Dreaming of Finding Gold – Interpretation and Meaning

As varied as the people are the nocturnal dreams, which are perceived as a nightmare, dream or even vision. In dreams, the subconscious mind processes what has been experienced and shows desires, hopes and fears.

Every dream is a very personal matter where the dreamer’s psyche reveals insights beyond the limits of consciousness. Dreams are simply full of amazing events and symbols that we can’t even imagine how our brains come up with such vibrant things. Dreams are a different kind of perception.

As long as you refuse to know anything, you will be given a dream with symbols. These dream symbols and their interpretations then help to clarify what your subconscious mind wants to tell you.

Often these are repressed traumatic experiences that express themselves in constantly recurring dreams and are about to heal. Just as often dreams are an indication of future events that the soul has long known and against which the mind defends itself in the waking state.

The dream analysis sheds light on the interpretation of your dreams. With the help of our lexicon you can certainly decode many of your dream messages! The lexicon is constantly being supplemented. If you still can not find a symbol in the dream symbol dictionary, just email me this and I will add the symbol and interpretation as soon as possible.

Dreaming of Finding Gold – Interpretation and Meaning

Gold – in Latin Aurum – has always been a precious metal that fascinated people. It resists all weather influences and therefore symbolizes long lasting value and immortality. In the past, gold was considered sacred because it was considered a message from the gods.

Therefore, for a long time the possession of gold was only allowed to kings and priests.

If the precious metal appears in the dreams, then it should also be considered for a comprehensive dream analysis.

Dream symbol “Gold” – The general interpretation

Gold in the dream stands for the positive qualities of the dreaming. To find gold in a dream means to be able to discover these positive aspects in oneself. Another interpretation of the dream research says that if you find gold in the dream, it means luck and a coming profit.

If the dreaming loses gold coins in the dream world, then he will possibly lose a good friend in the watch world or suffer another loss, which he mourns.

In addition, gold can also be interpreted as power and reputation. If it is a lot of gold, then this also stands for unconscious striving and the will to move forward always and under all circumstances. However, this dream image also includes the warning of castles in the air.

If the dreamer buries gold, then this dream symbolizes that he tries to hide something in the watch world. If he steals gold or jewels even in the dream world, then he will get bad news and additionally have no luck in the game.

If the dreaming works in his sleep as a goldman, then he will succeed in his undertakings. However, he will also have to work hard for that. Spending the gold symbolizes in the dream financial (money) worries that may be due to those affected.

If the dreamer wears gold jewelry, this may be a warning against a superficial and frivolous attitude to life. If a golden calf appears in the dream, then this suggests the materialistic attitude of the dreaming.

Dream symbol “Gold” – The psychological interpretation

The psychologically trained dream interpreters assume that dreams of gold express the positive characteristics of the person concerned.

The shiny metal symbolizes benevolent, social characteristics in the nature of the dreaming. He is a faithful soul, cares for his fellow human beings, is open for new things and is popular in his environment.


Even in difficult situations, the dreaming remains optimistic, and so he is also in demand as a guide for others. Outwardly, the dreaming in the watch world “shines” – like gold. Warmth and generosity emanates from the victim when he sees or gives away gold while sleeping.

If gold is stolen from him, there are envious people. The dreaming should be careful in the real world, in view of his good nature not too naive and impressionable stride through the world. Unfortunately, there are not only people who want good things. Even stealing gold indicates in the dream that one prefers to see his own advantages than those of others.

Dream symbol “Gold” – The spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets gold as a sign of a great deal of spirituality, as well as a symbol of wholeness. Sometimes gold represents the sacred side of the human being, who is incorruptible, patient, wise and caring.

In contrast to the watch world, the gold in the dream world symbolizes the emotional or spiritual wealth of man. In addition, gold in any form – as jewelry, gold ring, gold coins or gold bars – is a sign that the dreaming can release new energies.

If the dreaming gets gold in his sleep or finds gold, then according to the spiritual dream interpretation, he will be able to expand his consciousness and get new insights. If the Dreaming Gold gives away to someone, then he should rather stay in the watch world and not be too generous.

Finding something in Dreams

In everyday life, we regularly look for very different things, such as the way to a certain place, a lost object, a thing that we want, or something we want or need to buy. When we find what we are looking for, it is always associated with a happy feeling of relief, joy and satisfaction. But sometimes we happen to find something that suddenly falls into our hands and thus positively surprises us.

But what does it mean to dream of finding something? How is this joyous experience interpreted as a dream symbol?

Dream symbol “find something” – The general interpretation

Anyone who finds something in a dream is soon surprised by the general interpretation. Internally, the person concerned imagines a certain course of a situation and adjusts to it. In reality, however, things will develop differently and the expectations of the dreaming will not be fulfilled.

Often, in which direction it will actually go, the thing that is found in the dream, gives information. If it is an everyday item, the person concerned should be prepared to be negatively surprised: in this case, he has hopes that are deceptive, so he will be disappointed because he had expected more from a situation.

However, if the dreamer finds something that means a lot to him in a dream or in real life, this can indicate a favorable development of one’s own financial situation and financial gains.

Dream symbol “find something” – The psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation, finding something in the dream fundamentally symbolizes one’s own efforts in everyday life, with the help of which the affected person can achieve his life’s goals. If he finds something here without having to make an effort, perhaps even accidentally, it means a kind of “lucky streak” for everyday life: At the time when the dream falls, the dreaming must do little to be able to realize himself He already has the necessary knowledge, as well as the necessary skills.

Anyone who finds something of great value in the dream discovers, according to psychoanalysts, a part of his self that he was previously unaware of.

This discovery should make the person happy, not only because he learns new things about himself, but also because he can benefit from self-knowledge in life and can profit from it in certain areas.

Dream symbol “find something” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the symbol “find something” stands for an important step in one’s own spiritual life. The development of the dreaming progresses and leads him into a new phase of life.