Dreaming of Fainting – Meaning and Symbolism

The dream world is always connected to feelings, but also with many questions that we often do not find the answer for with ease, because still this is the world that is not explored to some profound extent, and there is a feeling that we have just scratched the surface.

How are the dreams formed, and what causes them – and even the more important question is, what do they mean for us?

These questions go on and on – why do we experience nightmares and are they a sure sign that we are going to experiences something terrible in our everyday life after we wake up.

The simplest explanation is that the dream world is a place where stories and thoughts that our thoughts create during sleep – they can be fun, romantic, terrible and disturbing, and sometimes they are incomprehensible and strange. Everything that is imaginable we can have in our dream, even if those feelings do not have the same background in our real lives.

But, many people who deal with dream symbolism still find their meaning and purpose in our lives, and this is maybe the basis for the improvement of our lives. They can add up some values if we find out what is hiding in our dream world.

We can dream about virtually anything in this world, what we know and what we just heard of, and the part of our dream could be any feeling or state of mind.

Among them, you can dream about fainting – you can see yourself fainting or that someone else is fainting and that you are just the witness. All of this has its own meaning, and in that sense, a message for you.

If you had this dream, or you are just curious, keep reading and find the meaning that is behind this dream.

Meaning of Dreaming of Fainting

We all have witnessed fainting, and even if we’re not that person who faints, we still could be the witness of someone else fainting, but even then in a dream world, all variations are plausible.

In some case, seeing someone who you do not know to faint in front of you means that you will do some good work for yourself and others. But if you were the one who fainted, it means that you might lose something that you have been working hard on for a long time.

And it is said that this loss can come sooner than you have expected – it is the loss that is may not so big, but it is still something that can cause you a great amount of pain, and more specifically discomfort.

All of this, of course, depends on other aspects of a dream, and in this sense, it can be a sign that you are resisting to see some problems that are surrounding you, and in some other sense, if you have fainted in front of large group of people it means that you need to face something very fast, something that you have been neglecting.

The symbolism of Dreaming of Fainting

Fainting is a state where we lose our consciences, and we lose our orientation that is followed by instability, nausea, and so on.

So, the dream symbolism teaches us that if a dream about fainting is connected to us, it can speak of some bad choices that you had and that they need to be resolved as soon as possible.

On the other side, if you are just a witness and see someone that is about to fall and is fainting, it means that you are about to reach some favorable period in a life after some time spent wandering.

If we look at dream symbolism in some other details – like if you are fainting in your workplace, it can be a warning that you should think of some other job or doing some alterations to the existent one.


It is possible that you are convinced that it is worth investing in something that, up to now, has not been profitable. You will find that, unlike others who have not realized the potential of this investment, you will be able to enrich yourself.

If you had a dream that you have fainted in front some people, and if you remember that you are in pain because of it, it may be a sign that your wishes will come true because competitors will be blocked from opposing you.

But also this is the dream that carries the symbolism of a warning – this dream is saying to you that you must enjoy the triumph, but be aware of it all varied and short breath.

If in a dream, you see that someone else is fainting it means that happiness is coming your way, even if this may seem like something so unrelated with falling unconscious.

If in a dream that person who is fainting is known to you, then it means that your personal life is taking a good direction and that all things that are not good will fall down.

Some say that if you dream that the person of your love interest faints, it means that the time is right in your life to make room for a new love that will be something worth fighting.

In the end, if you had a dream that someone else is fainting in front of you and that you are not able to help that person, you are stuck in one place, it can be a symbol that you are often ignorant or others and this is undoubtedly something that left an impression on you, but not in the right way.

Do I have to be worried?

In this case, it all depends if you are the one who is fainting in a dream, or you are just silent witness who is watching someone else who is fainting, and even we can develop this story from here, it is a question do you feel pain while fainting or is the person who you see fainting is close to you?

So, you do not have to be worried in some conventional sense, and this is not a dream that is telling you that something so wrong is going to happen and that you are going to be in such problem that you are going to faint.

This is not that kind of a dream – it can be a simple warning that you are might in danger of losing some job, but even this can have a positive outcome since you are maybe about to start a new job very soon.

If the case is that you are seeing someone else fainting, it means that happiness or at least a small joy is coming your way – and this may be the movement for future growth, for personal development, or for the process of re-prioritizing in life.

Do not be worried, just focus on the details of this dream, and try to see it, if not anything else, as a warning that you need to take care of yourself and make your priorities straight.

What should I do if I had this dream?

What is the biggest and most important message of this, seemingly uncomfortable dream?

It is the message that you should not be afraid by its discomfort and that you should conduct regular control of everything that is connected to you and you’re wellbeing.

Anything that you may neglect in real life will backfire on you – and the more you are ignoring some things, they will come back for you in worse shape and form than ever.

This is the dream that will come to you even when you think that everything is fine until problems arise for which you do not have clear causes – it is better to be safe than sorry.


You are too busy thinking about yourself forgetting that you have to be good and because of the dear people who love you and who depend on you.

If you have fainted in a dream, it is a signal that you cannot resist problems in reality.

If you have dreamed of fainted in a large company, or in a public place, at an important meeting, it may be just a reflection of your fear.

You may be afraid that you are not up to the situation you need to face, at work for example, and this is the moment when it is advisable that you speak to someone about your fears.

If you see another person fainting and utterly unfamiliar to you, it can symbolize you and your insufficient knowledge of your weaknesses that you are manifesting it through your dream world.

If it’s a specific person, someone who is very close to you, like lover or sibling, that person in your opinion, is not up to some living situation and you have a deep desire to help that person.

In some scenarios of this dream, it means that you can expect pleasant moments.