Dreaming of Intruders – Meaning and Symbolism

Psychologists say that dreams reflect our suppressed and unconscious desires and thoughts, and especially our sexual struggles – there are those who claim that everything we do comes from this urge.

Freud once said that dreams are without exception the fulfillment of a desire – the one that cannot be fulfilled in reality, so it is transferred into the world of dreams.

A physical motive is not in itself responsible for creating dreams, cause, as Freud said our desires are just a momentary dream.

The dream tool is very complex, and it is clear that all of our dreams are unique and personal – even if two persons dream the similar dream, like in this case, intruders, it can have a completely different meaning for them.

Our dreams and emotions are our own thing – this is just our own experience, and ever dream we have is combined with our own “reality”.

So, in the interpretation of dreams, there are always notes from our private and business life, as well as all our experiences of great value.

Now, the dream when someone or something is trying to intrude our house is very often (there is virtually no one who had not to have this dream in some form), and there are many variations of how this dream can play out.

It depended is – does someone known or unknown tries to break into your home, are maybe you are the one that tries to intrude someone home?

These scenarios all change the meaning of dreams about intruders, but still, it carries an interesting symbolism, and maybe in some cases, it can bring a valuable lesson that needs to be learned in everyday life.

Meaning of dreams about Intruders

Experiencing an intrusion is not good in your everyday life, and if you have dreamed it, it will be the same; it rarely carries some good meaning. It is not a good or pleasant feeling, even if you are the one that is an intruder – there are variations of emotions that are present, and all of them are disturbing.

Some say that the meaning behind this dream is that the person who dreamt intruders is a lazy person who believes that everything will be solved by its own, without involvement, and such a position will only bring you harm.

To dream of someone trying to break into your house means something will come out of your subconscious, something that you do not want, or know how to let go.

Anything in this dream that you find is valuable in reality corresponds to the personal qualities you value the most about yourself and therefore feel the decline somehow diminishes your self-esteem.

And the uncomfortable part of the dream means that even if something in a dream seems to be exciting, you have to protect personal boundaries and the most valuable pieces of yourself.

Depending on the circumstances of the dream itself, this is a dream of warning – it is a dream that speaks of protection. Cause where there is an intrusion, there is that other part, a part where something is intruded, and that something is valuable and it needs to be protected.

It can be you or things that you see the most valuable – family, home, job, and lover.


The symbolism of dreams about Intruders

So, for example, you dream that you are relaxed at home and that you hear an unusual sound from the outside. You are scared, and you think that the intruder is in your house, because you know or see him, or just feel that he is in the house.

Maybe you have the desire to stop him, but you are terrified that he may hurt you, or you are scared, worrying that you will steal all your valuables and search the whole house.

So, in real life, you feel that something or someone is endangering you; cause in dreams home is the symbol of the person who has a dream.

It is your personal space in which you can relax comfortably – and you feel violated when someone is in the house.

To dream of someone breaking into your car indicates that your plans do not go as you have imagined and that you feel unhappy because of it.

Others interfere with your life and hinder your experience – this can be the translation in real life.

If you dream of birds trying to break into your house, and that they are those intruders, then the dream suggests that you do not follow the desired life path.

If the birds are aggressive and scary, then you have missed out your path a lot.

This dream can be a symbol that your everyday life is changing and in some way, endangering your sense of security – but this may be the good sign, when we are growing, we are uncomfortable. Sometimes we need to do that step that makes us feel uncomfortable, and then we can move on.

But that change can be a positive opportunity, but it can also include elements that you consider an attack on a personality, and this is the thing that is making you uncomfortable.

If in the dream you realized that the intruder is really inside of your home and that you cannot in any way prevent this unacceptable decline in your space.

In the end, if in a dream you are the one that is intruding someone’s home, then your sub-conscience is telling you that you are playing with someone else values and things that are valuable and that you are jeopardizing yourself.

Do you have to be worried?

You should be worried because this dream means that you, as a human being, are always denying something, or that you are on the wrong track in life, and denying that.

The more you defend your value more firmly, you will be safer in yourself.

In any case, you feel that your life and everything that you cherish are in danger.

Also, a dream can be about the current relationship or situation that makes you uncomfortable. You can feel that you are losing your own identity or space.  And this is not healthy in any scenario.

This is the dream that warns you that you are the person who is too afraid of letting someone go into private life. Though you are relatively open and enjoyable, now you are concerned that this person does not recognize your actual value and in some way understands you.

What should I do if I had this dream?

You should really observe your life, and try to find what is that or who is that person that makes you feel like you are losing yourself, is that a friend or lover? Maybe that thing is your job that does not make you feel complete?

You want to confront a person who in real life violates your boundaries, but imagine that you might be deprived of the opportunities that he offers you.

Instead of allowing others to exploit your valuable skills and hard-earned experience, you must set certain limits to show them their real value – this is how you should behave from now on.

Try to think about your attitudes in life, try to correct them, and then you will see what changes will happen – the dream is so potent, and it is usually well-remembered, and this is its purpose. You need to be wakened up to change something in your life.


In some way dream about intruders can mean that you can cause the damage to yourself, by doing something – maybe those things are not bad by it, and perhaps you do not want to make something terrible, but eventually, you do.

And as we have said, the house in the dream symbolism represents the person who is dreaming or you so it is the place where you feel the safest and the most comfortable.

The dream of intruders suggests that you are looking for answers. Such a dream is also a symbol for self-examination and the spread of the mind that needs to be done, in order to person to progress.

Besides, the dream also indicates that you are ashamed of something, and this is in the case when you are the intruder – this means that you are not ready to give up from some values that are proven to be wrong.

You are stubborn and stick to your ideas, even when the entire world can see that you are wrong.