Dreaming of Leaking Ceiling – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of leaking ceiling can carry a very strong symbolism for a dreamer, and it means the dreamer is entering a new phase of life.

Additionally, a step towards this phase is a baby step, but the spiritual cleansing represented by water may have a great significance in this dream.

The first thing that a person dreaming about this dream is experiencing is the feeling that something is happening, but what is happening is a negative situation in the dream.

Would that mean dreaming of leaking ceiling has a negative impact on your life? No.

This dream has numerous meanings and explanations, and they can be based entirely on the physical world. If you would like to find out what dreaming of leaking ceiling represents for your life, stay with us through this article.

Meaning Of Dreaming of Leaking Ceiling

Now, it is the time to explain the significance of the dream of leaking ceiling in detail. The ceiling in the sleep can be seen as safety and protection against the dangers that come from outside.

If the ceiling is in good condition, it is complete, it is a sign that you feel safe.

But, as you are seeing big damage and cracks in it, especially water which is leaking, this can be a sign that you feel the danger and the threat to your life. You know best does this apply to your real life as well.

It is likely that there is a possibility that you may not feel secure because of someone close to you, maybe because you can’t find a way to exclude that person from your life.

You have the desire to examine the causes of those feelings in time before the threat can harm you.

The person who dreams about leaking ceiling may have seen a leaking ceiling in the past – a movie or even in their own house.

It is possible that such a dream is in some ways stimulated by thinking in real life about how much the house and roof are weather-resistant.

Basically, it happens very often that every dream related to water can be a warning to the one who dreams that your bladder is full of fluid and that you must wake up as soon as possible to go to the toilet.

While the dreamer is sleeping, he/she can hear the rain falling down of the roof, or in the house leaking water from the ceilings. Dreaming of leaking ceiling can be caused by running water and acts as an internal stimulus to a dreamer.

The Symbolism Of Dreaming of Leaking Ceiling

In most of the world’s religions, water is often interpreted as something that symbolizes emotions. The concept of four directions to the west corresponds to water. Emotions can include feelings of passion and love, going from anger to pain, from weakness to strength – all the opposite emotions.

Leaking water in your dream can represent emotions that are leaking or even the suppressing of those emotions. If in a dream you can’t stop the leak no matter how hard you try, it can show your emotional situation in the waking state that is now out of your control.


If you are looking at the leaking ceiling in your sleep, and you are not doing anything to fix this, it can mean that you are not really sure whether you should continue and stop with doing something that meant to you a lot in your real life but you are not insecure about the outcome.

Another symbolic aspect of the dreaming of leaking ceiling represents the room in which one the leaking started as a body, while the ceiling represents the head. In other words – your head is full of many thoughts and you can’t handle it all that those things that are suppressing you start with coming out without you having control over them.

The sleeping room represents relationships, the living room symbolizes the heart and the kitchen represents the style of life. The spaces that are located in the lower part of the house are deeply spiritual questions and the basic life needs. A place that is in a dream, is an area that is problematic and in which you lose energy.

Do I Have To Be Worried?

There is no need to be worried if you were dreaming of leaking ceiling. If you have dreamed of leaking water from the attic, this may indicate positive changes that will happen to you in private life. If the water you have dreamed of is pure, expect romantic relationships with a person you will soon meet.

For those who are not alone and are already having a partner, this dream brings improvement in relations with their partner.

If you have been caught with someone who you know in your real life in the room where the ceiling is leaking, it may indicate that you may start a relationship or an affair with this person in real life. It doesn’t have to be you will stay with this person for the whole life, but you will go through a passionate phase with them.

It would be best for you to give in to the upcoming events without thinking much about the outcomes as there is nothing to be worried about. New experiences are welcome.

However, there may be something related to a dream of leaking ceiling that may cause certain issues. For example, if you were calling someone in the dream to help you solve the problem of with the leaking ceiling, this may lead to a problem with this institution is in reality.

Pay attention to where it leaks in your dream, and then you can link it to a part of the body that is problematic.

This dream can bring a lot of news, which does not mean that they are negative. Focus on the good things only, as dreaming of leaking ceiling definitely may bring something good to you.

What Should I Do If I Had This Dream?

If you have dreamed of dripping water from the ceiling, it may warn you that some cousins will cause you a lot of trouble. This includes not only solving the problems of other people, but you will also have material costs.

The water that enters the attic and drains through the roof indicates that your emotions are at the border, you are too big a dreamer, and you can happen to explode at any moment.

Maybe it would be best if you find some time and rest a bit. We all need a break from life from time to time.

Of course, not everything we feel and think can be said out loud and we have to keep certain things for ourselves only.

If you have been trying to suppress something for a long time, that can take back to you by causing health issues or depression.

Just in case there is a big reason for not being able to speak your mind, try writing those things down on the paper. Nobody would know what you are feeling, but you would let go of the tension at least a little bit.

On the other hand, try to find a way to learn more about spirituality and religion. This can be a great way out and you would learn how to be more patient and calm with everyday stressful situations.


Dreaming of leaking ceiling may only seem like a big issue. Maybe you just need to go to the toilet.

On the other hand, this dream can also tell you more about your personal life – your emotions to be particular.

It is possible you would meet a new person and fall in love with them or that you would have to share some of your emotions with someone before they twist at you.