Dreaming of Meat – Meaning and Symbolism

What emotions within you awaken when you think about meat? Have you dreamt of it recently? Dreaming of meat is indeed a weird dream, but it certainly has powerful symbolism.

Of course, depending on the other details in your dream, meat can bring some not so pleasant changes. Yet, we are here today to interpret numerous dreams of other people, knowing you will recognize some part of your dream as well.

You will maybe eat meat in your dream or just see it. We generally cook meat, but you can see raw meat in your dream as well. If there is some blood in the dream too, we guess you won’t be so happy about it.

Dream and blood from your dream probably indicate you had a nightmare or horror. Sometimes, such a dream speaks about our animal instincts.

Yet, dreaming of meat can represent happiness, positive changes, wealth, and money that will come to you easily in the future.

Even though dreaming of meat has some negative connotations, it is still more likely you would live through pleasant surprises.

Think a bit more about finer details about your dream of meat, even though some of the aspects of this article will come as a great reminder.

Meaning Of Dreaming Of Meat

Even though we live in the world when meat is almost on daily menus, some people still can’t afford to buy and eat it. Some people refuse to eat meat even though they can eat it.

They believe eating meat is not humanly, as taking away anyone’s life would bring us bad luck only.

Just like we see meat differently, dreaming of meat comes in different forms to all of us.

However, those who got the chance to be dreaming of meat should know this dream comes to blessed people only. No matter of the context, this dream brings a powerful message from the higher force. Pay attention to what type of meat you saw in your dream.

Meaning of dreaming of meat is mostly a good sign, especially if the meat from the dream is well prepared and grilled or cooked. In case you are eating the meat in your dream and if it is tasty, there is no doubt you can expect a significant financial gain in the future. This may sound weird to you from this perspective, but the money coming to you is probably hidden now. You may inherit a good amount from a far-away cousin.

On the other side, raw meat in your dream may come as a negative sign. If you see a piece of raw meat on the table, this means you will experience some sort of bad luck in the upcoming period.

On the other side, you may be feeling like everything in your life is blocked and that you can’t make any improvement.

However, you should be aware of the fact sometimes, no matter how much we want something, it is for our own good to miss that opportunity. It is a bit hard to accept this and to let go of something that is seemingly our dream coming through, but you should try to get to this situation from another perspective.

Yet, the period of bad luck and blockages will pass by soon. Once you get out of the bad phase, you will understand why some things happened and why some of them didn’t have a chance to come to you.


Stay strong and have faith in the better tomorrow. No matter how hard it is to cope with some things today, tomorrow may bring enlightenment and happiness.

The Symbolism Of Dreaming Of Meat

Just as you could conclude from the section above, dreaming of meat may bring you both good and back luck. In that aspect, meat symbolizes different types of luck, good and bad times, unfinished businesses with your old friends, ex-partners, etc.

Eating delicious meat symbolizes promotion. You will be promoted and get a higher paid job, which will come at the right time. After so much effort and hard work you invested in your job, it is about time to get a reward for all this. Other people from your workplace see how much dedicated you are, and, most importantly – your boss sees this as well.

We mentioned raw meat as a sign with a negative symbolism. However, if you dream of purchasing a piece of raw meat in the market, this dream may come as a positive sign to you. This is actually a sign that you should make a couple of bigger investments. If you are working but have a dream of being self-employed, this is the right time to invest some money into starting your own business.

Gambling, even though not so recommendable hobby, can bring you a lot of money in the upcoming period. Put some funds into it, and you will receive a reward as well.

Eating raw meat in your dream symbolizes your struggle in real life as you are coming through a hard period. This is not going to last forever, even though you would have to pay attention to signs from the above. There is a major reason for all this happening to you now, and you are the only one who can interpret this meaning.

If you cut raw meat in your dream, it symbolizes that you like sharing with others. No matter how much money you have, you are always willing to spare it with your friends. However, it may be that you would have to share money with your enemies. For example, selling mutual property and sharing the money into two parts.

A dreamer can eat or cook meat in their dream. If you are eating meat someone else cooked or brought to you, this is a bad sign and you can expect negativities in the upcoming period. Pay attention to the person who prepared the meat for you, as this person may not be your true friend.

On the other side, if you are preparing or cooking meat, this is a good sign. You will set everything in your life in order very soon. It was pretty tough for you to cope with some things in the past period, but now is your time to grow and move on from any negativity.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

Just as we mentioned in the introduction, dreaming of meat can represent changes in your life. It depends on how you see the meat from the dream and which type it is.

Eating chicken meat is, on the other side, a bad sign. You should be prepared for certain issues in the upcoming period. Everything seems good now, but those negative occurrences will make you very nervous. Try not to lose your temper.

Raw beef meat from your dream symbolizes male figures and male energy. If you are a woman, this may be your husband or boyfriend who has a negative impact on you. Never put up with anything that makes you feel bad. If you shut your eyes before this male figure is doing you wrong, you are going to experience even worse things in the future.

This dream can also mean that you are going to have nothing but a basic life if you don’t change some perspectives. Sometimes, we stick to the old patterns that we don’t see we are making a mistake. Try to be more open towards new things and step out of your comfort zone.

Dreaming of meat can represent certain sore feelings that you have towards some person or an event in your life. This may indicate stressful situations for the future as well, anxiety, quarrels, and even breaking up with your partner.

If you would continue on working too much and neglect people who care for you for the career, you would be left alone in the end.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

Pregnant women often dream of meat. Dreaming of meat, in this case, means you are being too harsh on yourself. Maybe you are trying not to eat too much because you would gain a lot of weight, but you should actually include some meat in your diet if you want your baby to be healthy.

Dreaming of meat can also signify our high expectations about ourselves or about other people. Being too critical is never good.

After all, we are humans, not animals, and we have somehow limited capabilities. Yet, this shouldn’t make you worried or stressed. Get the most of what life has given you until now.

You are working so hard on your career and you want so desperately to become successful and famous.

However, this is only drawing you from becoming what you should become. Taking on a lighter approach will help you become what you want much sooner.

Also, don’t forget about the importance of peace. Dreaming of meat can represent your obsession and restlessness that you are not even trying to get back to a normal state. Meditate for a while and try to calm your thoughts down.

Meat from your dream tells you to be more subtle on yourself. Nurture your soul and your body as otherwise, you can make your health fragile.

Have you already noticed your immune system is bad? Are you taking any supplements now? If not, go to a doctor and do a couple of tests.


Most of the times, dreaming of meat means you are just about to accomplish some of the goals you thought would never come true.

Even this dream sometimes represents discouragement as well, you should be aware of the fact good things happen out of nowhere when we least expect them.

If you are in a bad financial situation now, be aware of the fact the upcoming period would bring you more money than you could ever dream of. Dream of raw meat reminds you to have a more careful approach towards your health, as you probably don’t want to experience health issues.

Well-cooked meat represents your recovery in a financial and spiritual way, but you should be open to changes and be eager to step out of the comfort zone you are only thinking you are enjoying.

Other people see how much hard-working you are, and you should appreciate yourself for this. Try to invest some time into starting something on your own, as dreaming of meat represents major success if you run your own business.

Just in case you are employed and you don’t see any improvement for months now, even though you are giving all of yourself, this is a sign to quit. In general, monetary benefits and a lot of pleasure is ahead of you in the future period – it all depends on which path you will choose to achieve it.