Dreaming of Pizza – Meaning and Symbolism

It is said by some researchers that average people spend approximately one-third of their total time in thinking trough their options in life, they are contemplating what they can and cannot do, thinking about numerous ways of how they can change their lives.

But what we do not know, and many researchers confirm it, is the fact that we continue to think about these things when we go to bed, or to be more precise, while we dream.

In our dream life, our brain releases some of the accumulated stress, but at the same time, this over thinking is giving space to new problems.

But the fact is that by dreaming regularly and healthy, we can release some of the fears that we have, we are facing them in a dream world if we are not brave enough to meet them in reality.

Sometimes, even, dreams can show us the way toward a precise solution in life – and one of those dreams is one that is very specific in this way, the dream of pizza, one of the most favorite fast food items in the world.

This is a fast food item that is so loved, and versatile that there is a taste for everyone. But what does mean when we have a dream about pizza?

Meaning of Dreaming of Pizza

Before we speak more about the pizza as the motive in a dream, we need to talk some more about one general motive in dreams, and that is connected to pizza.

We must speak about food in general, and its appearance in the dream world.

Besides the water, food is necessary for the survival of all living creatures, and without it, we could not live on this planet.

During history, we, as human beings, have struggled for food, so in some way, metaphorically speaking it is the symbol of war, of even sacrifice.

It is the symbol of kindness and human heart since it is the item that we give to others that do not have it – in reality, as well in a dream world, it can be synonymous with need, desire, selfishness humanity, sacrifice, generosity, as well as for socializing, wealth, well-being, enjoyment, or even great suffering and poverty.

Now, in modern days, pizza is the symbol of abundance and enjoyment in food. It does not have a somewhat negative connotation, like bread, for example (the item that symbolizes hunger or those people who do not have enough food).

When pizza appears as a motive in a dream, it is the signification of choices that you have in life – you are in a blessed position where you can choose from a variety of things, you have everything you need and then some more.

Dreaming of Pizza is considered to have a fantastic connotation and it is the sign that you have numerous options in life, and what is the best in the case where you dream that you are sharing pizza with your friends, it means that you are ready to show others numerous options that life gives to all us.

If you are eating pizza alone in a dream, then this is a clear sign that you have whatever you need in life – you have all areas in life covered, and you have what you need to be complete (hobby, or time to travel, for example).

The downside of this dream is the fact that you sometimes do not have any more desires in life, and that you are overly satisfied and calm, perhaps too much, and the man who does not want anything more in life, is not considered happy. You should always keep some of your options open.


The Symbolism of Dreaming of Pizza

Now, the dream about pizza has several meanings, depending on different versions of the dream.

If in a dream you see yourself eating tasty pizza, it is the annunciation that something good is coming your way very soon and that you will be rewarded for all the excellent work that you have done. The accent in this dream is on you.

If the pizza in your dream has an impressive look and taste, and you are genuinely enjoying its taste, this signifies that you’ll be well organized around the job that’s in front of you. You will successfully distribute your job it so you can get it all in time, and have the best success imaginable.

If you see yourself eating pizza and saving some for later, this dream signifies that you know how to distribute the work to the parts that will suit you.

If in a dream, you as a dreamer, see someone else eating pizza, it is the symbol that you have been a true friend to many people from your environment and that you feel good when your close people enjoy.

The fact that this dream depicts someone else eating pizza is the symbol of you who has the character and will to share with others.

This is the symbol of your good character, and you are the person who very successful lives in a group and shares success with others that everyone appreciates with you.

In the end, if in your dream you are preparing pizza, making a dough, putting on toppings, etc., if you are enjoying it when you receive praise for your skills and effort, it indicates in the announcement.

This dream is the symbol that you are in front of some significant changes and that you expect either progress or great wealth or maybe both, depending on a dream itself (if the pizza is huge, with the incredible amount of toppings and you are about to serve it a bunch of people). But, in this case, everything that is about to come is well-deserved.

Do I have to be worried?

You should, and even if you are feeling nice in this dream, and you know that you are happy and satisfied in all fields in life, you should be worried. This comes from one thing that you haven’t thought about it, and you should.

This dream can be a clear indication that you have become a person who does not want anything more in life, and a man without dreams and new goals in life is a wasted man who does not contribute to his society, regardless of his position in that society, regardless if that position is small or big.

What to do if I had this dream?

If you had such a dream you should primarily think about all options that you have in life, or maybe the lack of them (the correlation here is apparent, you are eating the same taste pizza all the time) and perhaps it is the time to try something new, in a metaphorical sense a fresh taste.

You should never become a person who has run out of options, despite your happiness and the fact that you have all that you need in the current moment.

It is precisely the needs and desires that lead people towards some of our foremost goals, and when we achieve them, we feel great joy, feeling of completion and immense pleasure.

A fulfilled desire becomes happiness, and if we are unable to achieve what we want, then we feel confused, dissatisfied or frustrated.

So this is the reason why you should not have the same dish every night, why you should try something else so you can expand your views, and of course, why you should share your meal with others, especially those who do not have enough.


As we have said, food, in general, is a frequent motive in dreams, since it is considered to be a representation of human necessity and need, and it is needed every day.

If it appears in dreams, it is the projection of something that is necessary and relevant, or as a fear that something can be lost or abstaining, and it causes significant distress and difficulties to the person who dreams.

To sum up, eating or seeing pizza in a dream is a symbol of abundance, choice and variety that all people have in life, but the fact that just a few of us can truly enjoy it.

It can also mean that you are missing or feeling denied of something and that you are still a person who has to dream and strive to particular goals in life, because only then you feel that you are alive.