birthday party for you or planning a surprise trip. The best thing to do now is to be patient and the sea will bring all the answers to you, just like it does with shells.

 Do I Have To Be Worried If I Had This Dream?

Once more, we said above that dreaming of the sea can be a warning sign, but, in most cases – it is not.

However, in some cases, you should be a bit careful with the future. For example, if you had a dream about an angry and raging sea and enormous waves, that may be a sign problems are coming.

There may be a conflict with someone who matters to you. This situation will affect you negatively in personal plans, but even your finances may be endangered. All in one – the raging sea is the sign of turmoil and internal issues.

The fact you are dreaming of a rough sea means your life is unstable in general. You are coming through a period in your life where you are only experiencing negativities, but the reason for this is the fact you, unfortunately, deserved with through your actions. It is highly likely you are feeling hopeless and lost, and it is hard for you to face problems and see your mistakes.

Dreaming of the furious sea and big waves crashing the rocks may be a sign of emotional frustration as well. You went through a hard breakup lately, which left serious consequences on your heart and soul.

However, just remember that even a raging sea calms down eventually, which will be the case with your sorrow as well.

If you dream about a rising sea storm, that means you are about to risk something very important. In case you fail, it would be very hard to overcome and recover from that situation, so be careful about getting into risky businesses.

It would be best to avoid financial investments, as you would probably lose the money. This is an interpretation related to men, and when it comes to women – you are about to experience big stress at work. You want to become an entrepreneur but it seems someone is stopping you from doing so.

Once you discover who this person is, you are probably going to get into an argument with that person.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

Well, it depends on how you are dreaming of the sea. Some of the possible interpretations of what this dream is trying to tell you are down below.

If you are standing on a seashore and you see the waves rolling to you, but you are not scared, that means you are about to get really busy with some of your friends. Social interactions are emphasized in this period and you love being around new people as well as around your old friends.

However, be careful not to let those interactions suck away all of your energy. You, in general, are an energetic and cheerful person, but it would be better to save some part of the energy just for yourself.

Dreaming of the sea and you in it is a pleasant sign. You are about to achieve your inspirations and goals, which is more than great. What you should do now is to strive for them even harder and give 101% of yourself into this, as hard work, persistence, and motivation will pay off with time.

If you are somewhere near the sea when it is night, that means you should take a quick break from everyday life. This is a message your subconscious mind is sending you that you are a bit tired and overloaded with stress, so it wouldn’t be smart to push your limits if you don’t have to.

When the night comes, the sea gets calmer and the atmosphere for relaxing and letting go of all stress is just perfect. No loud swimmers, children, just you and the sea.

The sea is protecting you, but you should think about your health as well and try to turn off things that may bother you, whether it is your phone or some people from your environment who are making you feel tense.

Dreaming of you being on a cruise is, you must admit, a very interesting dream.

According to many interpretations, this dream wants you to change something about your life. This dream comes as an invitation to you to be more courageous and bolder. You would want to try as many new things as possible in the upcoming period.

Don’t act foolish and don’t go for everything that pops on your way, but be adventurous and daring as this would bring you many positive things and change your life for the better.


Dreaming of the sea is a common occurrence, yet you can’t predict when this dream would come to you. The sea itself is unpredictable as well, hazardous, beautiful, calming, cleansing.

A rough sea definitely comes as a warning sign, but in whichever another context you are dreaming of it, you should know abundance, success, and good fortune will come to you in the upcoming period.

In a nutshell, dreaming of sea mostly signifies your emotions and spirituality. Any action you are taking in your dream has something to do with your emotions.

Sometimes this dream symbolizes success and positive experiences that are about to come. Just stay positive and be open to new changes that will certainly come to you very soon.